Little Giant Super Duty Type 1AA

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For heavy-duty jobs, nothing beats the Super Duty Type 1AA LIttle Giant Ladder

When you need industrial-strength, only one ladder will do the Little Giant Type 1AA. It's government rated to a whopping 375 pounds, so you know it can stand up to even the most demanding applications.

And because it's a Little Giant, the Type 1AA gives you the advantages of traditional A-frame ladders, extension ladders, stepladders and even scaffolding all in one convenient package. Click here for a comparison chart of all of our Little Giant Ladders.


The Little Giant is designed to be safe, stable and secure. Since it's adjustable, the Little Giant can be used safely on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks or other uneven surfaces.


The Little Giant is made of heavy-wall, 6005-T5 aluminum the very same material used in aerospace construction. So it's ultra-strong while remaining light and portable.

In fact, The Little Giant Type 1AA is government-rated to hold up to 375 pounds, but has survived brutal stress testing of up to 1200 pounds with absolutely no structural failure.


Little Giant gives you the the ultimate in versatility. Independent tests prove the Little Giant will replace 60-70% of all portable ladders currently being manufactured.

When you buy a Little Giant, you're not just getting one ladder. You're getting 24 different ladders in one convenient ladder.

Little Giant Type 1AA Features:

  • Heavy-wall aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Rated to hold up to 375 lbs.
  • Combines 24 different ladders into on convenient system
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Complies with all applicable OSHA ANSI A14.2 standards
  • Includes a full Lifetime Warranty

Little Giant Configurations:

A-Frame Ladder
With a simple click of the patented hinge, the Little Giant can be used as a traditional A-Frame ladder.

Staircase Ladder
Because it's adjustable in one-foot increments, the Little Giant allows one side of the ladder to be extended allowing safe use on uneven surfaces like staircases, curbs or docks.

90° Ladder
Traditional ladders make working close to walls nearly impossible. With the Little Giant, one adjustment allows you to safely work against any vertical surface.

Extension Ladder
For large projects the Little Giant easily converts to a stable extension ladder allowing you to reach rooftops, tree limbs and more with ease.

Since the Little Giant pulls apart to form two scaffold trestles, you just add the Little Giant work plank (sold separately) to form a convenient scaffolding system.

 Model 17 †Model 22 †

Weight capacity:

Ladder weight:45 lbs.54 lbs.
Min extension height:9'11'
Max extension height: 15'19'
Min A-frame height:4'5'

Max. A-frame height:


Storage height:

Max scaffolding height: 3'3'
Scaffolding height: 4'5'
Width at base: 25"28"






Free *Free *

* In contiguous US only

SKU's:  10402, 10403

† Made in the USA of foreign and domestic parts.

Customer Reviews

  • I LOVE MY LITTLE GIANT! Review by Goliath
    As a 330 lbs man (I've lost weight since my last review) who's afraid of heights it still amazes me that again today I had NO qualms being on my Little Giant, up at the eve of my roof doing repairs.
    One of my best purchases and WELL worth the money.

  • As good as it gets Review by Big P From Kansas
    Since I received this ladder, I have already cleaned out the gutters on my house (even the high up ones), and started putting up the christmas lights. Even though I am a larger than life guy, I feel totally safe on the ladder. It is stout!
  • Fantastic product Review by Mike J. Webster
    The ladder more than met my expectations. Great stability makes you feel secure. Easy to store and move around. After the first use I took all my other step ladders to the dump.
  • Worth it for peace of mind Review by Grand Avenue Broadband
    I'm 6'6", 360 pounds. I've had my Little Giant 1AA for two and a half years now. I'm on this ladder continually, mounting radio units onto subscribers' roofs and soffits. I love the ability to get the apex in close to walls, I appreciate the wide-stance legs, and I have never felt less than perfectly secure using this ladder. This is a heavyweight ladder, and in all fairness you WILL develop some firm muscles from lugging and configuring it, but I wouldn't use any other ladder.
  • 4 stars Review by from Mt. Joy, Pa. Review by Doug J.
    I was excited about getting my ladder. It is very solid. I must say that I have a problem with attaching the wing span. I need to force this piece into place to get the tung into the lip so I can thighten the wing bolt. This could not had been tested before sending the accessory to me.
  • You don't know what you don't know! Review by rpfitton
    Can't help but notice how stable and secure this ladder feels first time using it. You don't know what you don't know until you find a product as good as this ladder is!
  • It's (ok) Review by Steve
    Just to be clear, the product is good quality compared to a lot of what you see. But it is just another do all tool, does many things ok, not one thing well. Way too heavy for the average user to lug around and lots of moving parts.
  • Great ladder it will surely last a lifetime Review by Kent Taylor
    I bought the Little Giant type 1AA model 17 to re roof the house and it was very stable even when hauling me at 350 pounds plus rolls of roofing felt and we were up and down that ladder a lot through unforeseen building problems, and I also just bought a Little Giant Flip-N-Lite step ladder for small jobs in and outside the house because I fell through my cheapo step ladder yesterday working on my pickup .
  • Confidence at height is well worth the money and my 1AA inspires confidence. Review by Goliath
    Confidence at height is well worth the money and my 1AA inspires confidence

    As a 6'4" 360 lbs man who's afraid of heights, go figure, my 1AA with the wingspan accessory, with it sturdy construction and ease of use, was just the thing for my necessary house repairs.

    Thank you Little Giant.
  • Great system! Review by Tom Pilla
    I've had my Little Giant and the three step safety stool for a couple of years and have used them periodically and was very happy with both of them. Recently I painted my kitchen, dining room, foyer and hallways and utiliized both ladders. Getting to the high ends of the vaulted ceilings has always been a challenge because part of the ceilings are directly above a stairway going down to my family room. With this system I was able to make multiple different ladders to not only make the job easier, but also a whole lot safer. I give both ladders a ten for ease of use, a ten for safety and a twenty for flexability.
  • I love it! Review by Ken Borkert, Jr.
    Love the use of both side climb access and it's accessories. Feel secure in high places. Gonna out live me, so need to put in my will.
  • High Quality, built to last. Review by Mark Blackburn
    Build quality and materials in the 1AA are very impressive, and the engineering is superb. It's incredibly strong and stable. This is a great ladder!
    I first came across the little giant ladder back in the early 1980's while working for a HVAC/Refrigeration installer. I could take my hand tools and the little giant with me on service calls. The little giant was all the ladder I needed. It could change from a step ladder to an extension ladder in a matter of moments and with ease. Whenever another tradesman would see the Little Giant, they would come closer for a better look, and then start to inquire about where to get one. Great product!
  • from Scottsdale, AZ Review by Kenneth C.
    Great Job. This product exceeds my expectations.
  • from Millersville, MD Review by Bernie F
    I purchased this ladder originally for work and found it to be just great when taking the maintenance projects in the building. I thought it would make doing the job easier and it sure has. I never felt so safe on a ladder in my life. At home I used my little giant to hang the lights on the house and this could not have gone any better. I have the model 22 and was able to reach the second story roof with no problem. Wish I would have bought this first instead of trying to cheap out with those other ladders. Probably would have been cheaper in the long run.
  • from Nashville, TN Review by Mark Johnson
    I ordered this ladder and was very excited about it. When I received my email confirmation, there was an error in the shipping address, so I called customer service right away. They immediately took care of the problem, (I wanted to make sure it wasn't delivered to my home, as it was a birthday present.) I was very impressed with the efficiency of the rep and how down to earth he seemed.

    I received my ladder last week, and it does everything the commercial says it does. I'll be calling back in the next few months to order accessories to go with it.

    Thank you Little Giant! You made my year with your excellent product and faulous customer service!!!

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