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Little Giant AirDeck Workstation

Little Giant AirDeck Workstation
MSRP: $66.99
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The AirDeck™ workstation with handrail makes standing at the top of the Select Step, Quantum, and Xtreme feel like standing on solid ground. And because both sides telescope independently, you can use it safely on stairs and uneven surfaces. Hanging pictures or changing that impossible light bulb above the stairwell will never be easier.

  • Safety handle and tool tray
  • Integrated tool slots
  • Recessed paint can holders
  • Holds up to 25 lbs.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Download User Manual



The AirDeck™ easily connects to several Little Giant products, including the Select Step™, Quantum, and Xtreme. The AirDeck features a multi-use tray for tools and materials and a safety handrail for extra stability. With the AirDeck, you can use the full recommended height of your ladder in comfort and safety. The AirDeck's utility tray includes slots for power tools, screwdrivers, and other tools; fitted recesses for all sizes of paint containers (square gallon, round gallon, and round quart). The AirDeck's work tray is rated to hold up to 25 pounds of tools and materials.

AirDeck Features:

  • Feel secure and comfortable on any recommended rung of your ladder.
  • Keep your tools and loose hardware right where you need them.
  • Increase safety and avoid unnecessary trips up and down your ladder.
  • Save time and work faster by keeping your hands free to use your Little Giant safely.

SKU:  15045



Ladder Compatible With
Type 1 Alta-One/Model 13 No
Type 1 Alta-One/Model 17 No
Type 1 Alta-One/Model 22 No
Type 1A Classic/Model 13 No
Type 1A Classic/Model 17 No
Type 1A Classic/Model 22 No
Type 1A Classic/Model 26 No
Type 1A Velocity/Model 13 No
Type 1A Velocity/Model 17 No
Type 1A Velocity/Model 22 No
Type1A Fiberglass/Model 13 No
Type1A Fiberglass/Model 17 No
Type1A Fiberglass/Model 22 No
Type 1A Microburst/Model 4 No
Type 1A Microburst/Model 6 No
Type 1A Microburst/Model 8 No
Xtreme/Model 17 Yes
Xtreme/Model 22 Yes
Xtreme/Model 26 Yes
Type 1A Revolution XE/Model 17 No
Type 1A Revolution XE/Model 22 No
Type 1A Revolution XE/Model 26 No
Type 1A Select Step/Model 5-8 Yes
Type 1A Select Step/Model 6-10 Yes
Skyscraper/Model 15 No
Skyscraper/Model 17 No
Skyscraper/Model 21 No
Type 1 AA/Model 17 No
Type 1 AA/Model 22 No
Flip-N-Lite/Model 4 No
Flip-N-Lite/Model 5 No
Flip-N-Lite/Model 6 No
Ultra Step/Aluminum No
Ultra Step/Fiberglass No
Type 1A Quantum 17 Yes
Type 1A Quantum 22 Yes
Type 1A Quantum 26 Yes

Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

So Handy! Just like both of the ladders I own, one of the best investments I have made.
Perfect Accessory
I am a real estate agent and I have a home inspection company. I use my Xtreme every day. I helped paint the interior of our new church using the AirDeck. It made taping & painting high off the ground easier.
Awesome accessory
I have the airdeck with my Little Giant Xtreme and this thing is great. It is so nice to have something to hold onto when you are high up on the ladder, and having a place to put your tools is handy. Mine came with two elastic loops with a ball end on them so you can put that onto tools like a paint scraper, hammer, or whatever, and then just drop the ball end into the notch, and the tool hangs safely from the air deck. Definitely a must have for your ladder system.....
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