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Introducing LIttle Giant's tallest A-frame ladder.

Where other ladders fall short, the SkyScraper from Little Giant goes above and beyond. The SkyScraper is indeed Little Giant's tallest a-frame ladder with a maximum height of 21-feet, making ceiling-height work simple and safe.

The SkyScraper is perfect for churches, auditoriums, gymnasiums and other industrial applications. Plus it's ideal for working over benches and stadium seating. And because it's portable, the SkyScraper can be used in places where a motorized lift or bulky scaffolding simply can't go.


The SkyScraper is designed to be safe, stable and secure. Since it's adjustable, the Little Giant can be used safely on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks or other uneven surfaces.


The SkyScraper is made of heavy-wall, 6005-T5 aluminum–the very same material used in aerospace construction. So it's ultra-strong while remaining portable. In fact, The SkyScraper is government-rated to hold up to 300 pounds, so it can handle virtually any industrial application.


The Skyscraper ladder gives you the the ultimate in versatility. One SkyScraper takes the place of expensive motorized lifts, bulky scaffolding and flimsy extension ladders. Plus it's adjustable for safe use on uneven surfaces.

Little Giant SkyScraper Features:

  • Heavy-wall aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Rated to hold up to 300 lbs.
  • Adjustable for use on stairs, curbs, docks and more
  • Perfect for churches, gymnasiums or auditoriums
  • Complies with all applicable OSHA ANSI A14.2 standards
  • Includes a full 5-year Warranty
  • Please allow 15 business days for delivery.

Little Giant SkyScraper Configurations:

A-Frame Ladder

With a simple click of the patented hinge, the Little Giant can be used as a traditional A-Frame ladder.

Staircase Ladder
Because it's adjustable in one-foot increments, the Little Giant allows one side of the ladder to be extended allowing safe use on uneven surfaces like staircases, curbs or docks.

Model 15 †

Model 17 †

Model 21 †

Weight Capacity:




Ladder Weight:

60 lbs.

79 lbs.

103 lbs.

Stepladder Height:




Storage Height:





5 Year

5 Year

5 Year






Free *

Free *

Free *

* In contiguous US only. Please allow 15 business days for delivery.

Keywords:  MXZ, Tallest Ladder

Sku's: 10109, 10110, 10121

† Made in the USA of foreign and domestic parts.

Customer Reviews

  • Great ladder Review by Ken
    I am an electrical contractor who purchased the 17' skyscraper for a stairwell lighting job. The ladder worked perfectly and safely. I would highly recommend this ladder to anyone. Thanks for your great products!
  • I love this ladder!!! Review by JJ. Starr
    Its totally amazing
  • Great safe tool of the highest quality! Review by Bob
    Thanks for the timely safe delivery of our ladder. We have already put it to good use all around our church facilities. It is an excellent piece of equipment! We can't say enough good things about it and have already recommended it to others.
    Thanks again!!!
  • Ecellent Review by Bill
    A great product. We needed it to reach lighting etc. in our church. Adjustable qua;ity a great help.
  • Great ladder Review by Detroit Man
    Great ladder very sturdy and doable. We use ours in and outside church at maximum height. We have the tallest ladder.
  • What a deal! Review by Rich from Camp Hill
    Best price on the internet and fast delivery. Heartily recommend!
  • What I was looking for Review by Jerry
    Have been looking for a ladder to reach light fixtures in our racquetball rooms, and this ladder does exactly what I expected. Also am needing to use the ladder in a stairwell to replace a ballast an am looking forward to completing that project in the near future.
  • Step ladder Review by Thomas
    We had to change light bulbs that were 16' ft. In the air.The little Giant made the job a brezze.Easy to set up with one person and do the task at hand.This is our forth little Giant and it will not be our last. Thank you kindly.
  • Just right for tall ceilings Review by MJR
    Bought the 17 ft ladder to provide access to our 19 ft ceilings and exterior eves. Very stable for me at 165 lbs and a belt full of tools. The heavy and wide base help provide great stability. The 17 ft ladder also folds up to less than 10 ft. This is just short enough to lean the ladder against the wall in the garage for storage.
  • GREAT PRODUCT Review by Mark
  • Awesome Review by Mark
    It's doing exactly what I had hoped it would. Depending on how business grows, I hope to purchase another one next year.
    On Your Mark Lighting Design and Equipment
  • Great product! Review by Rhonda, CA
    Love the ladder. I have high ceilings in my house and wanted to hang ceiling curtains and lights. The stability and strength is wonderful!
  • Great stable work ladder Review by mshrum
    This ladder is awesome. I have never worked off a ladder this stable when fully extended to 15'. A bit heavy for one person to move around, but well worth it for the stability.
  • Is as advertised Review by John
    I feel more secure than working on a scissor lift
  • Perfect! Review by NM Kid
    The Skyscraper is easy to use and makes it easy to reach the peak of our auditorium, and can be adjusted to reach lower ceilings as well. Much less expensive than renting a lift!
  • Best Ladder Ever!!!! Review by Mike
    As an electrician, I use this to install light fixtures and fans usually on a 17 foot ceiling.....over stairs! With the A frame, I can have a helper on the other side, if needed, and always reach where an extension ladder would not.
  • A heavenly ladder! Review by Bill
    Purchased the 17' skycraper for our church because of the large number of lights we have ranging anywhere from 10' to 20' above the floor. We now have no problem reaching them easily and SAFELY. I can operate the ladder by myself without any trouble. I am amazed at how sturdy the ladder feels even when open to 17'. I would recommend this ladder to everyone looking for a reliable and safe stairway to heaven.
  • Best ladder EVER !!! Review by Kenneth W Edwards / KWE Electrical
    I am an Electrician, I have an on going maintainence contract with a church, their pendant lights in the santuary are 16 ft. in the air hovering over the seating area. With this ladder one side is on the floor the other is placed on the seat. The ladder did not disapoint it did exactly what I needed it to do :-)

    Thank you very much
  • shakey Review by dm1310
    As a ladder that goes up 21 feet on an A frame and light weight, I really cant complain. Its a great product. Just get used to it, and hold on to your heart the first few times you go up.I give it top stars.
  • Excellent Review by ChurchofChrist
    Excellent ladder. Was able to perform all task that we had hoped for.
  • Excellent Product Review by Mike Davison, Utah
    The Ladder reminds me of a stool i had as a kid, "It helps me reach the things i Couldn't and lots of things I shouldn't" Love it helps get tasks done where a scaffold set up would normally be needed. it there were anything i would love to see improved is being able to collapse with out tipping it. i am sure yur working on that.
  • its good Review by aputumpisco
    i love it
  • We love it Review by Great
  • the ladder Review by bob and janet
    used it once, very stable
  • Quality product Review by Don Poettker
    I purchased a Skyscraoer Ladder at my previous job and had to have one at my present job. Great for reaching those high / hard to get to area's. Great stability.

    Trucking company needs to be more carefull in shipping had a little damage
    nothing to affect safety are operation.
  • Great quality-great product Review by EUM Church
    Great help to reach hard to get to places. Thanks for a great product!
  • unbelievable Review by joe
    i couldnt imagin that there is a ladder work better thatn the cesar left and the extention ladder
  • nice Review by sky high
    we have a smaller little giant, so we needed the tallest ladder, best ladder ever, never a problem, ordered it directly on line they sent it out, not one signal problem, no shipping charges, how ever runs this company should run ever other tool company,
    needed it, bought it, ladder showed up in just a few days, out of the box and it works just like its supposed to, to bad the whole thing wasn't built in the USA, but i under stand, its still worth ever penny, thanks for a superior product
    peace out
  • just what I was looking for Review by Jim
    I'm very pleased with my skyscraper ladder. It allows me to reach the ceiling fixtures in my barn/farm stand within a reasonable amount of floor space, it is light enough to move around for a ladder that size, it feels safe to work on, and appears sturdy enough to last a long time.
  • Awesome Review by Ken
    Product did exactly what we needed to do. We were able to get up to 20ft ceiling with no problem. We purchased 17ft skyscraper. Would recommend!
  • Great ladder Review by CCPC
    The ladder is ideal for changing the light bulbs in our church sanctuary. In the past we rented a big lift and it took all day. We replaced several lights in less than an hour with this ladder.
  • Feel Safer with this ladder. Review by Digs Gardens
    As senior citizen do-it-yourselfers we bought a single story house so we could manage it ourselves better. However, when painting it this year (2011) there was one high gabled place we could not reach safely on a standard ladder because the ground sloped away from the house. We already have 2 of the smaller A-frame style ladders and love them for their stability. We bought the 15-ft Skyscraper and it is very stable, adding an element of safety over the extension ladder options we could have used. It takes both of us to set it up and move it, but at 60 pounds it is manageable. The 8' needed for storage is also a good design element, as we were able to find a convenient spot to store it. We finished painting the tough area to reach and also changed the floodlight while up there on the ladder. It was key to measure and re-measure our area of need against the dimensions and footprint of the ladder to make sure we got the right one. And we did. The free shipping was important, and the shipper was very considerate of our gate and availability. We justified the cost of the ladder as being about the same price as one-month of health insurance premiums. We consider it safety insurance.
  • Works Great Review by FBCG
    Really big and thought it would be tough to use, but really easy and simple - reaches where we need it to.
  • A Great Ladder System Review by All Pro Electric
    This ladder is great we had no problems with it at all. We completed a very high stairway lighting job with it. Its a big money saver for my company. We don't have to rent ladders anymore thanks to the Little Giant Ladder. This is truly a Great Product!!
  • The most stable ladder on the market Review by Tree Man
    This is the most stable versatile and durable ladder available. I have used this ladder for more than 10 years in the tree care industry and have tried all the other brands. It is an expensive ladder and a little heavy, but if you need a large ladder that can be set up on "sloped" sites you won't regret the investment.
  • Does the job! Review by Eric
    We recently purchased a home with a 15' cathedral ceiling in the great room. We wanted to change the wall color of the room while leaving the ceiling white and attempted to use an extension ladder to reach the top edges of the wall but we did not feel comfortable with how close your body gets against the wall once you climbed up past the 10ā€™ foot mark. We contemplated hiring painters to do the upper portions of the walls but based on how much we paid to have painters only paint the 2nd story exterior trim and fascia on our previous house we decided that purchasing an extra tall A frame ladder that would allows us to not have to be right up against the wall while painting would be the way to go. Plus we'd own the ladder to use for future projects whenever we needed it. The Skyscraper was the perfect solution because it's an adjustable extra tall A frame ladder. While there are lower priced extra tall A frame ladders on the market, they are a fixed height. The walls in our great room follow the roof gables and start out at 9' at the edges and peak at 15' in the center. A 12ā€™ or 15' fixed height A frame ladder would hit the ceiling shortly after moving it a few feet off center so you would need a series of different fixed height A frame ladders to paint the wall edges. The 15' Skyscraper is adjustable from 8' up to 15' in 1-foot increments, which solves that problem in our house. Also the 15' Skyscraper stores vertically at less than 9 feet, which saves valuable wall space in our garage.
  • skyscraper 21 Review by R&R'er
    I recently purchased a 21' skyscraper and within 3 months it has paid for itself with the savings i would of had in rental fees for scaffolding and scissor lifts... and as comfortable as one can beup in the air most of the workday. Highly recommend the wheels and work platform as well, especially if you are on your own!
  • Best money I have spent Review by HUD
    This ladder has provided me the absolute highest caliber of a pro ladder available. This ladder has never failed me in over 15 years of service, and i use it at least 6 times a week under adverse conditions.
  • Great Ladder, well worth the cost Review by MDH
    It's tough to claim an $700 ladder is "well worth the cost" but I used my 17' Skyscraper to paint the 19' ceilings in my great room, a job that would have cost well over $1000 to hire out. But the nicest things is the stability, I don't really like being 15 or 16 feet up on a regular extension ladder, or even 12 feet up on a regular 12 foot step because they shake rattle and roll. 17' up on my skyscraper is just as stable as standing on the ground.
    Genuinely a great product, I like it so much that I am considering a smaller little giant for regular household work!
  • safe secure Review by scaredy cat
    I love this ladder. I put my trust in this product any day, over the others available in the local big box stores. I hate getting on a ladder, but never seem to have any second thoughts about scaling this baby. Good job!
  • You cant go wrong with little giant Review by Lloyd Electric
    I own a small electrical contracting company and have 4 versions of little giant ladders. From the smallest version up to the Skyscraper. With all the stairs and high ceilings,these ladders are the backbone of my San Francisco based business. Any other brand ladder my cost less but weighs twice as much and is cumbersome to operate.
  • Convenient, Durable, Safe, Versatile, Easy to fit in a small work van Review by Joe Sygnatur
    My family's masonry business bought one of the early Little Giants, at least 20 years ago. We still have it! It's my favorite ladder on the truck because it is easy to store, lightweight, and most of all, the ability to adjust the base of the ladder to obtain stability is wonderful. The locking mechanisms and such, even after our long use and abuse, are strong and secure. These ladders have a solid, quality feel to them - in no way flimsy or difficult to use. I can't recommend them enough!
  • This is a Fantastic Ladder Review by J.C. Harris
    I own the 1A Model 22 but had some work to do on my daughters Gabel'ed Roof and it wasn't what I needed. I wanted an A Frame and borrowed the church's Model 21. This was a Fantastic Ladder. So stable and I was able to replace Facia boards, Eve Trim and paint at a working height of 19 Feet. I am likely to buy one when I build my new house as it will have Ceiling that are 22 feet. Thanks for such a great product.
  • Dolly P Review by Dolly P
    I can remember when this ladder was first advertized and I thought then "what a joke, they want too much and I bet the thing falls apart" Well now years latter I bought one for my 22 foot ceilings to change my lights and paint. Thinking over 800 was way too much. But I can now say it's one of the best things I ever bought for this house. I have lights (no lights for 10 years) in my living room now and a nice clean painted ceiling. Without all the hassle of renting scaffolding! Plus I have already changed my lights twice! (I didn't know you couldn't use these new squiggly light bulbs with dimmer switches, yup they all burned out within a week (8 light bulbs) right after I was done painting! But good news, all I did was get my sky scraper little giant ladder out and within an hour they were all working again. And I might ad here, it might take two people to get the ladder up that high but it sure does take the hassle out of trying to get one of those 22 foot pulls up to those lights only to have the light bulb brake off in the fixture. I'm telling you if you have the high ceilings in your house this ladder is worth every penny spent.
  • Little Giant ladders deliver Review by W.B.
    I am a lighting designer and master electrician for Off-Broadway shows in New York City. These days, every lighting rental shop in the area carries the MXZ and 1A series because electricians demand them. Quirky and tall theaters require a creative way to get up high and the Little Giants deliver. Thanks for keeping me and my crews safe.
  • ladder in the world Review by Mohammad Nawaz
    It is simply the best ladder in the world, by building a 2 story house it was impossible to reach those high areas above with a type A ladder, but the skyscrapper truly speaks for it self, just love it.Thank you
  • Couldn't do my job without this ladder. Review by Michael Moffett
    I install ceiling fans and Chandiliers for a living and couldn't do it without the little giant
  • This ladder has paid for it self over and over again Review by Rena Kern
    I am a do-it-your-selfer. This ladder has paid for itself over and over again. Great when hanging pictures on my family wall above the staircase in my home. Thanks for a great product.
  • A+ Product Review by Skyler Atkinson
    I used the Little Giant in mechanical operations the entire time I was in the USAF, and have since purchased one for my civilian applications. This is an A+ product for anyone who wants a serious piece of equipment known for it's versatility and safety.
  • Church ladder Review by Ethan LaMothe
    Running video wires in a church youth sanctuary can be fairly painful when you fall about 13 ft due to a bad ladder breaking under you, I know from experience. Iā€™m a heavy guy but any little giant is good in my book. I would trust my life to a little giant ladder fully extended in a-frame mode any day of the week.
  • Peggi Walker Review by Peggi Walker
    I am a floral designer & I am so happy to have this fantatic ladder to decorte hard to get to ceilings & windows!
  • Virginia Review by mitch seenath
    hi am from virginia i do window tintingi its the best ladder in the world thank you
  • jason Verrelli Review by jason Verrelli
    Hi i am a licensed electrician in NYC and the Little Giant Ladder System has proven itself over and over. Thanks for a great product!
  • from Peebles, OH Review by Hannum Taylor
    Love the ladder. Is perfect for our Church and trying to reach the hard to get to lights and projection system

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