Little Giant Ladders - Type 1 Alta One

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Get the convenience of 24 ladders in one.

Now you can replace all your old ladders with the convenient 24 in 1 Little Giant Type 1 Alta-One Ladder.

You'll get the ultimate in strength, safety and versatility, plus a sturdy 250-pound government weight rating. Click Here for a comparison chart of all of our Little Giant Ladders.


Little Giant Ladders are designed to be safe, stable and secure. Since it's adjustable, the Little Giant can be used safely on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks or other uneven surfaces.


The Little Giant is made of heavy-wall, 6005-T5 aluminum—the very same material used in aerospace construction. So it's ultra-strong while remaining light and portable.

In fact, The Little Giant Type 1 ladder is government-rated to hold up to 250 pounds. So it's perfect for medium-sized jobs.


Little Giant gives you the the ultimate in versatility. Independent tests prove the Little Giant will replace 60-70% of all portable ladders currently being manufactured

When you buy a Little Giant, you're not just getting one ladder. You're getting 24 different ladders combined in one convenient model.

Little Giant Type 1 Alta-One Features:

  • Heavy-wall aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Rated to hold up to 250 lbs.
  • Combines 24 different ladders into one convenient system
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Complies with all applicable OSHA ANSI A14.2 standards
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty

Little Giant Configurations:

A-Frame Ladder

With a simple click of the patented hinge, the Little Giant can be used as a traditional A-Frame ladder.

Staircase Ladder

Because it's adjustable in one-foot increments, the Little Giant allows one side of the ladder to be extended allowing safe use on uneven surfaces like staircases, curbs or docks.

90° Ladder

Traditional ladders make working close to walls nearly impossible. With the Little Giant, one adjustment allows you to safely work against any vertical surface.

Extension Ladder

For large projects the Little Giant easily converts to a stable extension ladder allowing you to reach rooftops, tree limbs and more with ease.


Just add the Little Giant work plank (sold separately) to your Little Giant ladder and you've got a convenient scaffolding system.

Model 13 †

Model 17 †

Model 22 †

Weight capacity:




Ladder weight:

24 lbs.

30 lbs.

39 lbs.

Extension height:




Stepladder height:




Storage height:




Max scaffolding height:
Max workbench height:
Width at base:










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* In contiguous US only

SKU's:  14010, 14013, 14016

† Designed and engineered in the USA. Made in China.

Customer Reviews

  • good Review by tk
    best ladder ever had . wish I had it 20 yrs ago thanks again for a GREAT product.
  • 2 weeks & enjoying it! Review by ladiC
    Perfect for working on stairs to change smoke detector battery.
  • There is No other choice...The Little Giant is far superior. Review by Why did I wait so long???
    I have been in my home 12 years, and I have never been on the roof, that is until I purchased The Little Giant. The ease at which I was able to both get on and get off the roof with this ladder was simply "Simple". I wish I had made this purchase years ago. My dilemma is what to do with the old ladder.
  • Ladder Review by Brian
    Great product! Very versatile.
  • Happy with purchase Review by JR
    We haven't been able to use the ladder much as yet and it does take a bit getting used to. It is a bit awkward - It looks much easier in the video but may get better in time. Overall seems to be a very good product.
  • another Little Giant Review by R.Winkler
    I already have one that I've had for many years. With the new one I've noticed that it is lighter and with the wheels I can move it around the house easier. This new one works just as easy as the other one and I plan to use them as a pair. Thanks for a great ladder
  • Like the ladder a lot Review by Dave
    I have 5 other ladders that I will ever use again.
  • Sturdy, stable, great Review by JJ
    Great ladder, very sturdy, easy to use. Stable. It would be nice if it could fold to be a little more compact. But then again, if it was able to fold tighter, it would likely loose some stability. Overall, quite nice ladder.
  • A Must Have Review by Derexx
    Great just wanted I need for lots of jobs!!!
  • Awesome! Review by Matt
    I bought the Alta One, and couldn't be happier. It was delivered much sooner than the original estimate, and was a breeze to unpack. Within a week, I used it as a full extension at 22 feet to repair a 2nd story gutter, and as a tall step ladder to trim 10-12 mature trees in my yard. This ladder is really stable, even at it's most extended length. Highly recommended!
  • Can Use My Little Giant Ladder everywhere Review by Mikki
    I have a staircase that has a landing then more stairs. This is the only ladder that I can safely set on steps to change the bulb in a high area on the wall.

    My ladder was also used to repair a small spot of stucco that had been hit by hail and come off. It was on the outside of my fireplace and 18 feet high.

    This ladder is light weight enough for me, a female to carry it and easy to store!
  • Great Ladder Review by Ron
    I have resisted buying a ladder like this for a long time. Son suggested that I buy this one and now I know why. Should have done this years ago.
  • Best thing I have purchased in along time. Review by Angel
    The Little Giant Ladder was everything you said plus more. I think you have an excellent product.

    Thank You
  • Every home should have one Review by sgw
    I have wanted to get a Little Giant ladder for a long time. Finally, my husband agreed and we bought the Type 1 Alta one. He and I are so impressed with it that we are planning on buying our 2 children each one for their homes. It is so easy to operate and light to carry plus it is a breeze to transport and store.
  • Love this ladder! Review by Tom H
    Purchased the LG A1 to replace two extension ladders that were stolen from property. (they were too long to put in a secure location). The LG A1 is perfect in that it fulfills all the attributes of our A frame ladder and the extensions as well. I have used the ladder 3 or 4 times thus far. I am particularly impressed with its ability to be used on a staircase. Very secure and stable. Wish it were a bit lighter but prefer the weight to sacrificing strength and safety. Yes, it's a bit pricey, however, like most things, you get what you pay for. By the way, I can now store my ladder in a secure location!
  • Excellent stability on multiple surfaces Review by David
    The Alta-one is an excellent multipurpose ladder system. After a few minutes of orientation, the ladder is quite easy to operate. I felt very safe using the ladder at various positions.
  • work Review by dapoint
    I just haven't had time to use it yet. But I have a lot of work planed for it . Looks like a great little ladder. My work list is very long. lol Any volunteers?
  • A Great Versatile Ladder Review by Dan
    I live full time in a RV and this ladder is good for everything I need it for. Easy to use (extend) and is stable. Thanks for making a great product. It has met my need. Best investment I've made in years.
  • Great Product Review by Jay
    Liked it. Got two.
  • great tool Review by Bald eagle
    Versatile, easy to use, not too heavy, and stable to be on---especially up high.
  • So far it works great. Review by keith
    I have used it three times and am well pleased with the quality and workmanship. Does all it claims and it easy to transport.
  • Versatile Review by Tom
    I live on a farm and have lots of different types of uses for a product like this. I am able to get rid of a lot of old junkie excuses for letters and use this one tool for all my uses
  • Outstanding Review by John
    I've used this ladder when I was in the Air Force. I can remember asking, how can I get one of these? Now I'm happy to say that I'm the proud owner of one. My first job was painting the wall by my stairs. All I can say is this is by far one of the sturdiest ladders I've ever used. I would recommend this to anyone!
  • Excellent Review by Andrew
    I have used the ladder on several projects already and have found it easy to use and transport. It allows me to set up quickly in tough areas, and I have the versatility to be incredible. So far I have used it to change/install ceiling lights, including a chandelier in a stairwell; paint a ceiling in a high, awkward stairwell, replace a gutter, and acces a leaking roof.
    I am not a handy man in any form or fashion. I have two left thumbs; ha ha.
    Even my wife is impressed on how easy it is to configure the ladder to whatever job is required. The ladder is very well made and sturdy. I feel quite safe on it.
  • Great but Review by Justin
    This is the perfect lifetime ladder. Works great.
  • Church very pleased Review by Ben Davis
    This ladder was purchased to facilitate outside work on our church. Upon taking it to church, I immediately put it to work cleaning leaves out of the gutters. It was a great comfort to not have to lug around our old heavy wooden ladder; and I finished the job in record time!
  • My third ladder Review by John
    This is my first Type 1 Alta and I wanted a smaller ladder than the Type II i previously had. Sold that to a contractor doing some work for me and used the money to buy the Type I Alta. Very satisfied!
  • Great Ladder Review by J B
    This is a great ladder... I have wanted one for years and finally decided to buy it.... I do not regret this purchase!
  • Excellent Ladder Review by John S
    Just Love It
  • I've had one since the mid 80s Review by Mark Bazil
    I bought a 'demo' at a Home Improvement Show around 28 years ago. I rarely use the single leg extension, but it is perfect for uneven surfaces...better than cobbling a stack of 2x4s and praying they don't shift.

    I've used it routinely for tree trimming, painting, sanding log walls, replacing outdoor spotlights, getting on the roof safely. I'm only on the site today because I want a second one for my cabin 2500 miles away. I'm tired of dragging it back and forth across the country every summer (and step ladders and extension ladders, although I have plenty of them, are ALWAYS a compromise).

    I dropped a 1000+ lb limb on the top rung while I was up in a tree and it "gently curved" the edge of the rung—just the edge. it is still dead straight across.Lucky me!
  • Simply the finest... Review by Gerald J Perillo, Jr
    I got my Little Giant Ladder in 1977 and have used it faithfully ever since. It shows evidence of hard-use during its long life and it STILL performs like new. I should have added my testimonial years ago. I know my ladder has sold other people on its versatility and value and they've purchased them, as well. I have the extension plank and I love it and use it often. I'm looking at buying another Little Giant Ladder (Type 1 Alta One) and some accessories. I will not own another ladder unless it's a Little Giant Ladder System. Thank-you so much for an American-Made product that works as well as advertised. Little Giant is simply the finest ladder system on the market today.
  • Purchased in 1988 Review by Long time user
    I have been using the Little Giant M17 since 1988. I am a weekend renovator, which means the ladder is used more than most households but less than professional. The ladder is still going strong. The last two weeks I have been using it as a scaffold, finishing the ceiling on some new construction. It folds up nicely and fits into the little hatchback for those weekends that I volunteer to do some habitat work. This is one of the best tool purchases I ever made.
  • So sturdy I don't mind heights! Review by Lin
    I have always had trouble with heights, but with my Little Giant ladder I can do anything..including clean gutters! Love the flexibility of all the positions. The rollers make it easy to drag wherever I want it.
  • Gift for Son-in-law Review by Donnie B
    Used it right away to change lights in his high ceiling. He will be using on many projects around their new home.
  • Great Review by Val
    I just gave it to my son an grandson yesterday, they haven't used it yet but by their expression of joy I am sure they will have great constant use for it.. They were both borrowing ladders before this when the need arised. Thank you for such prompt shipping and right to my door delivery. Val Chartier Salina Utah
  • great ladder Review by Chuck Norris
    love this ladder
  • Great product Review by jcowen1969
    The ladder does a great job! Makes jobs a lot easier!
  • Easy to use Review by Kim T
    My husband and I are both surprised how easy this ladder is to use. Very versatile for all our needs both inside and out.
  • Giving it as a gift. Review by Gordon
    I have had one for several years and my daughter borrowed it and after using it wanted one. So I am give it as a Christmas gift
  • perfect Review by Epik
    Best darn ladder i have or will ever own. Have a good.
  • Happy Owner Review by Jeremy
    Just got my first house, needed a sturdy ladder to do things around the house from paintings to changing out lights, to cleaning fans. It feels safe and very sturdy. Absolutely love the ladder.
  • A must have for those that need to reach higher than 7 feet ..... Review by Sparky
    I have owned the large Little Giant ladder for several years. It is lightweight and very easy to use. It is sturdy and puts any other ladder to shame .... simply the best ladder on the market. I am getting another smaller version for the not so high up jobs. Many thanks for a wonderful product.
  • Nice product Review by Esme
    Looks easier than what it is. But I guess after a few tries it will be a piece of cake. Like on tv.
  • Outstanding Review by David
    Like to purchase 1 with little giant extrame but kind on short on money if only I can pay 4 easy payment?
  • Terrific Review by CRT
    I put it right to use as soon as I receive it.
    It's versatility and ease of use is fantastic. I am very pleased with his purchase
  • ladder Review by cm
    love it but its too heavy.
  • Thankful for the extra length! Review by Second time around
    I happened to let a coworker use my 17' LG and I never saw it again. They were so happy with it, they made me an offer on the spot! I in turn used the cash to purchase an "upgrade" . 22' of the same versatile, dependable and durable ladder use. I give it four stars only because it is a bit tricky retracting from the fully extended position. I would recommend it to everyone, and come to find out I could still use a few more feet!!
  • Exceptional Quality and Versatility Review by Ted
    I recently bought rental property with very high (2nd story) ceiling lights which had to be replaced. The Type 1 Alta One Model 22 made that chore a cinch. I can foresee using this ladder for many tasks in the future. It was well worth every penny I paid for it. This ladder is as close to perfection as you can get.
  • ladder of gold Review by hillbilly
    iam a big man i had my little gaint for 4 year and it is very stong ladder .i got the 500 lbs one and it very good safe like they said on the tv.

  • Satisfied Customer Review by Ron
    I live in an area that has lots of trees. Spring & fall can be quite messy with the Silver Maples and the Locust trees in my yard! I have a single story ranch, and just recently had Leaf Relief gutter covers installed which keep all the debris out of the gutters. The wind blows most of the leaves & debris off, but still have to blow off small amounts that may remain. I researched the name brand ladders in the home stores and at your on-line site. Your's wins hands down! I purchased the Type 1 Alta-One 17 as it fits my needs and weighs only 30 pounds. Also like the ease of use, don't have to be a "Rocket Scientist" to figure it out.! Shipping was prompt and free. Received via FedEx 5 days from date of purchase.
    Highly recommended!
    Ron K __Rockford, Illinois
  • Great Ladder Review by Gary
    Exactly what I needed
  • Great asset for the homeowner !!!! Review by Charlie from Cape Cod, Ma
    This was my first expierence with a Little Giant Type- 1A ladder and I could not be more pleased. The enclosed CD was very helpful in assisting me in getting up to speed on how to safely utilized the various positions.
  • excellent Review by Mark
    Little giant have been the industry standard for aviation schools. we at BRCC are happy to use this product.
  • Great Review by Jonathan
    I was trying to put two ladders together in order to get onto my roof to clean out gutters before the large Hurricane. The ladder was delivered AT THAT moment.....I unpacked it an used ONE ladder safely to do what I was going to use 2 - unsafely!
  • Great ladder Review by Stewie
    I wish I would have gotten the next size up
  • Type 1 Alta Review by Mitchell
    Loved the ladder. My wife has wanted me for several years to replace light fixture on our stairway. I could not figure out how to do it. I purchased this ladder and it worked great. I am glad I watched the video, because I would have set the ladder up the hard way. Watching the video it shows you how to let the ladder do the work. Very Very nice ladder. The only bad thing is now I do not have an excuse no to do the honey do lists.
  • Quality ladder that I enjoy using. Review by Mike
    After my first use I was confident I made the right purchase decision. Two suggestions for your thoughts:
    1. Increase your advertising regarding Made in USA including stickers.
    2. Send customers marketing emails regarding the available options...the more we use the ladder the more we will want to discover the working attachments.
  • It is everything it is represented to be - and more. Review by Jim D
    I've been thinking of ordering the Little Giant Ladder for two years. Every time I watched the commercial for it I thought I need to get one. I wish I would have bought it when I first saw it. I have a room with a very high peak and the smoke alarm was placed at the very peak. I could not get a ladder long enough into this room. When the alarm started chirping and then going off intermittently because it needed to be cleaned I was forced to end my procrastination and place my order. This one ladder has taken the place of three different size ladders I have purchased previously and is much easier to move around.
  • These are not just for men...they are great for women too!!! The best and safest!!! Review by missy j
    I am a second time buyer, I have a large Model 26 with all the accessories at one house that I have had for about 3 yrs and recently bought the Little Giant for the other house. My teenage daughter and I mostly use it for changing batteries in the smoke detector and changing air filters and hanging holiday lights. I had an 8ft off brand ladder and donated it to fire victims because I could not maneuver it around to get it up the staircase nor any of the bedrooms and with both Little Giant and the larger model I can get them in all the rooms without a problem. Another great thing about the Little Giant is it will fit in my Honda Civic....just saying in case you have a small car or see them at a store or at your State Fair or need to take it somewhere.
    The only caution to worry about is someone wanting to steal your Little Giant!!!
    Good Luck to all on all your projects!!!
  • Great little ladder Review by Ken
    I have already found many uses for the ladder. Much safer than the old aluminum ladder I had. Stores well in less space.
  • Great ladder Review by SteelersD3
    If you want variety in a ladder this is a great choice. You can configure this ladder for all types of jobs and heights. With that comes with some heft, but one person can easily carry and put up with no problem. The weight gives you good stability and strength. In my opinion this ladder should last a lifetime if maintained properly due to the sturdy construction. The locking stops are easy to use when changing the configuration and height, but aren’t as thick as some other ladders. The rubber ends provide good traction on any surface so there is no slippage. The weight balance is good even when extending it to the maximum height so you can properly put up the ladder by yourself. The manual states you can use as an A Frame ladder, a 20’ ladder, a ladder that can be put on stairs, supports for scaffolding, and also comes with an attachment platform for laying items on. For safety purposes the ladder is rated at a 250 pound maximum. The amount of space for storing isn’t any more than a standard 6’ ladder. Overall I am satisfied with this product and would recommend to anyone who needs a ladder for multiple uses.
  • It's as good as I expected. Review by Dennis from Grand Rapids, mi
    I had the larger version in yellow fiber glass which was rock solid. This is some what lighter which I like but just as solid. I have a wooden step ladder that made me feel uneasy as it was wobbly and didn't feel safe. I doubt there is a ladder out there that even comes close. I tell all my friends if they need a great ladder to get the Giant.
  • strong tool Review by old & gray
    the ladder is solid, well built and quite safe. The big thing you need to get used to if you haven't used a similar ladder is the weight. by being so solid and well built, the ladder is heavy--not prohibitively so, but it is noticeable. related to the weight is where you position your hands when you make adjustments. you must be conscious that there are multiple pinch points.
  • very satisfied Review by mickey
    the precesion mfg. was astonishing. the locking parts slip right in to place jst as advertised and is a very sturdy ladder. it is a little heavier than i thought but is a great piece of equipment that should last me for the rest of my life.
  • Very cool Review by Cool
    That cool
  • good Review by Harry
    I have not used the ladder yet but it appears to be everything I expected.
    However I do have one slight problem. The DVD that arrived with my ladder was cracked clear across the disc. Is it possible to ship me another? I would like to see what the disc shows.

    Thank you,
    Harry Harper
    1594 Frontier Dr.
    Rock Springs, WY 82901
  • mostly positive Review by al
    Great for multi purpose. Not to heavy to use (22')
    Only negatives so far
    To use as extension ladder can only raise top section as far as reach (1 step)
    if room is not big enough to lay ladder down and extend than be able to stand it up than cannot use it.
    The optional work platform can only be used on the side of ladder being climbed when in extension ladder use. This makes it useless as a paint bucket or tray holder, as awkward to reach above or below rather than in front.
    In short gave up on trying to paint 16 foot ceiling and stairwell, will hire a pro instead.
  • ***** Review by Dee
    Gave this as a wedding gift, rather unusual, but since I own one I know how great it is and knew the couple with a new house will need this over their lifetime.
  • Couldn't be happier! Review by My 1st Little Giant Ladder
    Held off from buying a Little Giant ladder, because the ones I would see on display and demos were not tall enough. I didn't know that the Model 22 was available, I purchased it on Father's Day. Have used it a few times and couldn't be happier.
  • Great Ladder one size to small sould have got the next size up Review by Joe
    Great Ladder I have used Little Giant for years
  • This all in one compact ladder makes life easier ---different purposes and easy storage Review by Taka
    I love it because it is rather easy to use---sturdy, solid, gives me a good sense of security when I climb on it and the best part for me is that it suits all my needs in one simple ladder. I love it more because it is easy to store. Perhaps , the only negative I found is that it is a bit heavy for me since I am 72. But that is a small drawback compared to all the positives it has so it still deserves 5 stars. Thank you for this little giant invention.
  • Great Review by wayne
    Having worked 36 years for a company that used ladders for a lot of their work, some being 40' long it was great to use the Little Giant ladder. I've used it the last two weekends replacing some siding on my house and it worked better than they said it would. I used it on uneven ground using the Leg Leveler and that worked great also. I'm glad i bought this ladder for all my house work..
  • Sturdy; Very well made Review by Wanda
    I am a 64 year-old woman living alone and my ladder was stolen. I have no way to pick one up from the store, so I ordered one from Little Giant because my neighbor has one and he just loves it. I love the versatility of it! Already I have used it all stretched out as an extension ladder to paint my rafters. I am now using it as an uneven step-ladder to reach the eaves above my back steps.
    The only problem is that it is really heavy for me to manage. That's why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5.
  • it's fine Review by Brady
    I have used Little Giant ladders at work for years. They were very handy and versatile. It was disappointing to get my own Little Giant only to find out that this one is so narrow that the aluminum plank I have doesn't fit between the sides. I have used this plank at work with many other Little Giant ladders and it fit just fine. Very frustrating. I guess I should have spent the extra $100 for the classic instead of the Alta-one. Other than that, the ladder is fine.
  • Great Review by Sejlaw
    Took a littli while to figure it out. Excellent delivery time. Accesories are a little expensive considering the quality. Overall a good product.
  • great ladder Review by Gary
    I have used this ladder several times. I live on a farm so i have endless uses. I would defintly recommend to everybody.
  • It's all been said already. Review by Big John
    I love it.
  • Much better than my prior ladder Review by Fred
    Easy to set up and extend. Much less likely to pinch fingers than my prior fold-up ladder.
  • Where were you when I needed you? Review by Wild Bill
    Wish I had this ladder the first time I needed one for working around the house. I have been using a 6 ft. step ladder inside the house and borrowing a neighbor's ladder for outside. He has since moved away and I needed to clean the gutters. This ladder does the job for everything. I even got rid of the old stepladder!!
  • Wonderful Gift! Review by JSP
    My husband has seen these ladders before and my son has one and loves it. So, it became his Birthday gift in May...and he couldn't be happier. It is a GREAT gift for those who work around the house!
  • great purchase Review by andy
    Its a great ladder and one of the best purchases that we made.
  • Good ladder,but I think a bit overpriced. Review by tom
    A great ladder, but I think it is a bit overpriced. I saw a ladder very simular at Home Depote for a $100 plus cheeper.
  • Love this ladder! Review by Notasocialclimber
    I've wanted one for a while now and dreams do come true. It's already been used for window washing and siding repair. I appreciate having the right tool for the job and the Little Giant is the right tool for so many jobs. Thanks for a great product.
  • best ladder ever Review by turbo
    worth every penny the first week
  • Great Review by rpierson
    Have used a couple of times. This ladder is all that I need. Easy to use and very stable. Will recommend to anyone that needs a new ladder. You can certainly use me as a reference.

    Ray Pierson
  • Alta One Review by Ron NC
    Great product. I have several other Little Giant products and they are all great!
  • High five Review by Dodge
    Here in the National Park Service we have to have every equipment to be safe
    and reliable. Ladders were a main concern but now that we purchase the
    Little Giant Ladders we're pretty sure it will definitly fit our needs along with
    safety. Thank you.
  • great ladder Review by mikecroskrey
    I do home inspections. I used to need several different ladders to do one inspection. Now I pull out my Little Giant ladder to do it all. It has cleaned out the space in my pickup that used to be filled by multiple ladders. I love this ladder.
  • Great small ladder Review by Cathie
    I'm generally nervous on ladders, but this one is very sturdy, even fully extended. It's versatile and easy to adjust. The setting for stairs is particularly useful.
  • Little Giant and the RV Review by Gene
    I have a small Travel trailer and a cargo box on top of my Jeep Grand Cherokee and wanted a smaller ladder to be able to get things out of the cargo box without standing on the door sill and wait to fall over backwards. So far the ladder is small enough to store in my small travel trailer and long enough to reach the top of the RV and its really easy to open the ladder for a quick trip to the upper reaches of the cargo box on top of my Jeep. I guess its sort of the Swiss Army Knife of Ladders. It will not work on everthing, but it does a great job for its size.
  • Good Ladder Review by jcp
    I've been a property insurance adjuster for 26 years. Ladders are a primary tool for me and get used almost daily. Up until now I've been carrying standard aluminum extension ladders and step ladders. Both have worked well but the extension ladders rattle and whistle while driving down the road and the step ladder can sometimes be difficult to manuver through a house without knocking something over. I replaced both with the Little Giant. So far I'm well pleased. It has been more than sufficient for my needs and I must say the wheels are a nice asset. The only problem I've experienced is the big blood blister that was left after pinching my arm on the center hinge.
  • Exceeds my expectations. Review by Pat in Arizona
    This is a great ladder. It if half the weight of my old extension ladder and provides ten times the versitatility. Stores in a small area, ready for my next project. I can honestly say that this is the last ladder I will ever have to buy. I wish I had purchased one years ago. I can't say enough good things about it.
  • Very pleased owner Review by Russ Whisler
    I used my new ladder to take down, paint and replace the shutters on my house. It was perfect for the job. It has paid for itself with just the one job.
  • excellent Review by peter
  • First time owner Review by Paul
    Very pleased with function and usefullness of ladder. Would recommend to any home owner or anyone who requires a safe and versital ladder.
  • Exceeds Expectations Review by Jack
    I purchased the ladder to enable me to paint the outside trim on a two story house on Martha's Vineyard. The job required numerous changes from step to extension ladder, all of which I did quickly. The support bar for the top of the extension ladder is an amazing improvement. Not only does it stabilize the ladder, it can also enable the ladder to be placed right in front of a window, with the supports on each side. It also extends the usable height of ladder by keeping the top away from the house.

    The Little Giant cost more than its competitors, but based on my experience with it, you get what you pay for! Plus, because your safety is at stake, it's not a good idea to cut corners on ladder quality.
  • 30+ years and still Love it. Review by Riverrat
    Bought my first little giant about 31 yrs. ago. Finally retired that one and would
    not consider replacing it with anything else. Best ladder on the market.
  • Great! Review by AMB
    It's our third such ladder--my company loves this product!
  • Very pleased Review by Marshall
    I have only used it once since receiving it. I painted some shutters that were on my upstairs windows. I felt much safer than I would have on a regular ladder.
  • Outstanding Review by Al
    I haven't had a chance to use the ladder extensively; but, when I have used it I'm a proud owner. Well designed and well worth the money!
  • Love it it works great Review by Rick B
    I am glad I bought it. It covers all my needs for a ladder.
  • Fits in designed space on rescue apparatus under construction. Review by John
    Ladder came with one of the orange plastic rung caps missing. How do I get a replacement?
  • Excellent Review by George
    This ladder is excellent for working on the outside of our two-story home. We like that it is light weight and gives up several options in length and position.
  • Excellent Value; Easy to Use Review by Dicky V
    I have used my Little Giant twice since receiving it 2 weeks ago. First at our cabin in the mountains to clean the gutters. It was nice and easy to fit into the back of our wagon rather than strapping it on to the top of the car and worrying about scratches to the pain. The second use was at home, cutting down low hanging branches from trees on our property.
    I found the ladder surprisingly easy to extend fold back for storage and love the portability!
    Dicky V
  • Fantastic for stairwell use Review by Jane M
    I have been painting my house and have had a terrible time working in my stairwells. I'm 5'3" inches and when I didn't have someone taller around I was balancing on cans to tape off, cut in etc in my stairwells. The Little Giant became my tall guy and I am able to reach anything necessary now.
  • Very good and useful equipment Review by Jonesey
    Saw it advertised and it lived up to the sales show. I like it very much.
  • Wonderful Review by Jpoyta
    We love our ladder. This ladder is perfect for changing those hard to reach lights on stairways. A tradiional ladder would not work on our stairs since our stairway bends, we have several triangle staped stairs mixed with regular stairs. The Alta-one sat perfectly on our stairs. It is very sturdy even when extended to its maximum height! i highly recommend this ladder!!
  • Owner-Builder loves all four of his "Little Giants" Review by Luap
    I work in three states and transport lots of tools all the time. These ladders are properly built, tough, light; easy to use and transport. The leg extension and the work platform are must haves. The work platform slides into itself so once again there is an easy to transport solution. With two small ladders and a platform you get a very good elevated walkway for working a up to a 12 foot horizontal run in one setup! The four-step foot stool is a crew favorite. Even big Louie can't break it!
    As for me, I'm having the ladder holder accessory mounted to my coffin, I'm not going to any location without a "Little Giant"!
  • Very Satisfied Review by GPat
    Alta One 22 model, owned for one day. Spent 6 hours trimming fruit trees. Best ladder I’ve ever used. Versatile, convenient, stable and easy to position. The 90 degree option in fantastic when trimming. No issues with the rugs hurting my feet. Will buy the optional Work Platform and Roller Wheels (SEARS didn’t carry them in the store). Great buy and well worth the money!
  • for the first time Review by contractor george n.
    my brother in-law wheeled out his little giant ladder for me to work with because I had forgotten my extension ladder on another job. my first thought was what a joke. he expects me to replace 2x8x24' ceiling joist on this toy, never.. it was use his or drive to the closest home depot and buy a real ladder.
    I decided to try his LGiant for an hour and then go to depot. after a 2min. instruction from him I started. WOW what a ladder. I set and cut all 33 pcs. of 2"x8"x24ft joists while never having to re adjust anything. Ive never thought it would make this job anything but a joke but to my surprize i finished in record time and my body wasn't sore from luging and re-positioning my old extension ladder.
    After i completed the job that afternoon i got paid and went to costco and bought my own little giant. I cant begin to tell you how much i love this ladder and how much eaiser it has made my life. What a tool. iVE BEEN A General Contractor for 27 yrs. and my body aches. This ladder is one of my most important tools next to my tape measure and my truck. Thank you for inventing this beauty
  • Satisfied Review by cp
    The ladder is great, speed of shipment was great. When I bought it the website advertised heavily that I would get a free work bench with the order. Never got it.
  • Quality product as promised Review by Dennis
    I'm very pleased with the operation and functionality of this product. It works as well as advertised. It is well constructed and should be the last ladder I'lllever need to buy.
  • Painting Contractor Review by Ken
    I purchased the Type 1 Alta One. It pays for itself almost everyday.
    I use it on stairwells and it very stable. Also working over hedges when painting trim on the exterior of homes is very easy with the A frame design. I'm also very happy with my accessories. The work tray, the work platform and my add on adjustable legs are useful and each piece is easy to setup. Thanks Little Giant!!!
  • Excellent product! Review by Ferris
    This is my second Little Giant ladder, I already had one at home and needed another for my work shop. Excellent product, sturdy, well made, no rough edges, easy to set up & use.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a do-it-all type of ladder.

    Facilities Tech
  • so far so good Review by lad
    used it twice. easy to use so far.
  • Does it all! Review by gocubzgo
    I have had a Little giant since about 1995. I have used it as a step ladder, worked in stairwells, extension ladder, scaffold, 90 degree ladder, and I am probably forgetting a few. The ladder has performed beautifully in every position and configuration, and is much more sturdy than anything else I have ever used. You may think these are a bit expensive, but when you compare them to the cost of buying an extension ladder and a step ladder,and factor in the fact that this ladder does things that neither of the other ladders can do,you can easily justify the cost. You get what you pay for, and it is nice to know these are put together in the USA. This ladder will almost certainly be the last ladder you will need to buy.
  • Great ladders, super fast shipping Review by marketing_meg
    Such a great product. We are using this for our business, and these ladders are the best. The shipping was super fast, and they arrived in perfect condition.
  • I Have three Little Giants Review by JCappy
    I bought this one for my daughter and her apartment because it is 27 ladders in one!!!!
    Great tool thanks
  • Great ladder Review by Steve
    I have only used it 2 or 3 times in a new house, but it has proven to be very effective in reaching difficult places. I wonder why I waited so long to get one of these.
  • buy one! Review by dave k
    easy to use and does everything advertised. the ladder feels stable and strong,
    perfect for remodeling. it gets in and out of tight spots but turns into a big ladder when necessary.
  • Great product Review by BOM
    Little giant has been a great addition to my tools. Helpful with small jobs inside the house bigger ones outside. Would recommend these products to anyone.
  • Very good product Review by JM Virginia
    Used it the day I received it to reach high ceilings in stair wells that I could not get a standard extension ladder into. Renovating older homes and this ladder helps in spaces/areas that are inaccessible with other ladders. Rugged, easy to adjust, and very stable.
  • Outstanding product! Review by Gerry
    Very well engineered to make the Little Giant the invaluable tool for every home.
    The best ladder "system" yoiu can own. Easy to use and each configuration varient is just what you would need for every climbing task.
  • Aweome Review by Pete d
    Worth every penny. Don't buy the imitation chinese junk. It's your life, spend he money an buy this ladder. The guys in my neighborhood borrow this all the time. The infomercial does not exaggrate. The ladder is heavier and it takes longer to adjust. I would not change a thing. Glad i bought it
  • Good Review by FOX
    Received ladder Saturday Dec. 17, 2011. I did not receive the plat form. The ladder is great. Please adv. when the plat form will be sent.

    Thank You,
  • GREAT Review by BOZZEE
  • great details Review by chuckles12
    I bought the Type 1 Alta ladder in order to change lights (ceilings are 18'away in some places). With that said, I like the ladders size and weight. Its relatively easy to carry it between rooms. I also like the fact the instructions are on the side of the ladder. Nice detail when I haven't used the ladder in awhile.

    My only negative is that I wish the ladder had something to put on the ends when fully extends. I know about wrapping rags around thend touching dry wall, but I would prefer a cover.

    Overall its a great purchase.
  • Love It! Review by Leanne
    Great Product! It makes so many household jobs less stressful!
  • Christmas Gift Review by Bonnie
    This is a christmas give for my daughter and son-in-law. They have just purchased a new home and I think they will love it!
  • little giant ladder type 1 atla one Review by buckweet
    I put in a garage door opener in a shop with 12 ft ceilings with this ladder. the guys that were helping me weighed at least 250# and it did a fine job holding them up. they were really impressed with the ladder. wish I wouldhave bought the tray with it!
  • Like functionality Review by Dave - AZ
    I first used a friend's LGL to paint stairwell in East Coast 2-story home.
    Now that I've moved to AZ, I have cathedral ceilings and couldn't wait to get my own LGL. Limited storage space makes the Type 1 Alta One the perfect fit. As a step ladder, it helps me reach those high spots to paint inside. It's quick to adjust and easy to setup. A very smart design.
  • It's great Review by ralph
    This ladder is a christmas gift for my son. He already has one. So he will be thrilled.
  • excellent Review by capt. crash
    I am a below knee ampute and needed a dependable ladder to clean the gutters on our house. The Little Giant was a perfect partner.
  • Excellent for taking carrying it up and down the elevator, Sturdy for reaching high ceilings. Review by RM
    I just received it. Its compact folded size allows me to take it up and down in the small elevator in my house. Yet it is sturdy enough to reach 12 foot ceilings.
  • Ladder good/ Price Not so much Review by SAS
    I love it. However, i was very diappointed that I found the exact same ladder a week late for 1/3 the price.
  • Great purchase Review by Rube
    I'm a 64 yr old female and thought the Little Giant would be easier to carry and I have pinched my fingers a few times but overall I think it will be perfect.
  • I like it! Review by Bob Faber
    A few months ago I purchased a LGL Alta-One and have used it in every possible configuration to trim trees, demoss a roof, clean and repair gutters and put up Christmas lights on a house with two high gables. Being eighty-four, I put off buying my LGL as many of the reports I read stated that it was too heavy. When I did finally purchase one I ordered It with a set of wheels that I used only once - the first time I set it up. It is so much easier to just pick it up and carry it vertically on your shoulder. Every household should have one.
  • ALTO-ONE MODEL 17 Review by KIKOMAN 671
    I just bought mine at the Navy Exchange. I have always watched the infomercials and dreamed about owning one, what a great buy. It is everything it claims to be and more. It was so easy to manipulate by myself, although taking the ladder apart to separate into two ladders was a bit tricky. I only wish I bought two so I can go higher when I buy the scaffold. I am a happy camper now!
  • good multipurpose ladder Review by motorgirl
    My husband has used this ladder for cleaning out gutters, trimming tall bushes, and installing cabinets in the garage. Very sturdy and practical ladder. It is lighter weight than a comparable competitor's ladder so that is a definite plus.
  • see below Review by none
    Still the best !!!!!
  • Better than dirt! Review by BTW
    I'm old as dirt but blessed to be above ground! Lol
    I'm disabled and my mind still leads me to do what my body can't!
    Trimming tree limbs when a 4 or 5" main kicked back on me and I was able to push it away with the saw. The Lord has blessed me to purchase this ladder and still be here. Because (the wide legs and leveler) this ladder is so stable! If, I would of been on my old ladder I wouldn't be old as dirt I would be dirt!
  • Awesome!!!!!!!!! Review by Jake
    This ladder is awesome. I have used it for several different projects and it works great. I use it for cleaning windows, painting, and other chores. It is a quality product and it is made in the U.S.A.Thanks for such a great product......
  • Exceptional Product Review by Hawk
    Since receiving my ladder I have had the opportunity to use it in many configurations. Set up could not be easier. This ladder has made my work as a handyman much easier. Thanks Little Giant for a super product.
  • so far, so good Review by Scott S
    I've only used my ladder 3 or 4 times so far, but it has performed exactly as promised and exactly as shown on the TV commercials so far.
  • a satisfied customer Review by Gary
    The web site was easy to use, the ladder came quickly and the product is great [I own 3 Little Giant ladders].
  • good ladder needs better floor protector Review by Jay
    good ladder but needs better floor protectors.The ends do not provide great floor protection.After opening the ladder the first time, I noticed the bottoms had scratched my hardwood floors. great to have multiple sizes in one ladder
  • Looooove It!!!! Review by EB
    I am afraid of heights, even not so high up. I am able to climb up the little giant ladder because I feel so secure. There is no wobbling at all. I put up plastic on my own windows this year.
  • Very satisfied Review by sedgeman
    I own 3 other ladders that are going to be retired now that I acquired a model 22 Little Giant ladder. Good construction, very strong, very useful for my home projects. Used the A-frame design to access the roof line of my RV for cleaning the surface prior to winter covering. I enjoy the small storage profile.
  • Great product Review by Hank
    Bought this particular ladder for my daughter and son in law for their new home. I have the original Little Giant and I use mine all the time. They have used theirs and are just as pleased as I am with mine.
  • Great Review by Andy
    We have used many Little Giants in our install tech's vans thru the years, and we are now getting the smaller Model 13 for some of our Sales people to have with them in there cars so they can get accurate measurements up high,, and we love them.
  • Type 1 Alta One Review by Michael
    This is a fantastic ladder,it does exactly what I expected & more. Although I'm only a private person & user, I don't know what I've been doing all these years using all other types of ladders. I'm extremly happy with you're product, & i'm sure it will last a long time, very good quality. Thank You.--- Michael duPlessis
  • Excellent Review by Mike
    I purchased this ladder for my son as a first home house warming gift. It was delivered promptly and was in great condition. I am sure it will serve my son well for many years to come.
  • Great Ladder! Review by lou
    I bought this ladder for my husband boy, was he excited! He said its the only ladder he'll ever need. It is very well constructed. It will be so easy to hang christmas lights on the gutters now!!!! Thanks
  • 6 years going strong. Review by Hoosier
    We've had our Type 1 17 going on six years. Use it for everything from painting, indoor and outddor repair work, cleaning gutters, basically everything around the house. It's the favorite ladder in our neighborhood to be borrowed. The ladder gets tons of use and still performs like it's new. Sure it's got paint on it, some scratches here and there, but at it's core, it's stil performs like new. A lifetime ladder without the lifetime price.
  • see below Review by none
    product is a gift for my son, when he gets it , next month, I will let you know. I own 3 of your ladders and have never had a problem. Do not expect that he will have any problems either.
  • love it Review by cwmcneal
    This is my second Littlr Giant. I sold the first because it was a 22 foot classic ladder that was too much ladder for me. I'm 68 years old and just purchased a 17 foot Allta-One and it is perfect. Easy for m e to move about and set up. My only problem was that no where does it state it comes with the wheels installed so I ordered the wheel kit. When the ladder arrived it had the wheels all ready installed. After contacting customer service they resolved the problem and made returning the wheel kit very easy.
  • AWESOME LADDER Review by Ed"D"
    This ladder has not let me down and continues to surprise me...
  • 4 ladders 4 SALE : )))) Review by Windy
    I have maintenance responsibilities for several homes and buildings scattered over a wide geographical area. Not having to load and haul four heavy ladders is the nicest improvement to my tool collection in several years.

    My pickup was in the shop and I needed to drive 80 miles and check on a reported roof leak. Put my "Little Giant" in the back seat of the car and checked the roof. Several other requests from the tenant lead to checking out other problems. One ladder allowed me to do it all.

    The other nice thing is, storage of huge ladders, is no longer a problem.
  • Best Ladder Ever Review by Carlbo
    I flew in the Navy from 1986 through 1994 aboard the P3C Orion. Every plane had a Little Giant Ladder onboard. We used them before and after every flight to take off the engine covers and check the fluid levels as well as clean the windscreen. If we had to land at a remote base, no problem, as the ladder was with us. As you would expect the ladders were handled roughly and treated like a tool and NEVER failed us. I now need a Sky Scraper ladder for my new house with a 21' ceiling and am buying a 17' little giant Skyscraper. I have looked at the prices of other ladders just to see and to my amazement they are similarly priced for much less of a ladder. Additionally, they are made in the USA and as long as they are I will buy them first.
  • just started Review by louie
    I've only used the ladder twice and it made the job to climb on my roof unscary. I'll be putting new windows in soon and I'll let you know how it went. Thank you for asking, Lynda Soles
  • terrific Review by Realr
    Solved all my problems. I had an 8' stepladder but could not reach higher windows. Little Giant - just great & as a bonus I was able to fix a gutter 13' off the ground. Very easy to follow instructions, folds into a small < 5' high, easy to store ladder.
  • VERY GOOD Review by PETE
  • Great ladder Review by truckerson
    My grandma bought this ladder for my grandpa about 2 yaers ago and it was not until now that it just got out of the box we used it to paint the stair well and it worked in evry direction. We used the, leg leveler and worked it on all sides. This is the best ladder you could ever buy takes up no space and very virstile.
  • Great Investment Review by New Owner
    Just received the ladder and plan to put it to use changing light bulbs in ceiling fixtures 12 ft. high. I also have plans to paint the entire inside of an 1800 sq. ft. home. I beleive that this was a good investment. The quality of the ladder is superior.
  • As advertised and very versatile Review by Gerard2004
    Ive always wanted one of these so i finally broke down and bought the alta. Inwas ok with $226 but thought the $300 for the next model u was a bit much. Also didnt like the extra weight of the 300 lb rating version. Even the alta is no lightweight but i guess when you get a 9 ft tall A frame ladder or 17 ft straight one, its gonna have a bit of heft. All in all im happy with the ease of use, versatility, and it performs as advertised.
  • Thanks for a great product. Review by John
    I used it for the first time today to attach shelving to the 13 ft ceiling in my garage. The work platform was especially helpful. I wouldn't have been able to complete the project without the Little Giant.
  • Works Perfectly Review by Charlie
    I needed a ladder that could get small enough to fit in my car, large enough to get me and my camera to about 11' off the ground and be stable enough to shoot video from. I now have what I was looking for. The LG Alta is small enough to fit in my car, with the wheel kit I can pull in behind me to get the the sports fields. I have two work platforms for it - one to stand on and one to hold equipment. My camera mount clamps to the top the ladder and I'm all set. I can setup and take down within minutes and it it very stable. And as an added bonus, with the wheel kit the ladder becomes by equipment carrier - I just put my camera bags on it and pull it all behind me. This setup is exactly what I needed.
  • My first ladder Review by Shereen
    I live in a condo with very high ceilings and little storage space. This ladder works out perfectly because it compacts nicely to fit in my closet. I have already used it once and it is easy to adjust and feels sturdy.
  • The ladder has been great to use!! Review by Gary
    I was suspect that the ladder would be complicated to figure out, but it was not and I really feel secure on it. Thanks for a great product that I will use for a long time.
  • Very versatile and strong Review by Pilar
    I needed a good ladder for painting rooms and indoor and outdoor maintenance around the house. I cannot carry heavy unwieldy items, and this is very compact and very strong. It took me a few minutes to see how it opened, but after that it was very easy to use. I'm very happy with it indeed.
  • Perfect for all jobs Review by Tinker
    This ladder has so many uses and height settings perfect at all levels. Have been looking for a ladder for a long time,this one is it
  • Great buy! Review by vesuvius
    I just received my lil giant Type 1A ladder and I am very pleased with it. It is very easy to adjust and allows me to have one ladder that does the job for several different ladders. The hinges are easy to adjust and the locking mechanism are smooth and simple to use. The other thing I like is how stable I feel on the ladder even when 15 feet off the ground, with my 22' ladder. This versatile ladder makes the jobs inside and outside the house easy to set up and use.
  • Just Bought for home now looking to out fit our whole fleet with these Review by HVACR Contractor in NC
    I bought my LGL-Type 1 Alta One about two weeks ago. I bought this to keep around house for use on my home projects instead of having to bring home ladders from my office. I work for a HVAC/Electrical contractor and we are always carrying multiple step ladders, (4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, extension ladders of all sizes, A-Frame ladders, and the list goes on). So I brought my LGL-Type 1 Alta One to the office one day and we put it to the test and sent it out with one of our crews, needless to say its been two weeks and now my LGL-Type 1 Alta One is probably never coming home with me again. Our guys love this ladder, they tell me its great not to have to carry multiple ladders to do service work and installs and its freed up room on their trucks to carry more supplies and materials. So now my company and I will be outfitting over 30 trucks with the Fiberglass Type 1A ladders and SkyScrappers. When you add up the cost of traditional fiberglass ladders, 12ft ($200), 10ft($185), 8ft($150), 6ft($100) and 19ft extension ladder($300)=$935, buying one Fiberglass Type 1A - Model 22 ladder will save us $425.00 per truck which is roughly $13,000.00 for our whole fleet! Now that is a savings that is great! These ladders also meet all our insurance requirements and OSHA ANSI requirements for non-conductive ladders. Great Product and great way to reduce inventory of ladders and replacement cost of the traditional fiberglass ladders.
  • Versatility galore Review by Ted
    I bought the Little Giant Type 1A 17 Ft to paint our very awkward high staircase in our home. A conventional extension ladder would never have worked properly. While on steps, I was able to securely position the Little Giant on a staircase. It worked perfectly. Thanks for making such a fine product!
  • Just bought a second Review by Ruth
    I have had my Little Giant for a few years and love it. I bought a lighter weight version and am donating the first one to church. That way I won't have to carry mine down when I'm working there and I won't have to use the shaky old wooden one.
  • Fits all my needs Review by Don Strain
    What did I do without the little giant! I've had mind for over 5 yrs and wouldn't part with it for anything. Bought one for my oldest son last year & looking to buy 1 this year for my second son.
  • Excellent Review by Jose A. Gabino
    Just purchase the Little Giant Alta-One Model-17 at the the military exchange in Puerto Rico it a excellent tool, very easy to use the instruction were easy to understand. Thank you.
  • Great Product..... Review by Steve Inguanta
    My main concern was the strength of the hinge when the ladder was used in the extension mode. Since the stores I went too either did not carry your ladders or had no samples to open for testing. I was very concerned since I ordered this on the Internet and if I were unhappy, would have to pay for return shipping. I went completely by your demo videos and the one ladder I saw in a local store, which carried your product. Although it was wrapped so tight in plastic that I could hardly get a feel for it. I also saw a couple of other brands on the market, which were comparably price but looked too flimsy that I hesitated purchasing them. I anxiously waited for delivery and was pleasantly surprised. The ladder is made well, is very stable and my concern about the hinge is unnecessary since it seems very strong, not shaky and has no problem holding my weight. The customer reviews I read also helped!
  • Excellent Product Review by Ms. Austin
    The ladder, regardless of how you stand it, is durable and safe. I am so impressed with the simplicity of using it. At first, I was scared that it would be too heavy or too complicated for me to handle on my own. The little giant, however, completely satisfies my indepedent nature and I really, really like using it. Most recently, I was painting my staircase walls and one area of the wall must be about 10 feet and the Little Giant was so secure. It was so easy. I am glad I bought the ladder.
  • Little Giant Fan Review by Richard Rieske Ft. Smith, AR
    I have owned a model 22 since 1986 and use it on a weekly basis. This is the best ladder on the market. The only problem I have with it is getting it back from my neighbors. It is safe, always works properly, and adjusts to any environment. I would strongly suggest that you purchase leg leveling device and the orange work stand.
  • great tool!!! Review by White Wolf Backyard Buildings
    Little Giant ladders are one of those rare products that you can use the heck out of, throw it around, bash it around, NEVER, EVER do you need to baby it, and it works perfect every time. I don't worry about this beast, I just pull it outta the truck and use the heck outta it.
  • Great ladder Review by Harold Mason
    I purchased my little Giant 2 years ago, I wish I bought it years ago. What a great ladder.
  • Awsome Ladde Review by Joe
    A workmate of mine had one for over ten years, it was the best and most useful ladder out of all the other types we used, loved using it every time! and felt very steady and safe, specially for the bigger blokes, and great for planks!
  • In 15 minute the ladder paid for itself! Review by Gary Martinez
    Seriously in 15 minutes the ladder paid for itself. After years of dealing with a 60 lb. ladder from another company, I did in 15 minutes what I have been putting off for 4 months.
  • 17 years and going strong Review by Harold Jones
    Our 17 year old type 1 ladder is still being used and is as great as ever. There's some paint on it, but it works great! We also have another little giant that is 5 years old. Can't be beat!
  • 2 yrs, great decision! Review by J.A.
    two years of use now and still as good as the day it was rec'd. wouldnt trade it for anything/except maybe a bigger little giant.. made best of the best!!!!
  • 8 years and counting. Review by Herb J.
    I bought a type 1 about 8 years ago at a home show. Later bought scaffolding to paint my vaulted ceiling. WOW, what a time saver, and the wide base is rock steady. So versatile too.
  • Awesome!!!!! Review by Mike Anike
    These Ladders are awesome man. I tell ya what my cousin Boomhower has that there skyscraper edition and the ceiling work weve done man it was easy.great product i tell ya what.
  • from Clive Iowa Review by Steve Koscso
    I bought the Type I model 22. I can tell you nothing comes close to this ladder. Very easy to adjust and use. Well made. Best of the best !!!! The must have in your home.
  • Long time owner. Review by Richard L.
    I have owned a Type I model 17 for a few years. I own other ladders but use the Little Giant almost all the time. Easy to use for most projects.
  • How did I get along without it? Review by Tom Johnson
    Don't know how I ever got along without a Little Giant Ladder. Purchased a type I model 17 and it makes work a whole lot easier. Keep it in my pickup so I have a ladder anytime I need it.
  • Wow! Review by April J.
    Wow! I just bought the Type I model 17 and can't say enough great things about it. Compact, Sturdy, Easy to Use. A great deal!
    I have a window cleaning business, and I have a little giant ladder, and let me tell you I could not live without it. The ladder is always being used. My customers recognize it immediately from the commercials, and instantly start asking questions about it, and if I like it or not. I respond every single time with " I LOVE IT, COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!" The little giant ladder is a must have for anybody. I highly recommend it!!!!
  • We just got a our first home Review by Chris
    We just got a our first home and we didn't want to purchase a bunch of ladders that we may or may not need, so we went with the Type 1. It's really easy to get to the ceiling (we have a cathedral ceiling in the front room and kitchen) to paint and to hang lights on the outside. It saves a lot of space since we don't have a big garage and no basment.
  • Happy owner. Review by Christopher from Sunrise, FL United States
    I currently own a Type-II ladder since 1988 and was the best investment I ever made. I can't begin to say how many times I have used it for all of my chores around the house and side jobs. It will soon be up for grabs as I plan to purchase a new Type-1A ladder, Model 26 in the near future with accessories.
    Thank guys.

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