Little Giant Select Step A-Frame Ladder - Type 1A

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Product Description

Introducing our most comfortable ladder – the Little Giant Select Step A-Frame.

Simply the most comfortable ladder we've ever made! With seven patents pending, the Select Step A-Frame literally is a new kind of ladder.

The Select Step A-Frame is very lightweight yet extremely strong (Type IA 300 lbs ANSI rating). The built-in no-pinch Comfort Step™ provides a huge, comfortable standing platform that literally feels like you’re standing on solid ground.

Each side telescopes incrementally so you have the flexibility to work on staircases or sloping ground as well as even surfaces.

The Select Step A-Frame features a versatile top cap complete with integrated tool slots and work tray. It’s also designed to be compatible with the Little Giant AirDeck and the Little Giant Fuel Tank one-gallon vertical paint tray.

Little Giant Select Step A-Frame Specs and Features

  • Can be used as a staircase or 90-degree ladder
  • Lightweight and easy to move from job to job
  • Triple-Position AirDeck
  • Integrated Tip & Glide wheels for easy transport

Model 5-8 †

Model 6-10 †

Weight capacity:



Ladder weight:

26.5 lbs.

31.5 lbs.

Extension height:



Stepladder height:



Storage height:

5' 1"

6' 1"

Width at base:

2' 2"

2' 8”










*In contiguous US only

SKU's:  15125, 15109, 15009

† Designed and engineered in the USA. Made in China.

Customer Reviews

  • Very pleased. Good product? Review by Chuck
    Am very pleased with my purchase. Only complaint is I need more height. I wish you had the same product in a 15ft version. Was disappointed that the last step (the "shelf") was at the 8ft height. I have used a 6 ft step for years and typically stand on the 5ft or next to last step. I know you do this for the users safety, but this is really an 8 ft step ladder max.....not 10ft. Bottom line.... I have 3 good, additional feet over my 6 ft ladder and I do feel a lot safer. I have used it over 6 times in 2-3 weeks trimming my 30 ft tall l Leyland cypress trees (qty 20) with a 16ft pole pruner and washing the vinyl siding on my house. This ladder has already paid for itself. I am 56 years old and my house and yard is heavy maintenance. This ladder will enable me to do this type work without having to pay to get it done for several more years before I can't do it anymore. I was needing something to help me to still be able to do this work myself without jeopardizing my safety and this ladder has helped greatly with that. Thanks for a great product at a fair price. The only thing I could suggest would be a version in a 8-15 ft range and maybe an option for independent adjusting legs. My yard is quite slopped and I have had to use a brick under one leg to level, even though it does adjust front to back, which is great. I haven't used it inside yet, but with a 3 staircases and some vaulted ceilings, it will be an asset on the next paint job.
  • Great, but Review by Okie
    This is a great product, but I have one issue. There is no good way to carry the ladder. It could use a handle on one side. Other than that its awesome.
  • Couldn't ask for more Review by molliesdad
    I ordered this ladder to use around the house even though I have a original 24' Little Giant extension ladder. Believe me when I tell you that this ladder is MUCH lighter than the 24' ladder and with the wheels it is more convenient to move from one place to another.
    The working platform that stores right on the ladder is great when working aloft on a job where you need a place to put your hand tools and supplies. As far as I am concerned there is no option when I am working off the ground; I always pull out my Little Giant because I know I will be secure and safe while on it.
  • Very comfortable & sturdy Review by Glen
    I felt much safer & more comfortable with this step ladder.
  • Best ladder I have ever owned for chores in and around the house. Review by Knight45601
    I own two now one for use outside as we'll as inside.
  • Type 1A Select Step Makes Life Easier Review by Terry
    Turning 68 this past February I decided it was time to replace my old 10' wooden step ladder with a Little Giant. I should have done this years ago. My wife loves it too. I am doing everything on her HoneyDue list that requires a ladder just so I can use the Little Giant!
  • House Warming Gift Review by JJ
    Loved my (All of the models) ladder so much ,we bought one for my son.
    Best all around ladder for house -Inside and Out!
  • its great! Review by truckdriver
    I bought this one as a house warming gift for my daughter and her boy friend, they bought a house just last Oct. and I told them I would get them one. Ive had one for a couple of years and it does everything I need it to do, so as my children get married I get them one for the house cause I know that they will need it. Thank you
  • Great Step Ladder!!! Review by Steve
    This ladder is amazing! Our living room has 14 ft vaulted ceilings, so I needed a ladder which would allow me to get up into the peak and would allow me to work on the stairs also. Felt very safe going up and down the ladder and was amazed at how easy it was to configure it in multiple positions. I gave away my old step ladder because I'll never use anything but a Little Giant. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family.
  • Nice and stable ladder Review by Ron
    I bought the 8 ft Type 1A select step so that I could have an easy to transport ladder that I could carry up the stairs in my house and not have to worry about banging it into walls as I navigate around some tight turns in my hallway. This ladder served that function easily. I have so far used it while cleaning the high ceiling fan on the main floor and to change batteries in smoke alarm that is 10 1/2 ft up.

    It was fairly easy to adjust the height up, although it is a bit tricky retracting it back to it's 5 ft height, I almost jammed my hand in it several times.

    The ladder is also a bit heavier than I would have liked, but I had no problem getting it up the stairs and into the rooms I wanted.
  • Another Great Product from Little Giant Review by Sandi D
    Little Giant is a wonderful product. I have 2 other Little Giant Ladders and have bought 2 ladders, one for my mother and the other for my best friend. The original ladder I bought was the Type 1A Classic Model 17 almost 20 years ago which is still in use today and at the same time I bought a scaffolding platform. About a year ago, I bought myself and my mother the Type 1 Alta One Model 17 ladder and recently bought the same for my best friend. The tip and glide wheels are one of the best improvements for me and I purchased these to add onto my original ladder making my ladders even more useful and safe at the same time.

    My most recent purchase of the Select Step A-Frame Ladder has been super. I have a 24 x 48' greenhouse that is 12' at the highest point. This ladder goes to a full 10' which gives me total access to all points with ease. I love the rock lock feature as well as the air deck. However, I am sorry to learn of the "† Designed and engineered in the USA. Made in China." footnote; it would be nice to have the footnote read "Made in the USA of only domestic parts".

    With this most recent purchase, my ladder needs are complete. There is no reason to have any other ladder. Thank you Little Giant. This is one happy and satisfied customer.
  • Great Ladder Review by btcol1981
    I used the stepladder to in stall an attic ladder and clean my gutters.
  • Love it Review by Den
    What else can I say
  • I Love the Little Giant Ladder Review by Such a big help around the house
    This Little Giant ladder has been a blessing for me in my new home. I have high ceilings in some rooms and this ladder is a huge help to take care of things around the house.
  • Still learning, but very good so far Review by Dave L
    The Little Giant model 6-10 is doing the job for us. I had an impossible to reach compact flourescent bulb, covered by a glass lens, over a sunken tub. None of my current ladders would let me reach that bulb safely. With the Little Giant, it was pretty easy -- problem solved.

    I also have tall ceilings with air flters in the ceiling. I used to bring a long aluminum extension ladder into the house for that job, and it was a royal pain. Again with the Little Giant it was pretty easy.

    My only issue thus far is that it is difficult for one person to extend the legs when both hands are needed to release the clasps ... perhaps with practice I'll be able to do that better. If that were easier, I'd have gone for a full 5 stars.

    Other than that quirk, I'm very happy with the ladder. For such a big ladder, it stores nicely on a wall hook in my garage. And it is very stable to stand on and work. A very smart design.
  • I Have A business that works Auto doors Review by DLM
    I like the ladder because it was compact and had product stand that connect to the top to hang on to and it had magnet tray for screws it was a safe ladder. i had mine taken from me.
  • Fantastic! Review by Anchor
    The little giant ladder has already payed for itself several times over and we have only had it for a couple of weeks! We just moved into a home with 12 foot ceilings so it was wonderful being able to change out light fixtures and ceiling fans with ease. I also purchased the "Fuel tank" which has made painting a breeze, I can cut in the room and roll without getting off the ladder! Very functional and fantastic to have!
  • Great Ladder for the lab Review by Larry (University of Rochester)
    We needed to replace four (3', 5', 8', and 10') old rickety wood step ladders. At my suggestion (I own one of these myself) we purchased a model 6-10 to cover our needs in the lab. As the safety officer for my department I must be careful what we buy for use in the lab for the faculty, staff and students. This ladder is strong, sturdy, and very stable. Everyone that's seen/used it agree it is great.
  • Outstanding Product! Review by Tree Huggin' Bird Nerd
    I own two little Giants, nearly all the accessories and plank. Safest and most stable ladders I have ever used. The older I get, the less I like being on a ladder, with the Little Giant system, work platform, etc. I'm comfortable now and don't mind being on a ladder for several hours at a time . Great products at a fair price. They make my job and all the maintenance work on our properties so much easier.
  • Little Giant Select Step fulfilled all claims made for it Review by GLW
    First used on a staircase, and it performed exactly as promised. Most important, it provided a sense of stability with no concern about falling. Because of all it can do, it is somewhat more complicated than an ordinary ladder, but it is not difficult to learn. When I told a friend about the ladder, he said he already had two. I almost never buy a product advertised on television, but this one was worth the risk.
  • Not a Killer Review by JB
    We bought the Little Giant to replace a very rickety old 12-foot stepladder in the church before it killed someone. We need to reach high ceilings for painting and fluorescent light replacement and Little Giant came to mind.This extendible stepladder is perfect and we even got the fuel tank for painting. The old ladder meets the chainsaw shortly.
  • Outstanding products by Little Giant Review by WK
    My third Little Giant. Don't really need them all, but Little Giant's are so "cool" that I had to have them. Makes every project around and in the house easy. Thanks for a high quality product.
  • Outstanding Review by Gw
    Got a Type 1A 6-10 little over a week ago. Even the box it came in was great, had reinforced handholds in it. Popped it open and slid the ladder out, read the instructions and 15 minutes later I was replacing a blown light in our living room which has 13 and 15 foot ceilings. I have used the upper step with supporting platform and handrail and never been uncomfortable at all. The ladder is very sturdy, easy to move and adjust. We've been in our new home a little over two years and had a 12 foot fiberglass ladder that was so horrible to move that I would have our handyman change bulbs for us. No more handyman light changing bills for me! Well maybe the 20' entrance ones but that's it.
  • Worked as Advertised Review by Opa
    I love my new Little Giant ladder. I used it right away to trim the trees in my yard. The ladder is so light, it only requires one person to carry it.
  • great ladder! Review by mick
    I used this ladder to hang several pictures in a staircase entry way. It was easy to use and gave me great stability. I highly recommend it.
  • Great product Review by Larry
    Being winter I have not used it much, only a couple of times, but was amazed at the ease of setup and adjustment. It is well built, very sturdy and very stable with the wide base. I've showed it off to a few people who were very impressed, one who mentioned he was familiar with Little Giant products due to his work as a fireman at our local airport. It's a bit heavier than I thought it would be, but then I had to remember, it is a 10' stepladder and strong. Very pleased.
  • Safe & Secure Review by Mars
    A year ago I fell off my old ladder and broke my leg pretty bad. I knew that my next ladder would have to be safe if I was ever going to be "allowed" to clean my gutters again.
    The Little Giant has not disappointed. It was several months before I could even use it. Now that I can, I love it, especially the wide front feet. I always feel safe and secure even on soft, uneven ground. I love all the features.
    One thing I have had an issue with is the release on the front steps, if you're not careful you can easily pinch fingers between the rungs as they slide up and down. MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAR!
  • The very best Review by jw
    This is hands down the best thought-out ladder I have ever owned. The real test of any product like this is if you find new and unexpected ways to use it, and because of that my current remodeling job is notably easier. This is a well-thought-out and quality-built product, and it's refreshing these days to honestly feel you got your money's worth- and I do.
  • Terrific! Review by dt
    We are in a profession that requires lots of ladder work, often tugging heavy equipment up with us. I've been using little giant ladders for about 30 years now. This is the 2nd time I've bought one direct from the maker, and the experience is easy and VERY fast! I wouldn't recommend any other ladder....very safe, and convenient.
  • shorten the air deck! Review by KP
    I like all the Little Giant products, but on this ladder I think that the air deck is a little much for this size of step ladder other than that I think it is great Kevin Painting By "PIPP" Let us take the PAIN out of painting.
  • Excellent and Safe Ladder Review by Bob
    Purchased the 10' ladder so as to reach areas of vaulted ceiling. Other ladders were not stable or safe at the top end of the ladders. The Little Giant proved to be both safe and comfortable in setting up, climbing and collapsing. The wide base is somewhat cumbersome to move through doors but makes a big difference when using the ladder at any heights. Overall, very satisfied with the product, its quality and value.
  • Used for a couple of weeks after moving into a converted warehouse loft Review by Bobby Hitt
    We are in a converted warehouse loft with very high walls and ceiling, exposed duct, pipe and so forth. We moved in one month ago from today and must do a lot of things up high. The ladder is great in that it is versatile and I can actually carry it upstairs without breaking my back. Not the cheapest ladder but you get what you pay for.
  • Excellence Review by idavids
    I've never felt so secure in such an adaptable and versitile ladder. Expensive, yes. Worth all the money, absolutely!
  • Ladder is great! Very stable and comfortable at any height. Review by Terry
    Ladder is great! Very stable and comfortable at any height. I would highly recommend.
  • Love the Type 1A Select Step Review by DanE
    I feel so safe and secure on this ladder, it is so sturdy. My house is on a slanted lot in both directions. Being able to adjust it to compensate for the angles is just what I needed. Great invention, well worth the price.
  • Great ladder Review by Jim
    This is a GREAT ladder very safe the Select Step is great indoor and outdoor ladder. It is a little heavy but it is very secure. The wheels are great . I think it is true that you get what you pay for,I will most likely purchase another one for outdoor use
  • The best step ladder on the market. Review by Gumby
    The ladder exhibits rugged American made craftsmanship in a relatively light weight design. Its rock solid stable and adjusts easily. Also, the fold out work station is brilliantly conceived for painting. I took all my other step ladders to the dump last week. Don't by cheap Chinese junk. Buy this ladder, its worth every penny.
  • The best Review by babylou
    The best ladder period! First I had a normal 6 ft A-frame ladder but it was too short to be used safely in my home. I swapped it for an 8 ft A-frame ladder which was tall enough but tough to carry around the house without nicking walls/furniture/etc. The Little Giant is nice and short for maneuvering through the maze of furniture but can get tall enough to do the job. It's also well built, priced fairly and American made.
  • Great Review by Homeowner
    Ladder was exactly as I expected and is the best investment I made this year. Period!
  • Easy to use a little heavy Review by Donna
    I ordered the LittleGiant stepladder 6-10 feet, because I moved into a new house that has 14 foot vaulted ceilings. The smoke alarms -- which need batteries changed -- and many of the lights are high. I can easily adjust the ladder up and down to heights by myself. I like the rolling wheels, because the ladder is a little heavy. The base is wide which gives the ladder good stability, but makes it so you can't wheel the ladder through a regular inside doorway -- you need to carry.

    I am pleased with the ladder. It shipped quickly. I would recommend to anyone who needs the adjustment for regular height to vaulted ceilings.
  • This is my third select step ladder, they are great ladders Review by mean Gene
    Great ladders
  • Great ladder Review by Roddy
    I weigh 280 and needed a ladder that would allow me to service my RV, but be compact yet safe at the same time. This ladder is just plain neat! Really well designed and very secure, I love this ladder and have bought another for my home.
  • Great Ladder Review by Jim
    This is a great ladder very safe and easy to use best step ladder on the market I won't buy anything else .
  • great Review by truckdriver
    I have had a select step for over a year and use it all the time, I bought this one for my son who just got himself a townhouse and gave it to him as a house warming present. He is a handy man like me so I know he will get a lot of use out of it.
  • Triple safety Review by txretire
    I particularly like the grab bar at the top, the platform under my feet, and the wide stance at the base. This 6-10 ladder safely allows me to paint my 16-foot-high walls and clean the 15 little punch windows near the ceiling. Wish it were a little lighter, but the fact that it folds down makes it easier to carry around inside the house than the tall, light, unstable ladder I've been using, which although tall, did not get me as high as the Little Giant.
  • Excellent product !! Review by Big Gee
    I bought a 5 foot about a year ago. Best designed ladder I've ever seen, also I've never felt safer on any ladder as much as the Select Step. I liked it so much that the recent purchase was for my sons birthday gift. I bought him the 6-10 foot version (in case I ever need to borrow a taller one than my 5-8 footer).
  • As Advertised Review by Mike
    Used it last week for the first time. For the size it is pretty easy to carry and to set up. It is very steady/sturdy and you feel comfortable and safe on the second step from the top. The wide step is very helpful when standing for any period of time. The shelf attachment that goes on top is also very helpful not only for holding things but also for the user to hold on to. As advertised.
  • Great Product Review by JRinger
    Couldn't ask for anything more! The sturdiness of the ladder is unmatched. This by far has been the most cost effective product we have purchased considering all it's many uses.
  • little giant Step-ladder Review by frank
    What a great ladder this turned out to be.. strong and yet it makes sense. This ladder is like someone finally brought it out of the stone ages so that it applies to what people need today not yesterday.

    I quickly read thru the instructions for use, and right away went out to use it for hanging security lights up high, cleaning windows I could not reach before, and finally getting that dangling cable connection straightened out on the side of my home.

    Great ladder, very strong.. and well thought out. the wheels make it easy to transport, extending it was very easy to do. But the features were also very well planned.. love it.
  • Versitile, lightweight, solid platform Review by David
    This ladder is versitile, lightweight, and a solid platform to work on. It's well worth the extra money we paid over a standard 6' step ladder. We're very pleased and would not hesitate to purchase another Little Giant product.
  • Solid construction - Safe - Nice design - Practical - Great product Review by Rick
    Great ladder!! It's extension like qualities without the weight and clumsiness of a full extension ladder are terrific!! I bought the Type 1A Select Step model 6-10. The wheels are a big plus and add to the maneuverability of this ladder. This is my first Litttle Giant Ladder I have ever purchased. I highly reccommend this product!!
  • Great ladder, very sturdy and secure footing - just wish it weren't so heavy. Review by Elaine
    Ladder worked great for pruning trees on very uneven ground. One person can easily adjust heights. As an older woman I wish it didn't weight so much because it is tiring to drag around but the wheels are very helpful.
  • Beautifully engineered and super safe! Review by CSR
    This is one terrific ladder. I never thought I would get excited about a ladder. I'm 78 years old and have become very nervous climbing ladders. However, the incredible design and manufacture of this product has removed that concern. The ladder is very easy to operate and extremely safe to use all the way to its 10' extension. It has replaced my 2 extension and 2 other step ladders. The 6'-10' model stores in the space of an ordinary 6' step ladder. This may be the only ladder you will ever need!. AND IT IS MADE IN THE USA!
  • Little Giant has outdone themselves Review by Brenda
    This is the best ladder ever made. I have a Little Giant extension ladder and love it so when I saw this ladder on DIY I Want That, I had to have it. I don't like to pay people to do things I can do myself. The last time I put a new light fixture in my stairwell, I had to pay someone to do it because it's 14 feet up and I had no way to reach it. This time I put a new light fixture in my stairwell by myself which not only saved me money, but allowed me to do it on my schedule and not someone else's. This ladder was amazing. The ability to adjust the sides individually to use it on stairs was perfect and the The Air Deck and Comfort Step made me feel totally secure. Did I mention that I am a 5ft tall whimp of a woman and I was able to handle this ladder by myself?
  • Little Giant Select Step Ladder - Type 1A Select Step Review by Safety Plus
    The Little Giant Select Step Ladder is everything advertised for this product and in my opinion more. Retiring from the Telephone Industry, safety was always imperative. This is what I sought out for a ladder to meet my needs. Incurring major tornado damage to a 130' x 50' barn build in the 1960's, I couldn't get a contractor to help make restoration on the damage. Primary damage was inflicted on the #29 Tin Roofing. In places, the structure was rotted or damaged severely enough it discouraged getting on top for any work. I decided to find a way to do the work myself and this brought me to the Little Giant Select Step Ladder. I'm 6' 1" tall (by the way 68 years old) and with the Little Giant 6 - 10, it put me safely at just the right level from underneath to dismantle the Tin Roofing and damaged wood. The task becoming a one man show has made the Little Giant Select Step Ladder, my best friend for this job. Absolutely, everything I need to do the job is right there with this product and the job can be done safely. It is so refreshing to see and utilize such a well-engineered product. Kudos to the manufacturer of this product, you've met my needs and the product is well worth the money I paid for it.
  • Great features Review by Peter
    I recently had arthroscopy surgery on my right sholder so I am careful about what I grab and how I lift. The Air Deck and the support handle are just what I needed to get through a small opening in the shrinkwrap on my boat. While I don't use it to support myself, in combination with a line I rigged up in the boat, it gives me just the confidence to go through the small opening.
    I like the ladder as well.
  • Awesome! Review by what nickname
    Wow, this is a great ladder! We needed to hang 11 foot high draperies and the corresponding rods, so we wanted a tall, secure ladder. This ladder at 10 feet worked perfectly. It is incredibly stable - no wobble, and it is easy to extend. We used it as a staircase ladder and also as an A-frame ladder, and both configurations worked really well. When it is completely folded up, you can move it by holding a nice handle and using the wheels. I am so impressed, and very glad we purchased this. Now we can do all sorts of projects safely and easily.
  • The fear of falling is gone. Review by Brian D.
    After years of using wooden step ladders that have been increasingly unstable, I purchased the select step ladder. These wooden ladders were never rated for over 200lbs. so feeling so stable on this one is a treat. I would recommend this ladder to anyone. I threw out the 3 wooden ones that this one step ladder replaced.
  • Best ladder I've ever bought ! Review by James
    I bought this ladder in order to allow me to change lightbulbs in a chandelier that is 13 ft. off the floor without having to call in a handyman or electrician to do it for me. I felt totally secure getting to this height on this ladder and then decided to tackle the job of removing leaves from the gutters of our roof...something I would never have been able to do before I purchased this ladder. After the chores are done, the ladder telescopes down to a manageable height to move it around and store in the garage. I love the fact that it has wheels to help in moving it around. This has to be the best ladder I have ever bought...well worth the money. Great ladder....I would recommend it to anybody in need of a versatile ladder that does it all.
  • Very Good Review by Dave
    It arrived one day later than expected. It is everything that I expected and my wife is thrilled.
  • Love It Review by Dee
    I've only had the ladder a couple of weeks and have only used it a couple of times; however, I love it so far. It's easy to set up and I feel very secure.

    My one wish would have been a more secure handle at the top. (When the equipment tray is left upright.) Otherwise it's great.
  • GREAT! Review by Bob
    Little did I know that my wife had an ulterior motive for allowing me to purchase the Little Giant Select Step... The day we received it she had me see if it could be used on the stairs, then she gave me the cleaning supplies so I could dust/clean the chandeler in the foryer... She is sneaky that way!
  • Awesome Ladder Review by Robin
    This is the most incredible ladder I've ever owned. I was excited to get it and it has exceeded my expectations, and my wife loves it too. Easy to use and so sturdy. I have given all my other ladders away. Thanks Little Giant
  • Great Product With One Caution Review by NJ Ladderman
    The Select Step has new hardware making it easier--than with older Little Giant models--to open and close the ladder and to extend its legs. It also has a fixed standing platform inside the ladder which is nice, an improvement over the very serviceable work platform which one can buy for the older ladders, attaching to any rung of the ladder and extending outward. With the Select Step comes the AirDeck work station, which is a great feature, an improvement over the perfectly fine work stations one can buy for the regular ladders. The AirDeck work station attaches at the top of the ladder with a veritcal frame, then the tray opens horizontally. With the upper half of your body working above the top of the ladder this feature gives you a rail to hold onto with one hand while painting, etc. with the other arm--a very stable and relaxed way to work above the ladder...The one thing you can't do with the Select Step Ladder--that you can do with LIttle Giant's older models--is to swing it open into an extension ladder. If you want that feature, the Select isn't for you. The truth is you can work at pretty substantial heights with the taller Select Step, particuarly with the AirDeck handrail. However for climbing up to rooftops, where the ladder needs to extend well above the roof line, I think a regular sliding extension ladder is more stable and easier to deal with than a fully extended older model LIttle Giant. Thus if you already already have a conventional extension ladder, I certainly would by the Little Giant Select Ladder--it's a great product. On the other hand if you only want one ladder and wish to extend it for climbing fairly high, it's better to buy the regular model Little Giant.
  • Awesome! Review by Lesley
    I spent several hours researching on line before finally choosing this ladder and I am so pleased with the selection. It is fun to use and feels so safe that I can easily repair and paint our 12 foot high ceilings, thereby saving thousands of dollars over a professional painting company (who would probably not prepare the surfaces as carefully as I am doing). Best of all it is very easy to reposition on the wheels - a major concern as I am not a strong woman.
    Little Giant Select Step has the answers to all my needs and I can honestly say that to me it is worth its weight in gold! When Spring arrives I will be using it outside to prune my rhododendron bushes, which will save plenty more dollars.
    Thank you Little Giant.
  • Excellent Review by Dianne
    Excellent fast service great product my husband has two ladders
  • Am 80 years old and yes I still do projects around the house. Review by Roger Mc Cracken
    In addition to being an extension ladder to get on the roof it is well suited to use to get Grapefruit from the top of the trees, also I need to sometime change the outside light bulb above four steps going into my service porch, One side of the ladder is shortened to position on the top step and the other side of ladder remains longer to reach the drive way level. Very safe and secure almost like magic.
    Go get one, you won't be sorry.
  • Excellent product Review by Bill from Oriental
    I spent weeks thinking about this before ordering. I read the reviews and unlike many other product reviews that run from 1 to 5, the Select Step had mostly 5's. Could this be true? I ordered it because I needed both a 5 ft and an 8 ft height. I received in today and immediately used it inside (at 5 ' setting) to take down some Christmas decorations and then rolled it out to the deck and set the height to 8' and climbed to the room of my Carolina room to clean the gutters. What a great ladder!!! It is so easy to adjust and the weight being under 30 lbs was a major factor since I am 70+. I highly recommend this well designed and well built product.
  • Perfect Ladder Review by deb
    Works great. Fits nicely in a smaller condo. I feel very safe standing on the ladder. Have never felt that way before. Ladder is well made. So happy that I ordered it. It was very easy to do on-line. Would recomment to all.

  • Best ladder i've ever owned Review by RayW
    This ladder takes up less space and does more than conventional step ladders. Other trades are constantly asking where i got my little giant. I use it every day and it delivers as promised.
  • love that it is mine! Review by dvgirl3
    works easily and no one is taking it out to the barn!
  • A bit awkward and a little heavy Review by Laura
    This 10' ladder is great for high valted ceiling maintenance and does great for standing on two levels of floors between rooms.
    It is a bit awkward adjusting it from the 6' position to the 10' position and takes a little getting used to.
    It's a good thing it has rollers on the base because the weight of this ladder could ware a person down if they had to carry it ever place.
    The way the "Airdeck" is mounted onto the top of the ladder is a bit flimsy and I wouldn't trust putting too much weight on it.
    Overall, the ladder was made for one purpose and that is to get you up 10' into the air and still be able to store it like a normal step ladder at the 6' height. This is a great ladder for the high jobs.
  • Perfect, but one flaw! Review by LynnB
    I really like this ladder. A little heavier that I thought based upon the advertisements I saw but certainly manageable. My only disappointment was that when closed, it will not stand up by itself like my other Little Giant Ladder, but must be leaned up against something...2 or 3 more inches on one side would allow the ladder to stand on its own, without having to lean on something else.
  • a big hit Review by gifter2
    I purchased this ladder for my son in law for Christmas after he asked for a 6 foot step ladder. When he opened it, he was very impressed.
  • Great Engineering Review by KB
    I was not sure which product, Type1A Classic or 1A Select Step, I was going to purchase until I did quite a bit of research. I decided to order the Select Step 5-8. What a great ladder! This ladder is perfect for the home owner as the many features, Air Deck, Hand Hold, wheels and light weight are exactly what I was looking for in a ladder. I have can lights that are 13.5 ft and I was skeptical about reaching them with this ladder but I did it with ease. This ladder sets up so much faster than the types similar to the Classic. I cannot say enough about the overall convienence of this ladder.
  • We LOVE IT!!! Review by Aaron
    LOVE IT!!!!
  • Best yet Review by Pierre
    Does just what I wanted
  • Perfect Ladder for Older Adult Review by RGK
    Bought this product to replace my heavier, less maneuverable ladders. I have developed strength, mobility and agility issues which preclude me using my older ladders. This ladder is lightweight and tall enough for me to reach anything I have to around the house. With the shelf and stability grab bar, I can even get on my roof if necessary. My wife likes it because with the wheels, she is able to transport it for me. All I can say is that this is a well thought out design, well made, and affordable. It is the perfect ladder to assist people who can no longer use commonplace ladders to maintain their independence. I recommend it without reservation.
  • Best ladders I have Review by Gary
    I have two little giant ladders and I would not trade them for any other type of ladder. Well built and very versatile, I can use them for any kind of job around the house.
  • It is a great ladder and I love it. Review by Ginger
    I bought my husband a regular little giant ladder a couple of years back and he just loved it. so now that we are getting a divoice he wants his ladder but that left me with no ladder so he paid for me to get a little giant. I choose the Select Step Ladder because I though it fit my needs better. I was not disappointed. Lite weight and easy for me to handle alone and high enough for my 10 ft cellings.
  • Safety First Review by Maury
    I just picked this ladder up over the weekend for a project I had in mind. Although the convenience features were what initially attracted my attention, I realized they also can augment safety (trying to catch a screw rolling off the tray, as opposed to magnetically holding it, etc).

    Once I got it home, I appreciated it even more. For instance, I liked the idea of a strong platform step near the top. I had a neighbor once who will never be able to walk properly again because of the damage he did when he broke his leg after he fell. As I am getting up there in years, I am more paranoid about stability and the little things. I noticed that as the ladder is collapsed, each step is a double rung. As the ladder is extended, the double rungs decrement, but the ones that remain stay near the top where you need them most. Additionally, this thing is really solid and stable.

    I had read reviews where the "no pinch" rockers had pinched some folks, but I just punched them with the heel of my hand and I don't see how that could ever catch me unexpectedly, so that question is laid to rest. I love the twist handle, too. Configuration is really easy as well.

    I was originally looking for a platform step ladder that was lighter, but not as versatile, so weight was one of my original big considerations. Once I got this home and started using it, I decided the sacrifice was worth it. I wish it was a bit lighter, but it's not a deal breaker.
  • Excellent Product Review by Mike
    I have used the ladder in my garage door repair business and the versitility of this ladder saves money. I no longer have to have several ladders on hand to take to jobs.
  • Great purchase Review by GDad
    I had to paint the entire inside of my house and the Little Giant Ladder made it much safer, more stable, easier to move, simpler to adjust and actually made the job more enjoyable. Great product and sorry I waited so long to make a purchase.
  • not used much yet Review by gary stodolka
    i have had my ladder a couple of weeks and not done too much with it yet ,but have used it a little and am very happy. very solid great to do projects on. i would recomend to all good ladder.
  • select a step Review by boozer
    Good tool
  • One Great Step Ladder Review by BC
    This replaced a rickety old wood 5' step ladder and an 8' aluminum step ladder - neither of which was weight rated for me!
    I love the wheels, the extra wide steps, the flared base configuration and the AirDeck platform/hand hold.
    I am very comfortable on this ladder, much more so than my other two old ones.
    I recommend this ladder to anyone needing an around-the-house step ladder. You can't get any better!
  • Only Ladder You Would Ever Want!!! Review by Rikkirich
    The BEST ladder I ever own. I live in CT and on Oct . 29th we had a Snow Storm that dropped around 10" of snow. Since the leaves were still on the trees. We had a disaster here. Lost power for 5 days, trees & tree limbs were down everywhere. My tree in the back yard was devestated. I used my Select Step Model 5-8 and chain saw to cut the broken branches off the tree. I never felt so safe in my life. This ladder paid for itself that day. So easy to use, highly recommened!! Thank you Little Giant.
    I am in my mid 40's and recently getting divorced. I am staying in my home, which needs a lot of painting, plus I want to be able to do household maintenance if I need to. This ladder fits the bill! It is easy to maneuver, very safe and I am so very pleased with it.
  • A very useful, trustworthy ladder Review by Ray
    This is my second Little Giant. I bought the Classic 1A 22 ft. to use around my two story house about three years ago. The Select Step Ladder is very useful and a little more lightweight than the other ladder. It is very sturdy and I am confident that it will be a ladder that I will use often. As a matter of fact, I used it today in my back yard trimming shrubs and trees. I am very pleased with the ladder.

    I am also very pleased with the ordering process and the quick delivery of the ladder. I got it within 3 days of ordering it and it came packed very well and undamaged. Thanks again for making great ladders.
  • high quality and safe Review by Garry
    We chose to paint our living room and stair well ourselves. The ceiling was up to 2 stories high. I felt secure and very safe on this ladder versus any ladder I have ever used. The attachments made my job easier especially the step. The instructional videos on the web were fantastic… it allowed my wife to quickly tell me exactly how all the attachments worked!! Garry
  • I love this step ladder! Review by Steamer
    I bought this ladder to replace an old wooden step ladder I had. My wife would not use the old wooden one because it was so wobbly, so when we both were working I had to use it.

    Now with the select step we fight to see who gets to use the select step instead of the fiberglass regular step ladder.

    I absolutly love the ability to adjust the legs to different hights for use on stairs and un even terrain.

    Almost makes cleaning out the gutters fun. Almost.
  • Very pleased Review by None
    Great help changing lights in a cathedral ceiling and cleaning gutters outside. Wish it could also be used leaning against the wall for outside work, as I can't always find a solid base for all 4 legs, though the ability to alter height of both sides of the ladder enabled greater success than a standard step ladder. Overall very pleased with the select step
  • Excellent Product Review by Mark
    Enabled easy access to entryway chandelier -- able to avoid more expensive alternative
  • great ladder Review by DVD
    this ladder i awesome. i'm not afraid to go to the top with the air deck to hang on to. it is light weight, i can move it around just fine. love the wheels for going any dstance with it. i am now able to clean my hard to reach areas and change lightbulbs very easily. can't wait to see what else i can do with it. i have a couple of unfinshed stairways that will be able to do now without having to hire someone to come in and do it for me.

  • great solution for me Review by bobl
    Cramped cramped condo with high ceilings needing more space. I put up shelves and things into high places to increase to reach it? This ladder solves and also hides away behind the couch. Gotta love it. I'm 65 and I have to watch risks, well so does everyone, there's no age ideal for falling off a ladder, right?
  • WOW I LOVE IT Review by BIG MIKE
    I have looked at this ever time I went into local HD saw it outside store at a great price and now look for it to replace my 6 & 8 ft fiberglass ladders. It is very solid and the features are unbelievable considering the price. only downside is no excuses for not getting some projects done.
  • great ladder Review by Red
    I bought a little giant "classic" over 20 years ago, and it's still in great shape. The one I just bought has more features and works well in all the different jobs so far.
  • independent leg adjustment. Review by Dar
    I love my ladder. I live on a hill so I wish the legs of the ladder wouled adjust to compensate the slope of the hill.
  • Awesome Review by Don Mitchell
    I have a ten foot ladder that stores in a six foot space. Awesome !
  • Happy Customer Review by Brenda
    I have wanted a Little Giant for a long time, but it wasn't until I had to remove wallpaper and paint the vaulted ceilings in our master bathroom that I really needed one. I wanted a ladder that I could feel safe on and that could work on uneven surfaces like counters and the tub surround. Well, I'm very happy with my purchase. I have used the ladder extensively and I have felt completely safe and was able to work around all the obstacles in the room. I purchased the 6-10 foot model and I'm happy that I went with the taller version.
  • amazing "girl quality! & safe" Review by Betty-Jo
    I'm a 53 year old female and still quite handy/agile. However, I don't like working at hightswithout something quite solid under me. I won't tell you what I ended up paying for mine (I think they made a mistake. It was listed at 197 and on sale for 149 and then rang up for much less ...), but I would have paid twice the sale price! I played with it in the store to make sure "I" could handle it, move the rungs up and down, assemble and disassemble, WOW! It is amazing, sturdy and handy! I feel like a kid again and can do anything. This is one terrific product. We live on 5 acres so there's always plenty to do!
  • Great ladder and customer service Review by Larry B, New Mexico
    I've had my Type 1 ladder for about 8 years. It's been a great ladder for in and outside my house. All the other ladders I've owned gave me some concern when getting on the upper rungs. I always feel safe and productive on my Little Giant. Recently one on the palm latches came off. I call to Wing's Customer Service quickly solved my problem with a replacement snap ring. The Customer Service rep was knowledgeable and sent me a free replacement ring in the mail. I recommend this ladder to all.
  • Great Ladder Review by Handyman Rob
    It is a great ladder. So comfortable and sturdy. I have 3 8’ fiberglass and 4 6’ fiberglass ladder that I will retire because of the little giant A frame ladder. I got on the ladder on it was so comfortable and sturdy.
  • Safety & versitile features are the best Review by Charlie
    Working on ladders can be dangerous. The Select Step model has the best combinations of quality, stability and utility features of any ladder manufactured. Little giant products have been leaders in providing some of the best innovations in safety and versatility for quite some time. Preventing a fall through excellent stability design is worth paying for. I have three different Little Giant ladders for working around our ranch, but if you are only able to afford one ladder, the Select Step model is the one to buy.
  • Here I am 68 yrs Review by vark
    I found it to be more than I had expected, yesterday, got it out an clean the gutters on the house, it worked great. Got really close to the gutters, it was very stable, liked the grab bar at the top to hold on to. Its a well made thought out product.
  • Suburb Ladder!! Review by Mojoe
    Bought this ladder online. Really satisfied with the quality when it arrived. I love the fully adjustable advantages of this ladder. Since I will be using it to do outside brush trimming on sloping ground I wish it had some minor adjustments to the front legs with build-in leg levelers. Maybe this could be a future improvement I would love to see that! For those of you that are still speculating - go ahead and do yourself the favor and get this multi-use ladder it will make your life easier.
  • Great Ladder! Review by Marty
    The attention to detail in this ladder is incredible. It seems the designers have thought of everything you could use a ladder for and included it in this design. I have loaned this ladder to several friends and they are future buyers, if they haven't purchased it already.
    Thanks for a great tool!!!!
  • My Third Little Giant Ladder Review by JIm
    I purchased the Select Step and have had more fun showing it off to my freinds and neighbors and letting them borrow it. I've got two other Little Giant Ladders and this is the best one yet. It's so darn versitle that I look forward to the project, because I'll be using my "gaget" ladder as my wife says.
  • Well worth having, excellent versatility, solid construction, and great for doing all kinds of jobs. Review by Chuck in Delaware
    This step ladder is well worth having, excellent versatility, solid construction, very stable, and great for doing all kinds of jobs. I bought the 5-8 model ladder in spring 2010. I used the step ladder a lot while construcing a 10X12 storage shed, all from basic building materials. In using the step ladder, I configured it in just about every position possible. I was very satisfied with how well it served my uses over all. It is well worth the money! I plan to buy another one as a gift.
  • Christmas gift Review by Rolo
    I just got a Little Giant Select Step ladder from my father in law as a Christmas gift. I asked for a ladder that I could use around the house and that it did not need to be anything special. Well he went far beyond anything special. This is the best ladder I have used. It is very stable and you can use it in many ways. I would recommend this ladder to any one.
  • A well engineered product! Review by Jim Richey
    The Select step is a well engineered product worthy of the Little Giant name. It came today and I used it already on caulking i had to do on crown moulding. The 90 degree feature makes it so easy for close work facing the wall. It is easy to use and the air step feature is an important saftety feature especially when used as a handrail to give extra support while working. I am a house leader for Habitat for Humanity and this new ladder combined with my L/G 22' is perfect for use with volunteers because of the versatility and stability not found in regular ladders.
  • Finally got one Review by Sonny
    Well, after years of wishing we finally got one. This ladder takes the best features and puts them in a package for ease of use / value. 10 out of 10. Perfect for home use!
  • The Little Giant Select Step Review by Nick Bloom
    I recently bought the Select Step and like it very well. The ease of use and the multiple positions have been helpful in the work I do. I am a Contractor and need a ladder for many different jobs and applications. In fact, I have a total of 3 Little Giant ladders for my crew to use and have deleted all my other ladders just to use these. As far as I am concerned, they are the "Top Drawer" of ladders.
  • My Husband's Little Giant Select Step Was Just Delivered Review by Debra Harris
    My husband wanted a step ladder. He saw one in the paper on sale at a local building supply, but I ordered him a Select Step. It came today, while he was at home. I couldn't hide it from him, so I let him take it out and look at it. He knew I had paid more for it than the step ladder on sale in the paper, so he was skeptical. Whenl he saw all the safety features, the AirDeck to hold tools or paint, and the Tip & Glide wheels that make it easy to transport it, he realized that you get what you pay for. He has osteoporosis. He has to be very careful about falling. I didn't want him to use just any ladder. I wanted a ladder that wouldn't tip over easy, one he wouldn't have to pick up and pack, and one that had a safety step and a bar to hold on to, so he could keep his balance. This ladder has it all. He was really impressed and thanked me.

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