Type 1A Revolution

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Product Description

Discover the new revolution in ladder technology.

For over 40 years the original Little Giant Ladder has set the standard for multi-use ladders. Today there's a new revolution in ladder technology— the Revolution from Little Giant.

Which model should I choose?

The Little Giant Revolution comes in three convenient sizes, each designed to tackle even the tallest jobs.

Each model is constructed with the same quality that has made Little Giant one of the most respected names in the industry.

What's New?

LiteWave Technology

Light Weight Aluminum Construction
For starters, the Revolution is lighter–20% lighter than most competing multi-use ladder on the market. We did this without sacrificing any strength thanks to the Revolution’s military grade, light weight aluminum construction. Work with the convenience of a 250 lb. rated ladder, yet still feel safe with the strength of a 300 lb. rated ladder.

MAG4 Hinge

Redesigned Quad-Lock™ Hinge
Adding even more stability to our safest ladder wasn't easy. But the revolutionary Quad-Lock™ hinge system does just that. The Quad-Lock™ hinge locks into place with 4 pins instead of 2 for increased stability and overall safety.

Rock Locks

Rock Locks™
The Revolution features a redesigned Rock Lock™ system that makes adjusting your ladder quick and easy. Simply push the lock to release, adjust the ladder, then tap to lock. It's simple, fast and safe.

What's the Same?

The Revolution is designed to be the safest ladder on the planet. Since it's adjustable, the Revolution can be used safely on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks or other uneven surfaces.

The Revolution is made using the latest light weight aluminum technology. So it's ultra-strong while remaining light and portable.

Little Giant gives you the the ultimate in versatility. Independent tests prove the Revolution will replace 60-70% of all portable ladders currently being manufactured.

When you buy a Revolution from Little Giant, you're not just getting one ladder. You're getting 24 different ladders combined in one convenient model.

Little Giant Ladder Configurations:

Type 1A A-Frame Ladder A-Frame Ladder
With a simple click of the patented hinge, the Little Giant can be used as a traditional A-Frame ladder.
Type 1A Staircase Ladder Staircase Ladder
Because it's adjustable in one-foot increments, the Little Giant allows one side of the ladder to be extended allowing safe use on uneven surfaces like staircases, curbs or docks.
Type 1A 90 Degree Ladder 90° Ladder
Traditional ladders make working close to walls nearly impossible. With the Little Giant, one adjustment allows you to safely work against any vertical surface.
Type 1A Extension Ladder Extension Ladder
For large projects the Little Giant easily converts to a stable extension ladder allowing you to reach rooftops, tree limbs and more with ease.
Type 1A Scaffolding Ladder Scaffolding
Since the Little Giant pulls apart to form two scaffold trestles, you just add the Little Giant work plank (sold separately) to form a convenient scaffolding system.

Little Giant Revolution Features:

Lite Wave Aluminum construction for 20% less weight than competing ladders. 300 Pounds Rated to hold up to 300 lbs.
MAG4 Hinge Redesigned Quad-Lock™ hinge for increased stability and convenience. Lifetime Warranty Includes a limited Lifetime Warranty
Rock Locks Convenient Rock Lock™ push button adjustment.OSHA/ANSI Compliant Complies with all applicable OSHA & ANSI A14.2 standards

Little Giant Revolution Comparisons:

  Model 17 † Model 22 ‡ Model 26 ‡
Weight capacity: 300-lbs. 300-lbs. 300-lbs.
Ladder weight: 31.5 lbs. 38.0 lbs. 47.0 lbs.
Min extension height: 9' 11' 13'
Max extension height: 15' 19' 23'
Min A-frame height: 4' 5' 6'
Max. A-frame height: 7' 9' 11'
Storage height: 4'7" 5'7" 6'7"
Max scaffolding height: 3' 3' 3'
Max workbench height: 3' 4' 5'
Width at base: 23" 26.50" 31"
Warranty: Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Price: $283.00 $334.00 $433.00
Shipping: Free * Free * Free *

* In contiguous US only

SKU's:  12017, 12022, 12026

† Made in the USA of foreign and domestic parts. ‡ Designed and engineered in the USA. Made in China.

Customer Reviews

  • Super cool ladder! Review by Greg Eaglin
    I love my Little Giant. I never thought that I would ever get excited about buying a ladder. I'm excited. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • Great Product Review by Wilson
    Works as advertised. We use it commercially, stows away easily in the back of a pickup truck yet extends safely (feels very safe and much more sturdy than a typical extension ladder) to high areas. Been surprised by how often we have used it on uneven surfaces and how well it works in those situations. Great Product!
  • paint insert Review by Tim
    I wish they would make a throw away insert for the paint bucket to use with either latex or oil base paint.
  • Worth the upgrade Review by Perfect
    I recently bought a new home and began to paint and hang litht fixures the day that I moved in. My dad assisted and brought his Type 1-Alta 1 22 footer. For a large two story home our life was much easier with his ladder including the large staircase. My only complaint was it was heavy and hard to manage alone. Not knowing there were newer models until I went to the website I decided to order the same ladder but the Revolution M22. Huge difference and worth the extra bucks. Much easier to manipulate on your own and I'm still surprised how much 4lbs makes. Great ladder. It's nice that there are still companies who make things that last
  • Great product Review by John
    I keep looking around for things to do which will let me use my ladder.
  • Extreme 22 Ladder Review by Tom Szaj
    Sweet ladder with the paint bucket and safety attachment up top. I love the orange rocker locks. It is a heavy ladder to use. Although it saved me this past week with tall areas.
  • GREAT Review by adjuster
    I purchase the new light weight tall ladder. Ladder is surprisingly lite weight and easy to use.
  • 1A Revolution Review by Ernie
    Third Little Giant Ladder I have purchase and they are all the best ladders for safety I ever had.
  • GREAT ,STURDY ,EASY TO USE Review by Randy Neufeldt
    I just had to get one after seeing it on t.v. and yes whaat they say it can do it does . Was surprised at how sturdy it really is even on uneven ground. The scaffolding set up save so much time when painting no more up and down took half the time to paint as before. Thanks just wish i would have bought one 2o years ago .
  • Wonderful ladder Review by Stockman
    I own five ladders and now this, the sixth. This is the best of them all and aside from a small step ladder I don't believe I need the other ladders. Just check that the ladder is locked when using it, as instructed in the safety video that accompanies the ladder. A wonderful ladder!
  • Wonderful Ladder! Review by Remo
    I pulled this out of the box and put it right to work! i have never used such a stable ladder. I am very pleased. it costs more than other ladders, but it is well worth it --feeling secure when i am pruning bushes, fixing my roof, and washing my windows. A great ladder!
  • GREAT ladder except for price. Review by JERRY
    Little Giant is a great Ladder, but there ought to be a mechanism for a price reduction on quantity orders!!!!!
  • Great value Review by Chef
    Heavy duty and versatile. Looks very small but performs in huge ways. Excellent construction and great customer service. Unfolds into a full size ladder, but fits into a small space. Took a chance and found a little gem in the ruff. I would recommend this to any one who owns a home and need many size ladders for different jobs. This little Giant does them all!
  • sturdiest yet Review by ABriteWay
    I've had about 8 LG ladders going back 20 years. I'm liking this new model as it has far less bend in the middle when fully extended. The bend in the other ladders gives a little concern to those not used to using this type of ladder. I'm giving a 4 star as I have to pay extra to get ladder feet that do not have wheels on them. Cleaning mud out of all the crevices on the wheel assembly area would be awful. Also the rubber feet have good/better traction than the others/older models but wear out quicker too. Glad I can buy replacement parts. The riveting on this model is also much beefier. I've had rivets shear off on many of my previous ones.
  • Wow! Review by roentgenslave
    I bought the 22 model Revolution ladder, and it has exceeded my expectations. It's a little heavy, but its' versatility and ease of use makes this a great investment.
  • Deserves a 5 star execpt for the gate-keeper that refused me speaking to a live person Review by Tony Cutaia Air Ideal
    I understand company policy but in some cases there should be a live person to answer simple problems. I had to take pictures and fill out a form to explain a very simple issue. Otherwise, we solved the issue on our own and the ladder is meeting our expectations. I would recommend the ladder for special type situations that cannot be solved with traditional style ladders.
  • Love it Review by Larry
    Fabulous for what I need around the home. Changing batteries in fire alarms, filters, etc with our high ceilings. Solid. Stable. Portable.
  • Good ladder. A bit heavy for a female. Review by KT
    Used the ladder right away to clean my gutters. Worked well. Felt very stable on varying surfaces. Is a little heavy for use over several hours when moving a lot is required. And will bite your fingers is you're not quick. But worked well. Chalked it up as a good workout.
  • Easy too use and very stable when standing on or near the top rungs. Review by Philip
    It is a little heavier than I expected however the stability is worth it. I am 64 and I don't want or need to fall.
  • Great Ladder Review by DD
    Haven't used it much yet. Wish the leveling attachment was available for the extreme. My house has elevation change from front to back. Would like to be able to extend a leg for stability.
  • One ladder does it all. Review by Scott
    I'm very happy with it.
  • Best ever! Review by coolkid
    this ladder is sooo awesome!!!
  • Awesome Review by Jeanie
    My husband loves it!
  • Execelent Review by rich300ee
    We purchased this ladder for an application where we had to work on a staircase. The ability to have each side of the ladder at a different height made this job safe and easy. It's also very convenient to have all the different sizes of ladders in one.
  • Light weight - high reach - stable - versitle Review by Glenn M
    Speedy and safe ladder...very light yet sturdy.. get the option kit as it will be used...
  • greatest product in the history of the world Review by john
    I just got my little giant ladder the other day it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to my business. I am a painter and this ladder saves me so much time and we all know the old saying time is money. Not only that but I can reach the highest and most awkward positions with ease. The ladder is so easy to maneuver and adjust. I have fallen of dozens of other ladders but I feel so safe and secure on the little giant. The paint tray is a breeze to clean I have been in the painting business for almost thirty years and I have never seen anything like it. I LOVE MY LITTLE GIANT LADDER
  • Great ladder Review by planeguider
    This ladder is very easy to use. The ladder feels very stable and secure. Changing the length and configurations are easy. A little heavier than other aluminum ladders of the same length, but definitely worth it!
  • Best ladder available! Review by Zipfish
    We have be using Little Giant in a commercial setting for over 30 years now. They constantly perform above any expectations. The Little Giants take more abuse and hold up to the tasks we put them to better than any other equipment we have. We are looking forward to the Revolution XE working just as well as previous models.
  • easy to set up.and move. Review by JAKE
    so far so good. haven"t used to much yet , but appears to be exactly what I needed and was advertised .. very well constructed. READ the instructions, so you do not pinch your fingers.
  • Paint stairwell Review by Bob
    Was able to paint stairwell, allowed me to safely do this project.
  • Great ladder, a little disappointed with accessory selection process. Review by Kevin
    The ladder I purchased, Revolution XE, has performed as advertised and expected. Thank you. My concern was with two accessories I purchased. They were not compatible with my ladder. When I called customer service they confirmed the accessories were not compatible. I inquired why the online ordering system would allow me to purchase a non- compatible accessory. I was told that's how the system was set up and I should return the non-compatible accessories. I believe this is and easily avoidable problem by alerting the customer when an accessory is not compatible with the ladder being ordered. Again great ladder.
  • Great Ladder, but heavy Review by Doug
    Love the ladder and features, but to get to the top of my two story home I bought the biggest model. It's heavy. I guess it needs to be since it is so big. It works great, though. I changed my order before it shipped and customer service was nice and helpful, but I still haven't seen my refund nearly six weeks later.
  • Excellent Product Review by JLT
    This ladder is very light and easy to use. This is my second purchased for home. I currently have purchased these ladders for a Power Plant Maintenance Department. They are well made and stable to work on. Currently I have the step ladder and now the 22 footer. I would differently recomend this product for anyone that works on ladders.
  • super safe and useful Review by smilingnut
    Second little Giant I've owned, they only get better!
  • Safe & Versatile Review by Sarge54
    I bought mine over two years ago and have completely remodeled my house inside and out. I felt safe and was able to use this one ladder for everything. Scaffolding with plank was used for ceilings and hedges. Trays and work steps saved time and my back. Very easy to change configurations and did jobs I use to have several ladders for. I thought it was pricey when I first bought it but it was worth every penny! Best investment in a tool I have made.
  • Difficult to Manipulate Review by Big Daddy
    I have tried to use the ladder in several configurations. I find it cumbersome and awkward (lots of pinched fingers and bruised hands). The difficulties range from actually sliding the components apart (which may get better with more use or spraying the components with WD40) and the clamping mechanisms closing prematurely causing the ladder to bind and not allow a smooth transformation from one configurations to another.

    I am impressed with the sturdiness and solid feel. As you can tell by my name, I'm pushing the weight limits of the product. I am looking forward to the weather breaking so that I can extend the ladder and do some higher up work.
  • Impressive! Review by Don
    I was very impressed by the stability of the ladder. When you go up or down the ladder, it doesn't shake or make noise. I'm a mechanical engineer and I appreciate that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the Little Giant. The manufacturing is also high quality. Great Job, guys...
  • Ladder Review by Jam
    It is the best ladder that I have
  • No One Compares Review by WeOwnThree
    We're now on our third Little Giant. A tornado took our first one -I'm sure someone, somewhere is enjoying it. These things are indestructible!!
    Our second one was another 17-foot model. We gave that to our son, so we could get the 26-foot model. LOVE IT!!
  • Excellent ladder Review by Brian
    I needed an extension ladder and a larger A-frame ladder than I currently had, but didn't want a garage full of ladders. This was the perfect solution. I'll never need another ladder. This made installing ceiling fans so much easier since its a two person ladder. We had over 500 pounds total on the ladder and it was as sturdy as could be. I highly recommend this!
  • Bad air deck bracket Review by amarilloman
    I love this ladder! I would give it a 5 star if not for one flaw. The air deck slides into 2 plastic brackets that use brads to secure them to the frame. Wing says these are good for only 15lbs of force. My first ladder broke within 2 months and my replacement ladder was shipped with a broken bracket. Solution for a fix would be an aluminum bracket. Even a welded steel tube would be a safer design.
  • All around great Review by Jeff
    It is definitely a 5 star ladder. I can't imagine anything beating it. Only slight annoyance is when the rock locks don't line up so perfectly. When only one locks, the other one is a pain in the ass.
  • Great ladder - but be careful when you order Review by Jake
    Great ladder - be careful when you order accessories - make sure they are compatible with the ladder you order.
  • Nothin' but the best Review by GWH Kansas City
    For Christmas my family purchased a 10' fiberglass ladder from a lumber warehouse to reach the high ceilings in our house or outside projects . Nice ladder mind you but having a smaller Little Giant I was inclined to 'stay in the family' as it were. Same methodology. same attachments, same operations. So I returned the gift (thanking all of the parties accordingly) and purchased a larger Little Giant for those needed lofty heights. Rock solid stance, interchangeable accessories, ease of operation and multi-adjustability were the selling points for me. Can't go wrong with a Little Giant.
  • Great ladder Review by DJ
    My husband is loving his ladder. It took a little getting used to, but now it's a breeze.
    I bought him the wheels but the ladder already has wheels. How do I go about returning them?
  • Fantastic Review by Danny u
    I purchases this one for my son, I have one already, I love the different jobs it can handle, I'm a large guy and I never felt so safe on a ladder before this one, it doesn't wobble at all. I would highly recommend this ladder to everyone
  • performed as promised Review by tony
    Arrived in a timely manner considering the weather conditions in Utah at the time. Happy with performance and simple instructions. Expect it will get a lot of use.
  • Nice but heavy Review by Mary
    I really like my ladder, however, it is much heavier and harder to put up and down, by myself, then I thought it would be.
  • Great Ladder! Review by Mike
    I ordered this ladder on the recomendation of a friend as the last ladder I would ever need. This is mostly correct. I have only owned it for 2 weeks but already have found several uses for it. I believe the ladder will serve me well for years to come.
  • A must buy. Review by Lost time
    This ladder is amazing! I've used this ladder several times since I purchased it and it works unbelievably well. My only regret is that I didn't buy this 15 years ago. I just sold my 24' extension ladder and soon my Werner 7'. The amount of space that I'm saving is awesome. Thank you LGL!
  • Great product! Review by Richbdm17
    Cancelled order and purchased the Xtreme instead.
  • Great Ladder Review by Dave Long Beach Ca
    Like the product, It is stable and strong and work just as promise. I will be using the ladder for years to come. I would recommend this ladder to anyone. My only compliant is that I wish is was made in the USA and not China. (I would have paid the little more money for a product that is made in the US and that supports the USA).
  • excited Review by Ken
    just got it for Christmas, looking forward to using it after seeing commercials
  • love it Review by robb
    giving it as a gift....know it will be appreciated...very awesome ladder!
  • Very Satisfied Customer Review by Leonard
    I purchased the ladder and we have used it to repaint our interior and it works great. The set up from floor to counter to reach the places above the cabinets were easy with the Little Giant. This ladder is the best.
  • Great ladder Review by Sparky
    Have not had opportunity to use as much as planned. However looking forward to the many uses it will provide in the future because of versatility.
  • Looks like a very well built ladder. Review by Jim
    Have not used yet, the ladder is a Christmas present for my father. The ladder looks sturdy and he can't wait to use it. Very disappointed in the Fed Ex delivery. Box was completely opened on one end, and the other end was left hanging out in the rain.
  • 17 foot ladder Review by Doug Schutter
    I bought a LG eight years ago when we bought a house with a 19 foot front room. I used it to paint the entire house as well as for cleaning the exterior siding. My only negative experience is when I attempted to cut a large branch off an oak tree. When the branch that weighed hundreds of pounds broke loose, it blew me and the ladder over and onto the ground. I was lucky not to get seriously hurt. Even thought the ladder took a major hit, it was not damaged. I learned not to cut trees from a ladder. I love the versatility of this tool and even this dutch boy found this purchase a great investment.
  • great ladder Review by Cheri
    The new pins on the ladder are a greqt improvement! We love everthing about the ladder.
  • LOVE IT!!! Review by BOB
  • Great Product Guys! Review by Jimi
    I don't see how i did without this this ladder.. Once you use it your hooked! Hooked meaning.. I find myself looking for jobs around the house to use it.. That never happen before.... Prove me wrong world!!
  • good sturdy ladder Review by soilsman
    used it to hang holiday lights. i felt safer than with other ladders i have.
  • Christmas purchase Review by Chris Ewing
    Bought my second and for christmas, my dad's first. He's going to love it. I've used Little Giants in the navy back in the early ninties and have loved them ever since. Now its easier than ever to buy and with all the handy attachments and deals this holiday season, how could you not buy one?
  • Great Review by Sunny
    We already have 1 and could not wait to have another one on hand.
  • Excellent Ladder Review by Ike
    This is truly the best ladder. It's so easy to use and has many positions and useful accessories.
  • Outstanding Review by Toby
    This is the sturdiest, safest and most flexible ladder I have ever used! I plan on buying another this spring.
  • Just in Time / Upgrade Review by Dave / Grand Forks, ND
    Last year I received the Alta-One Model 22 as a gift. I was super stoked to be getting a Little Giant Ladder but it showed up with one of the locks pushed in and the surrounding plastic damaged. I sent it back and waited for this years black friday deals. The wait was worth it and I upgraded to the Revolution XE Model 26 with free six foot work plank. All these items shipped quickly and just in time for putting up the Christmas lights. My kids are happy for the lights and I never once felt uneasy on this ladder. I was shocked by how much I could reach with a maxed out A-Frame and the Rock Locks are my favorite, hands down. These locks make adjusting the ladder a breeze and they're a huge improvement over the locks on the Alta-One. Looking forward to many years of putting smiles on my kid's faces.
  • 4 a strong America Review by JT
    Impressed. Pleased w/ price. Keep them strong & keepm comin lighter
  • Truly outstanding quality materiala and workmanship make this the best ladder I've ever owned!! Review by Luis
    I'm fairly handy and always working on one home project or another...My wife had been pestering me to take a serious look at the Type 1A Revolution XE version of the "Little Giant" ladders for quite some time. After having a close call on my old 22 foot standard Aluminum ladder, I finally decided it was time to break down and buy a new one. Well, as much as I hate to say it, I finally listened to my wife and purchased my Revolution XE 22 foot ladder. All I can say is WOW! I mean seriously, I have never been moved by a product to write about or review it for any company, until now. I have to say, that the quality and craftsmanship put into the building of this ladder is truly remarkable. I was used to my old Aluminum ladder being creaky and unstable. My new Revolution XE is so strong and stable in comparison and it it feels like it will be so for many years to come! The directions were very thorough and easily followed...After using it last weekend to climb up and power-wash my house in sections before putting up my Christmas lights, I can say it was worth every penny! Now, I have to convince my wife that I need all the accessories that they make for it, starting with the scaffolding platform! I am a true believer in this beautifully made ladder system and happy to give the company and it's inventor both, my admiration and respect for building a superior mousetrap!
    I will never buy a "normal" ladder again...
    Thank you!
    Luis Alonso
  • we love it Review by Mr Pete
    we got the ladder in the middle of painting our rooms. the best feature is that you can separate it into two A-frames and both of us can be painting at the same time. The ladder is lighter than I expected and easy to move around. Will be using the full length feature next to clean out some dead vines and fixing some windows on the outside wall. Have full confidence that it will work just as well.
  • Rock steady and well made Review by moysz28
    I have been using my brothers Little Giant for over 15 years . No other ladder do I feel safe on. Finally broke down and bought the Revolution XE 26. I have used it several times and it works flawlessly. Just as expected. If you can part with the money you will not regret it.
  • Very Satisfied Review by Rick
    I have a fear of heights and had long had problems on ladders. About eight years ago I bought the middle-sized Little Giant hoping that it would be more secure than the ladders I had used for reaching the 18-foot roof line of my house. I was very pleasantly surprised; fully extended the ladder was amazingly secure. I was far less nervous when cleaning gutters or getting on and off the roof. Inside, it was perfect for changing light fixtures on a cathedral ceiling.
    We recently moved into a new house with even higher ceilings and roofline. I just bought the biggest model and have been using it. It's not too heavy to carry, is very stable and I'm glad I bought it. I'm giving my old one to my son, who just bought his first house.
  • Great product Review by Fishingnut
    Have one already and this one is even better.
    Lighter and a breeze to set up. Highly recommended for the homeowner.
  • Excellent Review by FL Butch
    Delivers as advertised, very well made easy to change configuration. the only complaint I have is I wanted the new model and your website was not to user. Friendly and I ordered the wrong model. It's a little cheaper but lacks some of the features wanted. overall the best ladder I ever owned
  • Just what I wanted and advertised Review by thomasthemole
    The only problem was the dvd, it did not work well. The other guides for using the ladder were more then helpful.
  • excellent product Review by andrzej
    well I bought the biggest ladder that was offered, and I am happy with it. My only concern is that when I climb up to say 20ft, past the half way point, the ladder tends to flex in and out. I am definitely not exceeding the weight rating. It is a little unnerving to climb up that high and feel that the ladder is flexing, but the ladder did not give. It would be nice to have a grab handle on one side of the ladder and a way to lock both of the arms of the "A" when folded so that when carrying the ladder you are more comfortable. Also when the wings are attached to the last rung, the ladder will not fold in completely - just an observation
  • OK! Review by XE-22
    Have not yet had the need to use it. It is a Xmas present for my son.
  • Save money live better Review by Blazeman of NWArkansas
    Model revolution xe 26 is excellent. My first project was cleaning out my chimney. It (extension ladder) got me up on the roof. I pulled it up on the roof, (not too heavy).
    I folded it into (staircase mode) it reached my chimney just fine. The only draw back is, I don't want to leave it outside because it's so nice.
  • Great Product - Delivered On Time Review by Kirk S
    The XE 17 is a great ladder, the the price on this site was very competitive. I'm a large guy (around 275) and I was concerned about using the ladder extended, but the joint held great and I was able to work comfortably anywhere on the ladder. I would recommend this for anyone interested in a convertible ladder.
  • Best engineered ladder ever Review by Phil Cognetta Jr
    My dad bought a Little Giant ladder a several years ago and is highly satisfied. When it came to getting my own, I searched around but found the perfect one to meet all of my needs for both outdoor and indoor work. I purchased the Type 1A Revolution XE Model 26 and have been using this extensively around the house. The ease of use, stability and safety are incredible. The videos and safety materials are clear and easy to understand so you can immediately start using this ladder with confidence.
  • hanging curtains Review by Dennis
    Don't know how I've lived all these years without one. I just hung curtains on a high stairway landing, using the 90 degree angle and felt safe and sturdy at all times.
  • Outstanding Review by Bill
    I bought this ladder to paint the stair well at my daughter's townhouse. It was absolutely perfect for the job. I also purchased the leg leveler. This ladder will easily replace three of the old fashioned style that I have in may garage. This is one of tools that I should have bought many years ago. I highly recommend this product.
  • Great Ladder Review by Jeremy G
    I recently bought another ladder to replace one we had from 1992 that had a bent leg. I love the new features on this ladder and it is lighter than the old one too! I plan to order another to keep in our shop.
  • Almost perfect but could be operator error. Review by Fred West
    I bought the 1A Revolution XE Model26 and it is a truly great ladder except that I cannot get it into the 90 degree position against the wall. Everything else works like a charm and I have never felt safer on any ladder. I wish that I had this ladder years ago.
  • 1A Revolution XE Review by Raswant
    The 1A Revolution XE is very sturdy ladder At different heights. But the Rock lock assembly does not align with the holes. At age 68 it is too much to struggle to align to the holes all the times to lock. I wish I could get a replacement fully tested that works.

    Rest is the BEST in the ladder.

    Thank you,

    Prithvi Raswant
  • Excellent Ladder-Heavy Review by none
    I thought it was coming with the shelf but it did not. If I had known it didn't come with it, I would have ordered it. However, now I will make due. Was very happy with the ladder. It is very well made. My only complaint is that it is heavy.
  • Best ladder I have ever owned. Review by Russell
    I have used a Little Giant for years at work, I finally got smart and bought one for my self at home. Best decision I had made. Great Ladder.
  • Finally bought my own Review by Russ
    For years I have been using a Little giant at work. Now I have my own. It's great and I love the versatility.
  • Good Ladder Review by Nathan Taylor
    I got the Model 26 ladder because I have 20' gutters on my house as well as a really high ceiling fan and chandelier inside. I needed to be able to get up high in both step ladder and extension ladder modes. This one ladder does all that. My only issue with it is that it is really heavy, especially when extended all the way up to 23' and held vertically. I was really worried the ladder was going to tip over as I was trying to extend it and maneuver it while extended. Perhaps it's a two person job? Apart from that, the ladder does everything I need it to do.
  • 26 foot ladder Review by Jan
    I bought this 26-foot ladder primarily to reach my rooftop. I have a 2 story house and this ladder was able to extend up to the roof securely. But getting this ladder extended all the way is difficult and heavy. Two person need to work on this ladder to raise it up straight. I have to use a rope so the other person can pull it up while I raised the ladder from the other side. I was amazed in the video how people are able to extend the ladder relatively easy and smoothly while I have to summon all my strength and curse at myself to get this thing extended. But then I realized they are using only the 17-foot ladder for the demo.
  • Absolutely Love the Ladder Review by Sarah Becker
    I've been doing construction work on the side for many years working with typical Hardware Store ladders. This past month I was building a deck and had my Fiberglass 6' A-Frame ladder twist and send me to the ground. So I finally decided to break down and buy a Little Giant Ladder. I've seen them at home shows for years but was afraid of the price. Well let me tell you, forget about the price tag this is by far the best ladder system I've ever used. It is stable easy to move around the job site and with it's many features I just gave away my other ladders. I should have bought this ladder years ago and been safer at my job sites. If you own another ladder I would still recommend you buy one of these ladders you will never look back and ask yourself why did I buy this! My son who helps me now just loves the ladder we even fight over it who will get to use it when needed. I guess I will have to buy a second Little Giant one for each of us!
  • Great for Business Review by Great Ladder
    I bought the Little Giant Xtreme - Model 22 , but the wheel has come off. I am hoping to get this fixed FREE of charge since this is a Lifetime Warranty product.

    Other than that, I am satisfied with my purchase and this ladder has been a blessing to me and my business! If I can get the wheel replaces asap, without any problem...I am definitely buying another ladder but this time I'm gonna get Model 26.
  • Rev Xe model 26 Review by Nate
    Ladder is pretty good. Needed a long one to reach that 2nd story. Disappointed it only does straight and A frame configurations. Others (the Feather lite brand) do five positions, including wider A frame and an "L" shape, even better than A frame for stairs. So Little Giant is more limiting, but it is decent construction. Not sure about all these other reviews though, they sound like some of them are made up advertisements, who talks like that?
  • Excellent Product !! Review by Juan Tsao
    There is only one Little Giant Ladder which truly standing above the all.. I love this ladder for the best quality and design. I will strongly recommend this great product to anyone.
  • Perfect Ladder for around the town-home / condo Review by J Barney
    I live in a 3-story town-home / condo with high ceilings and lots of stairs. I started pricing out two ladders (extension and step) only to realize that even with both - I still wouldn't be able to change light bulbs above my stairs. I needed something more versatile, so I ordered the 1A Revolution Model 26. It's not the easiest ladder to drag up and down the stairs (a bit heavy), but I'm more than happy to make that tradeoff in exchange for the added flexibility. I expect this will be the only ladder I need to own.
  • Outstanding and sturdy Review by Gutter368
    The ladder is extremely stable and strong. It is perfect for cleaning gutters
  • Great Ladder Review by Little Town AL
    As a do it yourself female, I am always looking for the items that are female friendly and this ladder is a dream come true. I can move it easily and I feel safe and secure on it. I added it to my collection of pink tools and mini chain saw.
  • Best ladder yet! Review by Ray
    Very stable and very easy to erect. A great ladder!
  • Love My Little Giant Review by Mark
    Great product. Performs as advertised. I have the 22' and it is as solid as a rock. We have a lot of gravel surfaces in a mountainous are so I bought the leveler which greatly enhances the usefulness of the ladder. I like the ladder too much - causes me to carefully clean it after messy jobs.
  • Good work ladder Review by ferny
    I own three little giant ladders on my business and the olders once is 10 years old and still works very good like new
  • Love that ladder! Review by Curly The Giant Chicken
    I have wanted a little giant ladder since I started seriously looking at house in 2008 and I finally bought one. I had only a shaky old wooden step ladder before. My gutters clogged up a month or two ago and my basement had a small flooding that I'm glad I caught early or it could have been bad. I couldn't have been more nervous while on that old ladder trying to clean gutters in the middle of the night while it was raining heavily on me. Now I feel confident that I can keep my gutters clean and have a ladder I can start doing more of my tree trimming with rather than wait till it is convenient for someone to lend me their ladder. I do love my new ladder! Thanks Little Giant!
  • Good Product and support service. Review by do
    A little expensive, but I think it really is a good product. I expected that it would be a little flimsy, but it is more stable then my other step ladders. The 22 foot length is just the right height for cleaning the gutters on a 2 story house. One thing that really surprised me was a needed a copy of my invoice and I received a phone call from a real person !
  • Worth it Review by SteveS
    So far I've only used it in stepladder mode to hang some ceiling fans on 14 foot ceilings. The lighter weight made it easy to lug up and down stairs. The wide base made me feel comfortable working that high and I weigh 265 lbs. I also have a much smaller "world's greatest ladder" from cosco that weighs only a little less but only goes half as high. Definitely recommend the Little Giant.
  • great ladder Review by RonZ
    We were able to easily clean my daughter's ceiling fan that is 13 feet off the floor and then decided to clean the high windows. Son-in-law said he had never been on such a stable ladder.
  • little unhappy Review by Doug
    i like the ladder, but i guess i didn't read the fine print. i bought a 1A extreme thinking i was going to get the work platform with it. but i guess it's a different type 1A ladder. as for the ladder i am very happy with. Doug
  • Great product but a little tough to use Review by Matthew
    The XE 22 is a good little ladder, but is a little cumbersome to carry up interior staircases in homes and is a little tough to fully extend to it's full extension ladder height for a single person standing on a deck.
  • Rock solid stability Review by Rob Donovan
    I made the plunge specifically for a large job I had coming up, and it's everything I hoped for in buying the ladder. While up top I felt quite secure in reaching out in a way I never felt on my other A frame of extension ladders. The engineering far surpasses the feel the knock offs offer.

    This was a great investment in my stress reduction as being up high on a ladder for hours on end the feeling of security makes the $$$ of the ladder easy to handle.
  • My gutters are finally clean! Review by Victor Hoff
    My gutters are finally clean!!
  • US Airforce uses them in their C-130's Review by James
    That is why I got one too.
  • Great Ladder Review by CossMan
    I love it!!! Its strong & durable. Speechless really. Its a great ladder
  • Excellent Experience Review by Diane
    Prompt response to order - same day shipping. Emails detailing shipping arrival, knowledgeable customer service when I had a question before placing my order, and just a great experience - my second purchase this year.
  • awesome ladder Review by marsha church
    There is nothing you cannot due with this ladder, My other ladders made me feel unsafe when standing on them. The little giant makes me feel safe and secure no matter how high i have to go, My friends are already asking to burrow it. I think everyone should have one. Once uve tried it u wont want to use any other ladder again.
  • Best there is Review by Dave
    Just recently purchased my second little giant ladder and the plank. Don't know why I waited so long. Light weight and solid. I feel very safe using this system.
  • Excellent produce Review by Charles
    Borrowed older model from friend after using it I decided I had to get my own
  • Truly Excellent Review by Bigdog
    I had a serious fall from a ladder. This is the only ladder I can say I feel stabile on. I purchased the platform, leg extender and the stabile bars.

    It is worth every penny and is versatile from small to large jobs.
  • Versatility. Review by Warren
    This ladder fits most of our needs working around aircraft. It is adjustable to get you closer to where you have to work and to most of the heights we have to get to in our shop. It is a very stable platform which make the mechanics feel more secure working on it. For a 26' ladder it is quite light and maneuverable which is a good thing when you have to move it around expensive aircraft.
    Excellent choice!
  • Useful right out of the box Review by pablou
    We received our Little Giant on Saturday morning and after viewing the training video put it to work immediately doing things out old step and extension ladders could not do. The last ladder we will ever need to buy!!!
  • Great ladder - safe and solid but a lot heavier than I anticipated (I'm probably out of shape). Review by OldSurfer
    The ladder was delivered early but the additional parts took a little longer than expected. The ladder is safe, reliable, sturdy and MADE IN AMERICA - one of the reasons I decided to spend the extra money on the Little Giant. I was disappointment to see that the attachments were made in China. Getting back to the ladder though, I am thoroughly impressed with the mechanics/operation. The various locking mechanisms needed some lubrication when it arrived but the operate just as described in the accompanying CD. I like the instructional CD but wish a printed manual came with the ladder as I don't always have a computer with a CD drive handy to refer to instructions. I have already recommended the ladder to others. Nice job and thanks for keeping jobs here at home (for the most part).
  • useful for pruning palm trees Review by ladder user
    We have two tall palm trees. The ladder was very useful to us in pruning the fronds and seed pods which needed to be removed. We are looking forward to its continued use and are planning on getting rid of the other flimsy ladders that we have.
  • Great Ladder Review by Ryan
    I bought this ladder because I needed a multi-position ladder to access the area above the stairs. The Revolution XE weighed about 15 lbs. less than other brands making it more manageable for a singe person. For me, the Revolution XE has been worth the extra $100. I was able move the ladder up/down stairs and around the house without too much difficulty.

    My biggest complaint is the extension ladder is difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. With a typical extension ladder, you are working with an approximately half height ladder. Once it is positioned you pull the rope and it extends to the height you need. Due to the design of the Revolution XE, and I assume all multi-position ladders, you need to extend the top section before you raise and position the ladder. In this case you are maneuvering a approximately 2/3 height ladder. Although we are only talking about 5 feet, I have found it very noticeable. I wish I could comment on the stability at full height, but I have not tried this yet.

    All in all, the Revolution XE has been a great ladder and I'm happy with my purchase.
  • Great Ladder! Review by Steve
    Performs as advertised. Easy set up in all configurations. Lightweight yet very, very stable. The wheels are a great feature, lugging around this ladder is as easy as it gets. For years I used an old wooden step ladder that was ready to collapse and now I feel almost inspired to attack more projects. I've had friends tell me this is the best ladder you'll ever buy and so far I would agree. The price is a little steep but as they say you get what you pay for and this ladder is worth especially if you consider it a lifelong purchase.
  • Great Ladder Review by Donnie
    We have used these ladders for a long time. They used to come with magnetic push sides and now they dont which is okay. the last magnets broke on the older ladders. The weight difference is well worth the money if your going to be carrying the ladders all the time.
  • Not the same product pictured on the web site Review by Frank
    When i received my Little Giant I noticed that it has been re-labeled (the product stickers on the ladder had been overlaid with new stickers). Also, the ladder did not have the orange rubber looking handles, just aluminum. Not sure if this is an older version of the ladder that was just re-labeled or not. Since I paid full price I was expecting to receive the same model that was pictured on the web page.
    The ladder itself seems to work as promised, I'm just disappointed in the misrepresentation.
  • Study, stable and quality built Review by Jim
    I have only had the ladder for a few weeks and have tried to minimize the amount of work, as we have had great golfing weather. I have tried it out on a few projects and am very impressed with the quality of the ladder. It is a bit heavier that my former ladder, but the stability and steadiness that it brings makes it worh a few extra pounds.
  • Excellent -- highly functional and gave me independence needed Review by proud home owner in CT
    now that i've used this multi-function ladder, I'm relieved I got it. The leg levelers, overall ease of use and safe function are all highlights. (used for the first time trimming my hedge row, which is about 18 feet tall from a sloping sidewalk on one side, and reached from lawn bank on the other side.
  • Best ladder I have ever used Review by ladder addicted
    I now have three of the little giant ladders(17,22 & now the 26 ft)I couldnt justify adding all the options at this time but you have to have something to buy at the next fair....What you have to understand is that you can use both sides of the ladder.This means you climb up one side,reach as far as you can and then cross over to the other side and reach out again,as far as you can.This means that you move the ladder fewer times.You can put two fat guys on it at the same time....It doesent wobble and has a good footprint .I will get the paint pan and a new standaway and maybe an extra "foot" for that gopher hole...in case my old stuff isnt compatible.I have the scaffolding but I do like the new locking planking so that is something else to think about.I will also get the little one for the girls.I am not a contractor or anything,I just love a good product and this certainly qualifies,This is GOOD STUFF,people!AND, IT"S AMERICAN MADE!!!!!!!I I really do'nt need 3 ladders,but if you dont have TWO you will not have yours when your neighbors dont bring it back in time for your next project.And yeah,that has happened to me on more than one occasion......Thanks,Guys....Dwight Dodd
  • Impressed Review by Curtlt
    Used my model 22 twice and was very happy with the ease to transport, carry (light weight) and to set up.I only wish I purchased a tool holding kit which I now did order.
  • Compact, has served my needs. Review by Kris
    I own a small house and occasionally need to get up to clean gutters, or perhaps a short ladder for interior painting. This ladder serves both purposes and stores in the same or less space than other ladders.
  • Revolution Type 1A XE-26 Review by Darin
    I recently purchased a Revolution XE 26. It is a great product, which I use nearly every day. The ease of use and great design make for a hassle free work day! The rock locks are especially nice compared to conventional locking mechanisms when you are setting the height. Finally, you can't beat made in the USA and Lifetime Warranty!
  • Model 22XE Best Yet Review by Charles
    I have used Little Giant Ladders for close to 15 years. I just retired my old Model 26. It was simply getting to heavy for day to day use. The 22XE is so much lighter and easier to operate! Great job on the redesign. The ladder exceeded my expectations.
  • Incredible, Easy-To-Use Ladder Review by David
    My wife and I recently purchased a condo with 16-foot ceilings. Storage space is tight; so, we were looking for ladders that can extend up to our ceilings as well as collapse to fit inside a closet. We previously owned a Werner - which served us well for our previous residences. However, we found the Werner to be heavier and more awkward to maneuver. The Type 1A Revolution XE not only stores well, but this ladder is so light (in comparison to the Werner) and is so easy to configure in various settings (step ladder, extension, etc.). I highly recommend this ladder for anyone who has to navigate around tall ceilings.
  • Great ladder ... Just some small suggestions. Review by The Foss
    I've only had the new Little Giant (Xtreme) for a few weeks and I've only used it two days so my comments should be taken with that perspective. I originally borrowed an older version of the type 1A (22) from a neighbor. Even though it was too heavy for me I was so impressed with it's stability that I had to get one. So I purchased the Xtreme which is lighter (but not much). I'm currently using it to paint a deck stair handrail and I probably don't know all the tricks yet. For example, the leg leveler has given me trouble by not remaining parallel to the ladder leg. Also the handrail on the work deck is not as tight as the rest of the ladder. This could cause an inadvertent twitch to spill a paint container that doesn't fit into the work deck. I have also had some trouble getting the connection pieces to fit easily into (and out of) the top of the ladder to form the trellis when using the plank. None of these problems is a deal killer and I give the ladder a five star rating.
  • good heavy ladder Review by sawdust
    very good well built only problem is do not let anyone use this ladder until you train them or they watch the video as my son tried folding from extended pos.it came down fast &hard on his head improper retraction can break your fingers I am not complaining but everyone should have instruction before use this is not a conventional ladder everyone is accustomed to so be careful this modl is also heavy twice the weight of convential ladder of the same length did all the jobs required for new construction very well saved time leg leveler &work platform ,stand off func. very well overall very good prod. thank you
  • Homerun Review by Dave
    The ladder war everything that I thought it would be. Worked with them at the fire station and can't believe anyone can buy the same ladder. Should have waited this long to buy one.
  • Worth the money Review by Rich Wayne
    It worked just like the infomercial, and I have no complaints. I over bought by thinking I needed the 26 footer, so I wish I'd purchased the 22, just for the weight difference. That has nothing to do with you, though. Thanks for a great product!
  • Best ladder ever used Review by Farmer
    This ladder has exceeded my expectations. I expected a lot because the price, but was blown away on how easy it is to use. I actually consider it a bargain after using it. I had to show it off around the farm to other guys, and we are now going to order a few more, and throw all the other step and extension ladders to the side. I carry it in my truck bed, and use it almost daily. It takes up far less room than any step or extension ladder, and reaches higher heights! I am happy i accidentally caught the informercial on TV one night.
  • Outstanding Product Review by Versal
    No hype, this product works as good as you say it does.
  • Good Stuff Review by Window Washer
    Very high quality product, and great customer service.
  • Nice ladder , but damage on the shipping Review by JHP
    Nice ladder , but damage on the shipping
  • Excellent ladder Review by Gary K
    Got the ladder for the stair ability and a cathedral ceiling paint job. That was how I justified the ladder price. I bought the model 22. If you have 8 foot ceilings and a ranch home the model 17 will be fine.
  • Great Product Review by SWE
    I like the sturdiness and lightness of the ladder. I have extended it to its max and it I like the stableness.
  • Impressive Review by DC
    Great ladder, can expand high enough to get on a row house in DC, and still be small enough to store in the basement closet.
  • Excellent product. The ordering process sucks Review by phil
    everything they say about the ladder is true. it's great. however, when the order didn't come, and didn't come, i called customer service and. oh yeah, "it's being shipped this week." i wonder which week it would have been shipped if i had not called. it would be better if customer service would just say that someone in the company screwed up.
  • Little giant is a great ladder if its you're only option Review by Pro HVAC Tech
    Yes it is a great ladder, but fully extended it wont even come close to a real extension. Given an option, I would choose regular ladders over this product any day of the week. With that being said, if its my only choice of ladders its a good pick.
  • revolution XE Unbelieveable Review by Mart
    I see your ads on TV & always wanted One I'm So glade I did. I have painting, siding, & scraping. I put the ladder to the test over stairs, bushes you name this lader can do it. I even went out & purchased the scaffoling system, & Platform The ladder is unbelievable.
  • Ladder works as advertised; worth it! Review by Nancy
    I bought this ladder so that my husband and I could paint a basement stairwell. The ladder arrived in perfect condition although the DVD that came in the box had a gouge on the playing surface preventing us from viewing what was on it. After viewing the videos available on the website, we were able to set up the ladder in the multiple configurations. It would be nice to have a working DVD though.

    The ladder did the job and we are very happy with the product. As a petite woman I found the ladder heavy but not impossible to manage without help. The wheels are a great feature.
  • Great ladder Review by F
    Great ladder would appreciate same ladder in fiberglass to reduce weight.
  • Good product, but very heavy Review by sireric
    It's more difficult to manipulate than I expected, especially with the ladder in extended form. I've used extended ladders that are significantly lighter and easier to deal with.
  • Excellent ladder. Review by Home Solutions by Dave
    I have a Home improvement business. This is a lifesafer. One ladder does it all. I can't see doing business without it.
    David Taylor
  • Good tool, get to know how it works Review by Old Crank
    I have always wanted one and shared the cost of my Father's Day present in order to get it. It was a good choice. In the first weekend of use I had it out constantly in various configuration and loved it. I do wish I had spent some time watching the video. I wouldn't have been as surprised about how quickly it dropped after unlocking.
  • Best ladder I've ever owned Review by Pat Campbell
    Safe...very safe & that's the reason I like it. I have the 26' Revolution XE; a little heavy, but it's a 26' ladder...of course it's a little heavy. The CD that came with it was defective so I had a little difficulty figuring out some of the configurations, but I think I have it worked out. Sent an email about it...no response. Overall, don't wait..buy it!!
  • great ladder Review by schloc79
    just bought one this spring. I farm for a living, used it on wheat harvest- was able to bring a 22 foot ladder that reached more, was steadier with one or two people working on it, and was easy to use. It is a little heavy and the width could be alittle bigger, but overall I love the ladder and will buy another. I also used it on a windmill. Had a 22ft extended all the way. I'm a big guy (280lbs.) and it held me safley.
  • Best ladder ever! Review by Peggy
    We own a house that is around 100 years old and always in need of repair. A year ago I fell off a ladder that fell as I was getting on the roof. Last spring the house received significant hail damage and I wanted a new ladder to replace the unstable extension ladder. We purchased the Little Giant ladder and plank. We are currently on our second weekend of using this ladder. I love how stable it is. We have used it in every configuration and it works great. I am seriously considering a smaller one to use indoors. This truly is the best ladder ever.
  • Always go to ladder of choice Review by Bill
    Best ladder I have ever owned. Light, but sturdy. Easy set up/take down. Can be used for any situation imagined. Great product,
  • It doesn't get any better than this. Review by Hoverrat
    I just bought this model 22 on line, it was delivered on time and in great condition, it is the best and most stable ladder for use on any project that you might have. Clearly I'm very satisfied customer and would recommend this ladder to everyone.
  • Well Worth the Money Review by Ken
    I bought a 1A Revolution a few years ago and bought one for my Dad this spring. Unbelievably the new ones are even better built than the older ones. Little Giant is not cutting corners. Pieces that were plastic are now metal and the wheels are a definite help for someone who is getting older. The only thing I sort of miss is the magnets on the pivot lock. It was a nice place for those things you didn’t want to hang on to.
  • I love my little giant!!!!! Review by Andy
    I love my little giant!!!!
  • Quality, convienence & storage Review by Bulldog1
    Received it a couple of weeks ago and have not used it on a project yet, but stores nicely in the garage. Does not take alot of room compared to an extension of the same length. Functioned some of the applications and was very easy to adjust. I'm a big man (300#) and it appeares to be sturdy and stabile.
  • Best Ladder Review by Mike
    I have a knock off of your ladder, its made by cosco, no way is this ladder as good as your nor does it function as well.
    I never really felt safe on it, it weighs twice as much and work half a good. I am so glad I bought it.
  • Very satisfied Review by WindowJon
    I've owned a Little Giant ladder for 8 years and use it almost every day in my window cleaning business. I sometimes do as many as 40 to 50 climbs a day and have been wondering about the Type 1A Revolution XE22 for some time now. I finally bought one with a leg leveler. The slightly wider tred width, revolutionary locking systems, wheels and easy set up leveler have all been extra bonus's for me. I've known for a long time that once you get the hang of a Little Giant, there are no equals. From someone who really uses a ladder daily and knock on wood have never had an accident, I attribute much of that to the stability the Little Giant provides. Little Giant is more than worth the extra money you may spend on it.
  • Like Ladder except for rock locks Review by LeeA
    This is my 2nd little giant ladder I like it except for the Rock Locks it seems you have to move ladder around a lot to get them to go it to holes my older one you can see the holes the rock locks you can not see where the hole is
  • Awesome Ladder Review by Nick Kozak
    This is the best ladder on the market. Don't understand whay I didn't get one sooner. I would recommend this ladder to anyone.

  • Excellent value Review by Victor
    Quality Craftsmanship and ease of use. Over the years I've learned you get what you pay for. Cheap item = cheap quality but this ladder is money well spent and is going to last a long time.
  • Awesome ladder Review by John Mac
    This ladder is so versatile. I have very uneven ground around my house that a conventional ladder would not work safely for me. When I saw the Little Giant work it definetly was the ladder for me. Now I can clean my gutters safely and have a solid ladder that doesnt wobble like the conventional extention ladder I had previously. Great Ladder! Well worth the money.
  • Dang good latter Review by BIG AL
    Best frist latter i bought
  • Much Better Review by John Buggsy
    I had a 1A classic (17 footer) but it still was kind of heavy. It worked ok but I didnt care for the side locks. I sold that one and bought the Revolution XE (17 footer). They made alot of changes to the new model. Love the new rock locks, and the unbit is somewhat lighter. Great ladder.
  • Great Product Review by Eisenhower Fellowships
    The ladder does everything it claim it is capable of. Great product
  • Fantastic Review by LisaGG
    I needed a ladder that I would be able to use to paint the stairway, hang outdoor lights, paint a room and hang curtains in the same room that has a 22-foot ceiling, AND I had to be able to move it around by myself. I also have limited storage space, so a regular extension ladder was out of the question. I went to a large chain hardware store and found another brand version of the Little Giant, but it weighed over 70 pounds! I couldn't even lift it to get it into the trolley cart! I was told by employee that even the Little Giant of comparable size would weigh the same. SO, I went home and checked out Little Giant. Not only does it weigh much less, it did even more. I bought it!

    After watching the instructional I tried all the ladder positions that the video showed. It was incredibly easy to manipulate the ladder and the foolproof locking mechanisms made me feel safe to climb. An added plus is that I can store it in a closet. I did buy one of the bigger ones and it weighs just under 50 lbs which is my limit to lift, so taking it to the second floor was a challenge, but worth it.

    My only regret is that I had not replaced my ladder sooner with a Little Giant.
  • Works as advertised. Review by Geroge
    Works as advertised. Shipped promptly. No problems.
  • Easy to move and use Review by llcoollutz
    Very quick set up for use as a step ladder or as a full extension ladder. Even my daughters are willing to use this ladder and they are usually afraid of heights. I especially like the optional Leg Leveler I bought which makes this ladder feel safer than any other I have ever used. Also used the optional Cargo Hold today which was very handy! I like HANDY and QUICK and SAFE. Am a 65 year old female who does all her own homeowner repairs and upgrades. This equipment is an investment in my ability to continue to do all my own work around the house. If I pass away or just get too old, my daughters will be safe and comfortable using it too!
  • Well worth the investment Review by Jo
    We used it two days after receiving and was surprised with ease of use. Have 12' columns in front of house to be painted and despite height found that I still felt stable and safe, despite having to use it on unlevel ground. We love it.
  • Great ladder Review by sam
    The ladder is the best ladder that I have ever owned so i brought one for a house warming gift also.
  • Not bad..has chance to be better Review by Tom
    The spring loaded tray will pinch your finger if you do not fold the ladder exactly a certain way. The plastic clips on either side do not engage when extending or retracting the ladder.....it is difficult to determine when the holes are aligned for the clips to engage.
    All else in good.
  • Every Positive Thing The Reviews Say Now Confirmed Review by Duali
    So much safer than an 8' or 12' (I own both) step ladder. Fabulous around shrubs close to the house when working on gutters, shutters etc. The wheels work great for towing around the driveway. Buy 2 $1.98 "J" hooks at Lowes or Home Depot and hang it about 4" off the ground on your garage wall.
  • GREAT Review by donna
    i BOUGHT ONE LAST YEAR ON QVC for my husband and I love it . So when it came time to buy a ladder at work It had to be a Little Giant. Ok I also bought a small step ladder a few years ago at work but I had forgotten it was a Little Giant. In fact once I placed my order for a ladder one of my employees said" I hope it is as good as the little step ladder you bought a few years ago. We love our Little Giants.
  • Praise Review by Sign Guy
    Being s big guy my boss bought me a ittle Giant ladder in 94 and it is still in use today.. Sturdy, Lightweight, easy to use
  • Great ladder Review by Chimney Check
    This is my 2nd Little Giant. The first one has survived 12 years of daily use ( often times abusive) and 2 car accidents, very abusive.

    Glad to retire the old one to simpler and less risky home use.

    John the Chimney Check guy
  • Great product Review by KEVIN TONER
    The ladder works as described. It is the most solid ladder I have ever owned. They were out of the handle to hold onto when at the upper rungs of the ladder or I would have ordered that at the discount offered when ordering a new ladder. Other than that I am very pleased with this ladder.
  • Great Ladder Review by Doug
    Used it for the first time yesterday. The wheels and lighter weight are a real help. Thank you for another great product.
  • Awesome Review by Life saver
    I enjoy yard work.
    Before I bought this little giant I would use a standard ladder to trim trees.
    The last time I attempted that, the ladder, tree trimmer and I came tumbling down onto my driveway. Not a good day.
    My new Little Giant is the best I have ever bought. Great design,very sturdy, no worries.
    Thank you.
  • Wish had purchased one years ago Review by Juju
    Very happy with our purchase. We used it first to to clean ceiling fans on 10' ceilings. Today used it to clean gutters. Works great! Birthday present for husband who had always wanted one. Purchased online but if had seen the infomercial first, might have ordered the one with the paint holder and removable top section.
  • little giant Review by Sue
    I have two little giants the silver one and a black and orange one and let me tell you they are both heavy and then I heard about this new one going to try it out.... Keep these ladders coming they are wonderful
  • Ladder works well, customer service leaves much to be desired Review by Cheese
    This ladder does everything as advertised. Mine came with a broken wheel assembly. It took 3 e-mails, 5 pictures and 13 days to get it resolved. I don't know what paint they use on the commercial, but I'm still scraping mine off the walls of the fuel tank.
  • worth the cost Review by jimmy
    I have owned my ladder for a long time and the thing is I wish I would of had one even longer ago it has been a great work tool.
  • Excellent Ladder Review by Gary
    A very solid, stable ladder -- I'm very satisfied witth it!
  • cost Review by Sherri
    love my ladder but sorry ypu didn 't mention outlet and could have saved and purchased other accessories.
  • Owned one for 25 years it's the BEST Review by Captkidd39
    Got one years ago becasue I needed a ladder and I liked the fact it could be an A frame and extension ladder. I knew it was a quality ladder becasue of the way it was built. I had no idea however how truly GREAT this ladder was. Stairs, scaffolding, extension ladder use, A frame use is all quick and easy. My daughter bought a house a few years ago and tried to take it to work on her house. I drove the 225 miles to get it back, I later bought her one. This ladder is the greatest get one, you will never regret it.
  • Easy ordering, fast delivery Review by Eric
    I've owned many of the 17' LG ladders. I like this new Type 1A Revolution XE as it's lighter but rated for more weight. My favorite still though is my oldest one with yellow tabs as it's even lighter than the new ones.

    It came with wheels which I'd never use and would be a pain to clean as my ladders go from outdoor mud to indoor white carpets. I was able to order two new feet to replace the wheeled ones easily thru customer service. Might be nice to have the option to buy without.
  • Mike Review by metexas
    Outstanding product.
  • very good stability Review by fat man
    great product, good price. Does exactly what it claims
  • Very Good Review by Paruf
    Very good ladder, the best in market. More over made in U,S.A.
  • Good ladder.... Review by Jim Warning
    Seems like a good ladder. Very strong and sturdy. Only thing I didn't like, is on
    TV it showed a bracket to hold the tools on ladder. I ordered it, but cannot use It.
    I order the new one for the ladder I bought.But am stuck with old one.
  • Awesome Ladder, Better Customer Service Review by Oosty
    I am a homeowner, called 4-5 times just trying to decide what model to get with what accessories. Each time the customer service was as pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful as the one before. The last phone call was to confirm what I received and to verify a few things on the bill, and Paul was just another example of the great customer service. I will buy again from them based on this alone... To keep it short and sweet on the ladder (LIttle Giant Extreme w/ 3 pack accessory Wing Span, Leg Leveler, Work Platform), very solid construction, easy to use and set-up, all in all makes for a enjoyable SAFE experience so far. Big plus is included literature and DVD on how to use, instead of the new trend of including a link on where to go download them yourself. The DVD is also how I found out that you can pull out the inside ladder pieces to make another A-Frame to use for scaffolding, just an added plus above what i already was expecting of the ladder. Definately referring to friends.
  • Good Product Review by Ares
    I needed a ladder for my two story house. I selected this new model over different brands primarly for it's light weight (28 lbs). The second reason was the way the legs flare out for a stable base over a straight ladder. The fellow demonstrating the ladder in the video makes it look a little easier to handle than it really is.
  • my first little giant ladder,and i love it. Review by bookaboom
    best ladder ever period.
  • Little Giant Revelution XE 22 Review by lazy bones
    Great ladder, its pretty heavy but extremly stable and solid. Love it and since its a once in a lifetime investment, think I made a right choice and did not settle down for others in the market, as they seams to be shakky. Happily changed a fused bulb the other day and was very comfortable to reaching heights. Will difinitly recomend this product to eveyone.
  • will purchase this week Review by johnny g.
    So far have only heard good things about this product..Need yo decide on smaller or larger size.
  • Model 17 Review by Colfax
    Great ladder, we have over 30 in our company and they are fantastic. You can lay them side ways across the back wall of a full size van, They never break, and the small footprint, reduces bangs and scrapes in customers homes.

    Alan Givens
    Parrish Services, Inc.
    Manassas, VA
  • WE LOVE IT Review by D. in Indiana
    We've used it numerous times in just the few short weeks we've had it!!! It is TRULY the best ladder EVER!!
  • Best piece of equipment I ever bought Review by window washer girl
    I bought the biggest little giant back in 1994 to use in my window cleaning business. It was the best $500 I've ever spent. There are jobs I wouldn't have thought of even attempting without the little giant.
  • miracle ladder Review by projectdad
    my wife bought this for me as a birthday gift. my daughter just bought a house. i am the "free" fix-it man. this ladder has been the handiest tool. i have found it extremely useful on stairs and to reach the tops of 12 foot ceilings. very stable, sturdy, light, and convenient.. a WONDERFUL PIECE OF EQUIPMENT. my only complaint is that the necessary accessories have been expensive.
  • Great Review by brian w.
    Wish they would have offered the shelve at checkout. Iwould have got one. Make it easy for us
  • Great Purchase Review by Deronda
    I am glad I purchased the little giant, but I must say that ours has a small defect. the holes where the ladder locks are not even, one side is lower than the other and it makes if difficult, but not impossible, to lock the ladder in place. My husband said it was not enough to return it for but is still a bit aggravating. I will be ordering the accessories soon.

  • Looks Good Review by Frogs
    I haven't been able to actualy use it yet since I have been working in the Jonah field in wyoming. I looked at it when I was home for a day. It looks great but I just wondered why the free work platform didn't come with the extreme since it was $399 dollars.
  • Great Review by Dan
    I bought 2 of the 17 ft Revolution XE ladders about 2 years ago at the Minnesota State Fair. After watching the dem, I decided that the ladder was for me. They tell you that you will never need another ladder, they couldn't be more correct. It is so easy to adjust for the height you need, not to mention the stability of the ladder in the step ladder configuration. I am not a small guy, about 6'2 270 and I never worry about the ladder failing. The only complaint I have is I wish I would have bought a 22ft ladder with the 17 ft ladder instead of 2 17 ft ladders. The extra height would have helped me out. The 22 ft ladder is the next on my list of things to get.
  • best product out there Review by HonestReviewTampa
    I used my new 1A Revolution XE to hang Christmas light this year. I love that you can utilize both sides of the ladder, and is folds up neatly in the garage. The one complaint I have is the push buttons on the side to raise and lower the ladder are NOT orange as the photos indicated. they are the same aluminum color as the rest of the ladder. I was hoping for the orange rubber material that was shown in the photos. Kind of a bait and switch, but otherwise I couldn't be happier with the product.
  • The light weight and new style locks sold me. Review by Brad71
    I bought a Keller 26 just prior to the new little Giant. I found out in trying to use it that it was to heavy for me to handle alone. I really like the lighter weight of the Little Giant. I have used it once a week since I got it.
  • Greatest Ladder I've Ever Used Review by Don
    Threw away all other Ladders after receiving Little Giant years ago. Hard to believe it could be improved upon, but after seeing the commerical for the new XTreme Model, I ordered it this morning along with several options for it, and my older Little Giant. I don't think another ladder is made, that takes customer safety, and ease of use to this extent.
  • Most awesome ladder EVER!!!! Review by Oval
    I purchased this ladder at a show in Springfield, MA, and after using it the first time, I wished I had bought it years ago. I have the 22 foot Extreme and love it. I've used it working on the house, outside and my son has used it trimming trees we couldn't reach before, even with an extension ladder. This ladder rocks. Anyone that ever uses a ladder should throw it away and purchase one of these. You will never regret it and you'll kick yourself for not buying one sooner. Hats off to Mr. Hal Wing!!!
  • best of the best Review by big G
    I'm a construction superintendent. I carry it with me from job to job.I
    Do not need ladder racks on my truck or to carry 20 different ladders. I use it daily and love the strength and flexibility of it. My 1st one was a gift but someone like it more than me and stole it. This new model is a little better than my old one. I could not do without one. The only complaint is that after buying this one I seen a new extereme. So I ordered a 17' model can't wait to get it! Saving now to but your 3 bundle package . Work platform , leg extension, and wingspan. Great job guys keep showing everyone that the USA. Is. #1 and second to none.
  • This is a great product, but I was deceived by the TV commercial. Review by Billy
    I am certain the ladder will meet or exceed my expectations. My only complaint is that I purchased it after seeing the TV commercial and expected to get the accessories that were demonstrated. Although I didn't buy the model that was advertised, I purchased the longer, more expensive one. I think by spending more money, I should have received the accessories.
  • Great ladder worth every penny Review by dave@kewpee.com
    I got my first 17 ft Little Giant about 30 years ago. It is still in A-1 condition albeit with a little paint and stain coloring its aluminum. Since then I have purchase a 26 footer and a 22 footer. I would love to buy a new Extreme 22 footer with all the goodies. Maybe if Little Giant would take a trade in......
    Awsome ladder.
    Easy to use and works as advertised.
    Best ladder I have ever owned.
    Very stable.
  • Great Review by JJ
    Used ladder day it arrived. Was able to handle in extension to cover ac units on second floor.
  • great Review by Rick
    I have used one of the little giant ladders for about 25 years! this ladder saved my life durring the recesion af '82. I washed house windows and this ladder was all I had and it did exceptional! I am now buying the 22' extreme and don't doubt it will be even better. I am disabled and the reduction in weight of the extreme will be another life saver
  • looks easy to work Review by cher
    im getting one for my boyfriend he seen it advertised on television he wanted it he was amazed what this ladder did so im buying one hope all goes well i cant wait to see the look on his face
  • Excellent Review by cglane
    I thought my wife was crazy for buying this ladder until I started using it. Well built and safe. I would highly recommend it.
  • Great improvements Review by Chip Macdonald
    After seeing it demonstrated at the Northeast Roofing Contractor Convention I bought my first Little Giant over 15 yrs ago. It is a 1A Fiberglass weighing 58 lbs. Its spent all those years on my ladder rack and used every day. Five years ago I got a pair of replacement hinge repair kits. I've been going from mill to mill doing industrial safety work ever since. Its heavy, but absolutely dependable and rugged as the guys I work with. When I saw the Little Giant Xtreme with the Air Deck and Fuel Tank on an infomercial I immediately bought one for my wife, who's about to repaint the house. Great improvements, wonderful design. Can't wait to see what's next from Little Giant.
  • the best ladder ever, and its worth the money to spend. Review by mike canedo
    This ladder is awesome.
  • Excellent longevity Review by Jkleist
    I have not yet used this ladder, it is how ever my fourth little giant ladder which I purchased. The first for myself ~25 years ago and since one for each of my kids as they become home owners. It is a present that will last a lifetime and will be the handiest tool they as homeowners will have ever owned. I would not consider giving up my little giant ladder ever(even for a new little giant ladder!) Call it attachment I guess
    Great job!!!!!!
  • best ladder i 've ever bought. Review by mike canedo
    The best!
  • this ladder is awesome! Review by mike canedo
    Love it!
  • Fantastic Review by T. F. Loerch
    Sturdy, reliable and the many different positions makes it a msut have ladder for anyone who works around their home.
  • Excellent investment Review by 1storyMike
    Recently moved from 2 and 1/2 story house to one story. Sold my 40 ft and 24 ft extension ladders and my 8 ft step. Replaced with the RevolutionXE. Best investment ever! I can't use it with the aplomb of your demonstrators yet, but I have used it against the vertical wall, on steps and as two or three different size step ladders. The wheels, the light weight and the robustness of the latches are amazing features. I don't know why us homeowners have settled for cheap, wobbly yet stiff to setup junk for all these years.
  • Great Product Review by AMZPMB
    The ladder is easy to adjust, very stable and very handy at 4 feet when closed.
    It is the best ladder we have ever used.
  • 1st rate quality. Review by Glenn
    When I used the ladder for the first time I noticed how rock steady it was, no movement at all and the rungs are just deep enough to be foot friedly. This is one of those things that you purchase once in a lifetime-do it right, no sense buying a cheap ladder twice. Well engineered product and made in U.S.A!
  • Taller ladder Review by Roger Dvorak
    I wish you would make the 1A Revolution XE in a 11 foot A frame.
    It would be alittle better in taller stairways.
  • I bought my Little Giant ladder in 1981 at the L.A. County Fair and still have it. Review by Rich
    I've used my ladder for over 30 years. Rarely have I purchase a product that has given me consistent performance and reliability. What a great ladder. It's time for a new one though, as this one has been abused over the years. Its fallen off the truck on to the road at least once and been dropped many many times. It still works great buts in rough shape. Thank you for your comittment to making a quality product at incredibly reasonable price.
  • Revolution XE review Review by Pierre C
    Great new tool for my business. Easy to handle with many convenient configurations. The accessories work great and complete the package. Thank you Little Giant
  • Works great Review by Jim
    Works better than I expected....Also lighter than expected...I guess I didn't grasp the "20%" lighter advertisement...Thanks for building a wonderful ladder.
  • great! Review by meathead
    Just starting a new business and needed one ladder to do it ALL and the Revolution XE is the one!!!!
  • Slid Product Review by Greg
    Simple, easy to use, very stable. A quality product, both in design and in construction
  • It's worth it Review by Sarah
    I used a little giant ladder in high school to hang lighting for performances and when looking to start a small painting business, I looked to purchase one. The 1A Revolution ladder is great because it can fit in my car, help me paint a stairway, is lighter than the others, and can become two ladders. Buy one. You won't regret it!
  • Excellent Product Review by James Bond
    After ordering I found out I could have received my ladder much faster from another seller at a discounted price. But excellent product.
  • An Excellent Product! Review by Winston
    I fell off a traditional ladder and stuck my head. When I could, I purchased the Type 1A Revolution XE not only for safety concerns, but, also, because of the height of the three family house that have. To check the outside walls, up the the second floor, I was easily able to do so with so light a ladder. Soon the inside hallway will be painted. With this product - no problem.
  • The ladder performs as advertised Review by Gary
    I've used the ladder 3 times since purchase: once as a normal ladder, once with the 90 degree option for paint touch up on a high wall and twice as a step ladder. It's easy to use, stable and I like the wide steps. It now hangs neatly folded on my garage wall.

    Also, in the first shipment one of the trestle attachments was broken. After a brief phone call a replacement was on the way and received 3 days later. I appreciated the prompt and courteous service.
  • Martin Review by M&T
    Versatility X-plus. I've been in business 30 years. Please do yourself a favor everyone and burn your other ladders. It's like having 20 pieces of equip. in one little package, and the strength to back it up. I never leave home with out when I need to climb, anywhere! I just wish I came up with the idea, I'm a little envious. Respectfully, Martin
  • Really great product Review by Rockii
    Super buy. Have the standoff bar for the top and work stand. I've used this for all of my jobs around the house, both inside and out. Got rid of a fiberglass 24 foot extension and a stepladder as this one does all the jobs. Would recommend these to everyone. Don't know why I waited this long to make this purchase.
  • takes a licking but keeps on ticking Review by Action Jackson
    I run a construction framing business. we have 75 guys and 6 little giant ladders. Never-the-less we are pretty rough on our equipment and our little giant ladders never let us down.
  • The Very Best Review by Stingray
    I bought my model 22 LGL back in July 2005 & I must say it is the very best ladder you can buy. I use my model 22 in my Pressure Washng business, for the last 7 years, & all I do is rave to my customers how much I like my ladder. Residential or Commercial Little Giant Ladder is the Very Best Ladder you can buy for home or business.
  • Love the work stand Review by Manster
    I got the ladder and immediately set it up to trim trees on grass in the A-frame configuration and it is the most stable ladder I've ever used. I love the work stand platform, I can turn around, I'm not stuck either facing the ladder or reversed and it didn't kill my feet like standing on the rungs would while trimming the trees with a pole saw.
  • Works for the Girlie DIYer Review by Sonya
    I bought two ladders (XE22 and Classic13) after being wowed by the guy's demo. Then got home and went "what the heck was I thinking?" One is taller than me and I do maybe 2-3 projects a year. I used Pledge (thanks demo guy!) on the railings and they operated very smoothly the first time. Having 2 ladders and the plank allows higher work bench heights. The short ladder works perfectly in the house. Project 1 installed 2 wall brackets and the flat screen TVs. Project 2 installed an attic ventilation fan. Project 3 replaced gutters taken down by high winds. Project 4 replaced outdoor lighting with energy-efficient LEDs. Project 5 included wash & waxing the roof of my SUV. Project 6 will prune our trees. Buying 2 ladders plus extras was expensive - so what was I thinking? Greater ability to do more projects, save money, solve urgent repairs and to improve my home by investing only two-tenths of its market value. Win-Win all the way, with lipstick - THANKS guys!
  • Clearly outstanding Review by Ed from PA
    I just bought this model 22 at the 2011 Allentown Show and must say it is the best ladder to use for any project that you might have. Clearly I'm very satisfied customer and would recommend this ladder to everyone. Also your sales men who demo these ladders really do a great job showing all the features these ladders have. A+
  • The best ladder out there Review by Central Iowa "Do it yourselfer"
    I went to the state fair last year to view this ladder and test it out. I was able to put it through the test at the display booth and was happy I did. I purchased this ladder and all of the accessories. This ladder is strong, does not wobble, and is very versital. I can't wait for next years fair, I will be buying a safety step ladder for my wife. Over all rating A+.
  • WOW!!!! Review by John
    I'm a glazing contractor and I could honestly say that this ladder is THE BEST ladder I have ever owned. I find myself in situations where I do not know how I was able to function without it. I have the Revolution XE 17 model.
  • Outstanding customer service Review by Bert Williamson
    I had a problem with my Revolution XE 22 ladder. Customer service asked for a picture of the failed part. A photo was E mailed. I was promptly contacted by phone with an authorization number for prepaid shipment to Little Giant. The ladder was repaired and sent back to me. All this took less than 2 weeks. The ladder was satisfactorily repaired at no cost to me. The ladder works as advertised. I am a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend Little Giant ladders knowing that in the unlikely event something goes wrong it will be promptly and courteously handled.
  • Review by Brenda Childs Review by Brenda Childs
    My husband purchased the tallest Little Giant you have at the Minnesota State Fair. I am extremely afraid of heights but not on the Little Giant. It doesn't wobble like old ladders we have had in the past. We know only will have Little Giant ladders from now on at our house.
  • WOW Review by Phil
    I cant say enough about how much I like my new Revolution XE 22 ladder, very light, easy to use. I will be ordering some accessories for it soon.
  • saint Paul ,MN Review by Aarron Her
    Don't judge by the name Little Giant. This ladder is the best ladder that do the job done it right. I use to search for the ladder that do all things in one ladder, but nothing in the store that has and why you needed to buy different ladder to do different jobs, The Little Giant is the ladder that I would buy again and is the best of the best.
  • A+ Review by Jeff Millikin
    I bought one of these ladders last year at the 2009 Pittsburgh, PA Home Show. This is without a doubt, the best ladder I have ever had. I got all of the accessories to go with it and I think it's great. I would highly recommend this product for ANYONE wanting to purchase the LAST ladder they will ever need.
  • Jerry Hanson Review by Jerry Hanson
    I have a 20 year old Little Giant that has saved my life dozens of times. I'm now ordering my 4 Little Giant as a gift for a loved one. It truly is the last ladder you will ever need!

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