Little Giant Safety Step Stepladder

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Now there's a Little Giant for small jobs.

The Little Giant Safety Step is the perfect solution for small jobs around your home or office. The Little Giant Safety Step features wide, slip-resistant treads for maximum stability and a fold-up safety bar with integrated tool tray.

The Little Giant Safety Step is also perfect for boats, RV's and camping thanks to a super-slim 5-inch folded depth. Plus it's constructed of rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy for added durability while remaining portable and lightweight.


The Little Giant Safety Step features wide, slip-resistant treads for maximum stability and a fold-up safety bar with integrated tool tray.


The Little Giant Safety Step is constructed of rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy for added durability while remaining portable and lightweight.


With a super-slim 5-inch folded depth the Little Giant Safety Step is the go-anywhere, do-anything stepladder. It’s perfect for around the home or office. Plus it’s great for boats, RV’s, camping and more.


The Safety Step comes complete with an integrated work tray that holds paint brushes, tools, etc. The work tray also features two sturdy hooks for hanging paint cans or buckets. Available only on the 3-step and 4-step models.

Little Giant Safety Step Features:

  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy construction
  • Ultra-slim 5-inch folded depth
  • Wide, slip-resistant treads
  • 300 lbs. capacity
  • Fold-up safety bar for added stability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes a full 1-year Warranty

2 Step w/bar †

3 Step w/bar †

4 Step w/bar †

Ladder Weight:

15 lbs.

20 lbs.

25 lbs.

Top Step Height:




Folded Height:




Folded Width:





1 Year

1 Year

1 Year






Free *

Free *

Free *

* In contiguous US only


Keywords: kitchen ladder, rolling, wheels

Sku's: 10210B, 10310B, 10410B

† Designed and engineered in the USA. Made in China.

Customer Reviews

  • great Review by jeff
    everything I excepted
  • Needs a Work Platform Review by Carol M.
    I've had my 4 step for several years and have found it to be invaluable, as have all of you. I have one suggestion, which would make it even more useful, especially when your knees go as mine have. We need a work platform like the other models have, a place to put paint cans and scrubbing buckets, etc. Anyone else?
  • Wonderful ladder Review by Diane of Winchester
    I've had my new 4 step safety ladder for a couple of weeks now and just love the versatility of the ladder! I can't believe how high up t I can reach with our 9 foot walls! It feels so secure and safe climbing up the wide and deep stairs. Since I have had three concussions in the past from falls, and I now feel completely safe in using this ladder. It truly is the best ladder I have ever owned. I especially like the the attached wheels to be able to move the ladder around easily.
  • Great product Review by Chris
    This is my third Little Giant Ladder. I am a big guy and have no worries with these ladders. Great workmanship. I would recommend to anyone.
  • I absolutely love my new step ladder. It feels like I'm walking up a sturdy flight of stairs! Review by Judy
    I recently bought a 4 step Little Giant step ladder. I love its stability and four stanza poem: "Little Giant Little Giant Little Giant Little Giant."
  • Our second Little Giant Ladder and it exceeds expectations! Review by Harry T
    A few years ago we purchased a Type 1A Revolution Ladder with all the accessories. Our step ladder as well as the Type 1A Revolution ladder exceed our expectations and are far superior than any ladder you can purchase at a local hardware. The materials used and manufacturing process assures years of use. I will also say that I feel a lot safer on Little Giant Ladders than any other ladders I have used. Being 63 years old I have used a lot of ladders over the years. Thanks for your building ladders with safety and the consumer in mind.
  • Great Review by Brett
    Great ladder
  • Great step stool Review by Mark
    Very useful, secure, and simple to use.
  • Sturdy and Safe Review by Ted
    I am very happy with my purchase - it is sturdy, safe and I now am not afraid to change ceiling bulbs. This is an ideal stepladder for a clutz like me.
  • perfect Review by olebone
    just the right height
  • Excellent product Review by Richard R
    this is my 3 rd Little Jumbo ladder (I still have all 3). Rock solid ladder.
  • great 3 step, step ladder Review by Magnum
    really well made and strong. well designed, with the locking hand rail. no chance of ladder moving or operator loosing balance,
  • FABULOUS!!!! Review by missbeverlyann
    I bought this ladder because I was tired of begging anyone/everyone to help me get my x-mas lights up. When it arrived my friend unboxed it and immediately was impressed. He said you are undercharging for this type of product. And it's worth much more!!! The non slip steps worked great in the wet weather (Seattle) when putting my lights up. And I got them up.. all by myself, safe and sound! Thanks Little Giant for a fabulous product in a small storage size. You cannot improve on this ladder at all!
  • Superb Product Review by Rusty P
    Well constructed of quality materials. Good workmanship, fit and finish. Easily handles 300++ pound load. Provides stable, secure, and wide footing complemented by a well-placed grab bar for safety. Compact storage. Easy to expand and fold. I expect years of service life on this product.
  • best ladder ever made hands down! Review by lanny d
    other then educating my employees on how to open and close it, and the weird way of storing it, this ladder is by far the best ladder ever made hands down for the food industry or any other environment that it may be used in!

    thanks a lot

  • Great 4-step ladder, gets lots of use, good safety features Review by Frankles
    We bought a 4-step model a few yrs ago, use it almost every day. Nothing else compares. We would like a 5-step ladder. Any chance you'll make any?
  • NICELY DONE Review by MIKE
  • Greatest Review by markclean
    The two 4 step ladders are perfect as always. I have two 2 step ladders that have been used daily in my drycleaning business all day for over 20 years.

    TUFF STUFF. I don't need employees falling off of ladders so I bought yours because they are absolutely the Best! I have 6 of your products now and they are all GREAT.

    It is nice to buy something that you can depend on.

  • In a world of cheap flimsy products this one stands out. Review by Jared
    I got the 3 step little giant safety step stepladder as a homeowner gift and wasn't expecting much at first. Things these days are made as cheap as possible and never hold up, but the moment I opened the box and first stood it up, I was proven wrong. This thing is stout! I've had little step ladders and would never stand on the top level because they felt so rickety and moved about. This has a solid feel that is amazing, even on the top step there is NO movement, I felt secure and safe and the tray/handle is perfect for jobs around the house jobs. Highly recommended!!!
  • Great Stepladder Review by temp
    This is a great is sturdy and well made. You can pull it on its wheels to get it where you need it and overall just great. I only worry about the rubber feet wearing out but we will see how that goes.
  • Just what we needed Review by Joni
    Our steps to our trailer were damaged and we bought it so we could go camping while waiting for our step repair. We also found it worked great inside the trailer to get in and out of the bunk bed. It is light and i love the wide steps. Much more stable for using. So glad we purchased it.
  • Excellent for cleaning & repairs of my RV and compact for storage! Review by JJ of PA
    Used to clean windshield and outer body of our 36 foot Class A RV. Also used to replace awning arms. Safest stepladder I ever had wirh small footprint for storage.
  • A great ladder! Review by Cathy
    I love my Little Giant. It's easy to manuver, sturdy, and much safer than most household ladders. Does the trick for a 5'2" gal. My husband has found many uses for it too. Would definitely recommend the LIttle Giant.
    This is our second purchase. Have the 3 Step and the 2 Step. Wish had know about and bought these years ago. The large steps are so much better to use, no more worrying about falling, ease of use all are great.
  • Awesome Ladder Review by Betsy
    Debated for quite some time between the 3 step and 4 and ended up with the 4 step. I can finally wash those ceilings/ paint/ and 20 other chores that this 68 yr old needed to do. The wide steps make this a breeze. Should have bought this years ago. I can't say enough about this ladder. And ladders are not something that I can get excited over. Little Giant is easy, for ANYONE. Great Great ladder and my kids CAN'T borrow it. Love this ladder..
  • Awesome Review by Bets
    I debated between the 3 step and 4 step for some time, and chose the 4 step and it is the best. Cleaned my ceilings , top of cabinets, and the steps are so secure, I am 68 and a widow so I have me myself and i to do these chores which this ladder has helped tremendously. Great footing, ( important to me, and I would recomend this to anyone regardless of age, and hey it is a great exercise tool too.
    LOVE IT.
  • Little Jumbo :: Confidence in a ladder Review by Scattergood
    Unlike many reviewers, I've owned my Little Giant Safety Step ladder only for a few days. It won't take 2, 10, or even 20 years to confirm what I anticipated when I purchased the ladder: It's sturdy, stable, stabilizing, and well-made.

    One thing I should point out to those considering a safety-type ladder: This ladder is designed to be a comfortable working platform as well as a way to extend one's reach. Not only are the steps wide, they are deep. The fold-up safety bar is stabilizing and allows one to work confidently from the top step. A 4-foot step ladder is a 3-foot working ladder. A 4-step Little Giant Safety Step is a 4-foot working ladder.

    During my research, I was pleased to learn Little Giant supports this (and other) ladders with a good customer service department. In contrast to other ladders I own, this one is put together with snap rings rather than rivets. Customer service confirms availability of spare parts, so, in the unlikely event of a part failure down the road, I should be able to maintain fit, function, and appearance indefinitely.

    Little Giant ladders clearly are 20th-21st century and represent a major step forward in ladder design. I've pretty much decided to replace my collection of several fixed-height fiberglass ladders with two or three Type 1A Little Giant telescoping ladders – they're more versatile, safer by design, and they will take up far less storage and wall space in my shop.
  • Little Giant is my brand Review by Paul H
    I'm now the proud owner of four Little Giant ladders. These products are amazingly well built, and I regularly receive compliments about them from clients. Sitting at a traffic light once in Washington DC, a fellow motorist in the next lane rolled down his window and pointed to the LG ladder mounted on the roof of my car. "How do you like your Little Giant?" he asked. "Love it," I replied as the light turned green. I'd never consider buying another brand of ladder. Guess that makes me a life-long customer.
  • Used Little Giant for steps to poick-up camper Review by Bill
    Can walk up and down ladder to camper forward. Other ladders I had to go down the ladder backward. Could not use standard camper steps with my boat trailer hooked to the camper. Works good.
  • wonderful company and product Review by Cate
    I am very old and short and this four step secure ladder gave great support up high where I would not and could not reach before. Your staff were very kind and helpful in helping me choose. Thank you for making such a ladder, Cate
  • Great product Review by Kim M
    Ive used my little giant three step ladder several times and have found it to be very stable and easy to use! Thanks
  • The best tool on the truck! Review by The Step or actually The 2 Step
    I do residential electrical work in a small beach front community where most of the cottages have 8 foot ceilings. I am 6'3' and weigh 260 and "The 2 Step" is perfect for replacing lights fans etc. If you don't have one...YOU is a great tool!
  • LOVE IT Review by Pappy
    Do PDR and stand all day sometimes on the ladder working on the roof of cars and love the stable feeling I have with the ladder. Know my wife will love it when I take it home might not get it out of the truck. lol
  • Outstanding Review by Michael
    Design is great! Wish others would put as much thought into there products, before rollout to retail.
  • 95% of items that use to be out of reach are Review by Chick
    Now accesable. Most seniors fall in their home and mostly
    From falls from step stools or cheap ladders.
    The quality of materials and construction of
    My little giant has made my life safer.
  • The safe and functional solution we needed. Review by JPW
    This is the second LG Safety Step Ladder we have purchsed in the last couple months. First was the three step and now we have the four step. We are a service company and we added a new service that requires one of our service reps to remove and replace a product at close to ceiling level. Initially the local staff went online and purchased a traditional platform ladder. When I saw it I knew it would not work well. I searched high and low to find a ladder that would work for us and ended up at the Little Giant web site. The safety step looked good online and has exceeded those expections now that we have them in use. It allows us to provide this service while keeping our service rep safe and performing the task in an ergonomically correct way. The wide ladder, deep steps, safety bar and wheels to move it from room to room make it the perfect solution for us. Thanks Little Giant!
  • Best ladder I've ever owned Review by Tawny
    I have a lot of shelves in the garage going up to 8 feet high. I can carry heavy loads up the ladder and place them on the top shelf without using my hands for support. It is perfect for my use.
  • Excellent ladder Review by Three step ladder
    This three stair ladder was given as a retirement gift to a twenty-six year retiree from a school custodial position by our Morrisonville FFA Chapter. He loved the lightweight, but strong, construction and the way it folded and rolled for easy transport. The support handled, that has space to hold tools or light bulbs, was also positively noted by our retiree John. The gift was a definite hit. Thank you for your prompt shipment and quality construction. Tom J., Morrisonville FFA Advisor
  • Highest Quality Review by Voyager
    This step stool has meet my quality expectations and is far superior to the other name brand 2 step stool that I am replacing.
  • I really like the 3 step stepladder Review by Boatman
    I really like my step ladder I use in garage all the time. I like the wide steps for safety also Ilike to sit on them when I gety tired.
  • Excellent multi use ladder Review by JPW
    My Little Giant Safety Stepladder is good quality, sturdy, light weight and easy to roll around. I have a ranch style home that is raised two or three feet and has three porches. With this ladder that adjust from 6' to10' and has the 90 degree feature, I can get at the entire roof line no matter what is in the way. It's easy to deploy and stow and tucks away nicely in the garage. Now I just need to get rid of my 6' and 8' traditional ladders that just take up valuable space in the garage.
  • GREAT Step Ladder Review by jbm
    I already had the ladder and needed a tough step ladder.
    I'm 6'5" and 225 lbs and this really fit the bill.
    Well made, like the ladder.
  • good quality; fast service Review by dcr
    Strong construction, functional in a variety of situations, fast sevice.
  • Amazing 3 step ladder Review by Golden
    We have only had it a month but it has come in very handy. I am not a fan of ladders, being a big person. This is so sturdy with real step. The handle is perfect.
  • If you're over 50, this is your ladder! Review by MW
    Anyone over the age of 50 should not be using any other brand of ladder. My 3 step has been so successful, I'm buying them as gifts for my siblings.
  • Best 3-Step Ladder Ever Review by Dania
    I feel absolutely secure reaching overhead & grabbing heavy objects. For my purposes I regret not getting the 4 step, but I might still purchase that yet.
  • no shake, rattle, or roll Review by Grandpa
    I have a three step stool that is so loose and wiggly that I have told the wife that, at my age, I'm looking for a fall if I get up on it. The four step that I bought from you is not cheap, but it is solid as a rock and shows that you have to pay for quality.
  • the wife loves it Review by Drew
    I am so happy with my safety step ladder I am a big guy and I feel really safe using this around the house. I got the four step ladder and its a little bigger than I thought it would be and if I were to buy again I would get the 3 step. Other than that I am looking to buy the heavy duty A frame ladder in may for my birth day and I can't wait for that to come. I just love how safe I feel when using this product around the house.
  • give me 2-steps Review by goat tee
    I just recently purchased my 2nd Little Giant ladder, this time a 2-step. I also have a 4-step in my garage. I love them both! Recently I had some electrical work done and the electrician prefered using my Little Giant over his own ladder the whole time he was here. Great product!
  • Very Durable Step ladder Review by From Titletown
    We purchased 4 of the 3 step ladders and use them on an industrial level. We use them every day with multiple different users. In the harshest environment with water and chemicals. Prior to these ladders we would purchase step ladders three times a year because they would break. Now we have had these One full year and the only thing is the treads are starting to wear out. Outstanding ladder for the price!
  • Excellent Review by Wayne
    Several years ago I bought six of these ladders for my teachers to stand on when changing classroom bulletiin boards. Pregnant teachers were standing on swivel chairs then lean to the left or right to pin material to the boards. The workman's comp to repair a fallen teacher is about 20,000 even if they were not pregnant. Problem was every teacher wanted one, but they had to share one between every four teachers. I bought this one for our pregnant daughter-in-law who is moving into a new home. She can safely use it to paint walls, hang pictures and reach high places in her closets. We like 'em.
  • Love the Little Giant step ladder. Review by Terry
    I found the little 2 step by just walking down the isle at my neighborhood Kroger grocery. The stock boys were using it to stock the top shelves. Nobody was there at that moment, so I tried it out. Now I have to decide on either the 2 or 3 step model. These things are solid as a rock!
  • I like it Review by Alan
    Th f irst of New Years Eve guests came into my house, saw me standing on a stool reaching for a serving dish. They were upset that an 88 year old might fall.The next day I ordered the 3-step Little giant I had been thinking about.. I keep it in the close to the shelves - sort of in the middle of my kitchen area. It doesn't get in the way. I don't have to move it more than a few feet to get to a shelf. I also find it a handy seat
  • Great ladder for Big guys and easy on your feet Review by bucsafe150
    By far the best product for the money, second Little Giant ladder that I own. The best on the Market
  • high quality step ladder Review by harveye
    The step ladder is my Christmas gift to me. I'm 60 years old and I use my new S.L. to paint,change light bulbs. It is very safe. Thank you for asking.
  • I needed this for some time Review by johnsfender
    very strong step ladder,better than expected just right in and out of house.just purchased 3 step step stool for small jobs.good strong stool for small jobs.will
    recomend to anybody looking for ladder or step stool
  • Good quality and good design. Everything you could in a ladder! Review by BK
    No further comment.
  • Great Review by KimG
    We love your ladder in our application. Used for stocking grocery shelves and unloading tall pallets of groceries. Associates like the secure feeling, the solid base of each sterp
  • Outstanding Ladder Review by Prof
    I bought one of these stepladders a few years ago, and I use it more than any other ladder I own. In fact, I was so impressed with mine that I bought one for my adult son. I highly recommend this ladder to anyone who is looking for a functional and well-built ladder that is designed to last for many years. Great value!
  • Safe & Sound Review by Pilotsmitty
    I use the 4-step to install custom shelving and don't know how I got along without it. The large steps allow me to go up/down without worry of falling and I now can use my hands to carry material rather than hanging on for support of the climb.
  • Every teacher need one Review by Jon H
    Every teacher at my wife's elementary school fights over who gets this ladder next when it comes to all the decorations theyvarecalways putting up and taking down. They've never seen any short ladder with the stability and flexibility.

    I bought a Classic 22 12 years ago and can't imagine using any other ladder -- except maybe a 26. You guys rock!
  • Outstanding Review by Prof
    I purchased this step ladder about seven years ago, and love it! I use it more than any of my other ladders. It's pure quality. I also like the solid feel which makes me feel secure while on the ladder.
  • Great step ladder Review by Kent Taylor
    I just received my new Little Giant Safety stepladder ( three step version ) and it is rock solid and surely the last step ladder I will ever need , this makes three Little Giant ladders for me so far , I have the Type 1aa for the high up stuff the Flip-n-Lite for the halfway up stuff and now the three step safety ladder for the lower stuff , thank you Mr Wing for making such good ladders .
  • great bproduct Review by thevguy
    the step ladder is great. it meets our needs and is very sturdy. it gives me and my wife sercurity when doing high tasks
  • Great step ladder. Review by Bob
    Purchased the 4 step ladder for painting the ceiling in my house. Works great, very stable, and I like the holder bar that comes with it, first for balance, and second to actually hold things, like a paint cup or brush.
  • Handles the most abuse Ive ever seen ! Review by Rick Smith
    I purchased a four step Little Giant a few years ago for one of my operators to use here at the steel fabrication shop. I was a bit worried that it would not hold up to the abuse we can put just about everything through. Well, it’s still in operation and was a perfect solution to the problem. I ordered two more three step ladders for another part of the shop. I’m very happy with these ladders and they are built to handle whatever you throw at them. Bravo to a company still willing to make a quality product in this day and time when so much of that mindset has been lost.
  • very favorable Review by none
    I love the Little Giant. Easy to order and arrived in three days.
  • Excellent Review by None
    Very well built. Incredibly stable. As easy to use as climbing stairs. Perfect for heavier users
  • Perfect First Mate Review by Bob in Washington State
    Even though it's "tied up" in a sheltered slip, our boat tends to do little dances to match Mother Nature's moods. The Little Giant two step was the perfect solution to getting safely on board, regardless of the water conditions. It's safe, sturdy and easy to set up. It's that simple, and that good. Oh yeah, the handle acts as a great grab-tool after your on board to swing the Little Giant on board - so it can be used at the next dock we visit.
  • Meets all expectations. Review by Sam
    Product is every bit as tough and sturdy as I had expected. It easily folds for storage. Large foot area adds to stability by preventing awkward foot positions. Great product. Very satisfied with my purchase.
  • Thanks Review by Barney Rubble
    Thanks for the great Ladder.....our production department so far just loves it. They got to chose from the 2 step up to the 4 step and they chose the 3 step and it works perfect for their area......and the great beauty is it is safe and can be moved around at ease!!!
  • Fanf_ingtastic Review by Mike
    I am a big boy weighing around 250. This great ladder (3 step) is very stable and meets all uses I can come up. Presently I have a painter in the house and he is using my Little Giant. Just hope I can get it back from him. He is impressed with this rugged platform.
  • Great for our file vault! Review by putclk
    It is sturdy and the steps are deep and even has a small tray at the top for paper clips, rubber bands, etc. We use steps in our file vault. While the vault is huge, there isn't alot of space to put the ladder when you don't need it. But unlike the old steps, these fold away! Thank you sooo much!
  • AAA Review by Marc
    Use it primarily to hang picture frames. The wide steps are amazing.and the sturdiness of the ladder are truly incredible.. Will use it o paint eventually. Would Highly recommend the ladder to a friend.
  • Little Giant Safety Step Ladder ( 4 step ) Review by Todd
    I was watching your infomercial and was wondering if you made a step ladder, I went on-line and immediately love it. I did some research and realized The Little Giant Safety Step Ladder is the one. I'm planning on buying another Little Giant Safety Step Ladder ( 3 step ) in the future. Aloha Todd

    P.S. I'm cleaning my ladder more than I'm using it. I don't want it to get dirty. I have OCD. Thanks again.
  • My two-step step ladder is wonderful. Review by Linda
    Even my contractor stopped in midstep to admire the ladder. It caught his eye as being well built and user-friendly. I feel completely safe on it, especially with the bar. I'm over 60 and being more cautious using ladders, and this one fits my desire for better safety features.
  • Safety Step Ladder - 4 step Review by EAS
    I purchased the 4 step model mainly for indoor use in my home. Upon receiving the ladder I tried it out. It allows me to reach my ceiling fans and smoke detectors much more easily than when I had to bring in my full size Little Giant extension ladder. Its lighter and easier to move in my house than the big ladder. I'm pleased with the purchase.
  • Overall, very good product Review by Robert
    I purchased the three step ladder to use as the access ladder into our camper. With its three steps, it is the perfect height for us and the wide stairway like treads make ingress and egress very comfortable. It only works for us because the safety rail folds forward and out of the way. It folds into an easily storable unit for travel. Thank you for a good product.
  • well made safe ladder Review by Fred
    I cannot use a regular ladder because of a disability, your safety step ladder allows me to complete projects I normally not be able to do. and be able to use the top step safely.
  • truck camper Review by lkfn
    We use this for our truck camper and it is more stable then the old steps. Wife and I love it!!!!!
  • great ladder Review by jdnohit
    I now have 3 little giants. Wouldnt trade them for any thing else!
  • Great stability Review by Big V
    I am a heavy person and I feel totally safe using this ladder. I have several other Little Giant products and love and trust them all.
  • Great for a big guy! Review by QW
    I had been using a flimsy step ladder to clean my gutters and work on my motorhome. The ladder broke and I was injured. I saw the Little Giant Ladders demonstrated at the Oshkosh Airshow and my wife insisted I order the 4 step stepladder. It is wonderful! I'm not a small guy and the strength of the Little Giant is rock solid and very reassuring yet light enough to carry around. Very good value. No more flimsy ladders for me!
  • the best Review by Jim
    Strong, easy to use, stable, comfortable to stand on.

    But when will you upgrade to add the Air Deck?
  • Perfect for photographers! Review by Betty
    I bought the 3 step ladder to use for shooting weddings and other events. This is perfect for me. I am 5 feet tall and 100 lbs and I used to carry a 2 step aluminum ladder, but the landings were too narrow. Upgrading to Little Giant is the best investment for me. At first I was hesitant that it would be too big and heavy for me to drag around but the rollers make it so easy to move. I love the bar handles which provides safety and stability, even when I lean on it. - - - Great solid product!
  • Outstanding ladder for anyone that uses ladders Review by Right Fix
    The wide treads of these ladders make them a dream to work from. As a contractor, I use ladders of many types but always use this 3 step ladder where applicable. If I lost this ladder I would replace it by the next day!
    Fantastic product, I have been using mine for over 2 years. - Ron, Owner
  • GREAT! Review by Excptional housekeeping
    I bought the Little Giant Step Ladder for it's stability for I do housekeeping for a living and I wanted the best step ladder that there is. This ladder is so good it's the only ladder that all housekeeping business should make sure that all their workers have one for safety and convenience. THIS LADDER IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER USED IT'S GREAT!!
  • My 3 Step Is Awesome! Review by Rich
    Okay, so many years ago I worked in manufacturing doing my part to build Little Giant Ladders and even have family ties to the founder. I'd love my 3 step either way. The wide steps are easy to stand on and the stair like climb up them is natural. If you don't care for ladders, these help set you at ease so you can accomplish your task. I have neighbors that would come to borrow this ladder, loved it (and why not).
  • S. Shay Review by S. Shay
    I have bad legs so I got the 4 step and I can't tell you how safe and well built this is. I just ordered the 2 step for smaller jobs. I love these ladders!
  • Thousand Islands NY Review by Duane Chalk
    I have owned a Little Jumbo 4 step system for over 18 years, and it is still holding up. What a product!!
  • Kansas Review by Jannie A.
    I paint interiors for a living and usually use a 4' ladder, I've tried many step ladders but all felt flimsy until I got the Little Giant 2 step. The steps are perfect height for cutting in ceiling edges and I do believe I've increased productivity. Funny, I've never been excited about something like this before, it is incredibly solid yet light enough to move with one hand as I move around the room.
  • Jack Grove Review by Jack Grove
    Having been a Professional Firefighter for over 31.yrs.I feel very qualified to state that this ladder I recently purchased [mod.22] is a quality piece of equiptment very suitable for the average do-it yourselfer and the professional.It is top quality all the way! Many thanks J.Grove
  • BrowardCarpenter.Com Review by BrowardCarpenter.Com
    I bought the 3-step thinking I could use it around the house. I can. But it's so solid that I often take it with me on a job. It's a quick reliable lift, better than my morning coffee.
  • 11 years and still works great. Review by Tim Connelly
    My Little Jumbo Steps are 11 years old. I have a hard time keeping them on our boat because they are so handy at home. I have probably sold at least 20 units for you to other boaters. Once they try mine they don't want to give them back !
  • from Central Iowa Review by Joe N.
    I am so impressed with my 3 step Little Jumbo step ladder. It's strong, doesn't wobble, and was priced just right. It'll make a fine addition to my Little Giant collection of ladder products. The only thing that bothers me is the idea of slopping paint on it, 'cause it's so good looking!

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